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Football Manager 2024 Mobile APK is a high-quality football management game where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world, create and manage your team, and show off your top management talent.


Name Football Manager 2024
Version 15.0.1
Size 1.57 GB
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer Strix Flare Games

Introduce About to Football Manager 2024 APK

Football Manager 2024 mobile APK is a great football management game that I believe will surpass all expectations of football fanatics around the world.

Football Club Manager 2024 APK, is the latest product in the famous Football Manager game series from Sports Interactive and SEGA. Continuously developed and improved from previous versions, this game gives players a high-level football management experience, with enchanting realism and detail.

More Overview of Football Manager 2024 For Android

Football Manager 2024 netflix APK obb gives you the opportunity to manage more than 2,500 football teams around the world and more than 500,000 players and personnel. You will have control from big teams to small teams, and build a prosperous future for them.

FM 24 APK puts you in control of all aspects of player training and development, from youth system building, individual training, to creating tactics that suit your team. You can choose to play in Traditional mode with an interesting storyline and many challenges or participate in the competition for football management talent in Ultimate mode.

All features in Football Manager 2024 Latest Version

Below is a detailed list of some important features in the game:

  • Team Management: You can choose to manage an existing team or create a completely new team from formation to tactics. You will be responsible for every aspect of team management, from updating the squad, restarting the youth system, training players, and taking on the position of coach.
  • Tactics and Formation: FM24 Mobile APK allows you to design your own tactics, adjusting details such as style of play, pressure, width, and defense. You have the power to build your dream squad and optimize them to fit your tactics.
  • Finance and Transfer Deals: Managing team finances is an important part of the game. You must manage resources, create smart transfers, sign players, and optimize the team's budget.
  • Statistics and Analysis: Football Manager 2024 mobile ne zaman çıkacak offers a variety of statistical and analysis tools so you can evaluate team and player performance. This helps you make smart decisions about tactics and how to improve your team.
  • Rejuvenation and Training System: Build and manage the youth system for the team, ensuring that you always have promising young players. You can also follow individual training for each player to develop their talent.
  • Interaction with players: Player psychology plays an important role in the game. You must know how to manage your players' psychology, meet their needs and make sure they are in good spirits to play.
  • Classic Mode or Ultimate Mode: You can choose to play in Traditional mode with a rich storyline or participate in the competition for football management talent in Ultimate mode.
  • Global Arena Mode: International Competition Global Arena provides a large playground for competing with teams from around the world.
  • Multi-language support: The game supports multiple languages, making it easy for players around the world to access and participate in the football management adventure.

Interface, graphics on Football Manager 2024 iOS

Clean and easy-to-use interface: Football Manager has always been famous for its easy-to-use user interface, allowing you to easily access and manage features, statistics, and information about your team. This helps you focus on management instead of struggling with a complicated interface.

Player and match graphics: Players are designed with special care, from facial expressions to physical characteristics. During matches, you can see plays, red cards, and goals through beautiful and vivid graphics.

Stadium and match environment: The stadium environment is recreated very realistically, with details such as integrated spectators, banners and posters in the stands. This creates an immersive and exciting match experience.

How to play, gameplay for Football Manager 2024 APK OBB

  • Start a management career: First, you will choose the team you want to manage, be it a top team or a lower league team. You can also create a new team.
  • Set up tactics: You will determine your team's tactics based on your preferred playing style and the current lineup. This includes tactical system selection, pressure, tactical details and many other factors.
  • Squad management: Build the starting lineup for each match, change players and restart the youth system to create a strong and balanced squad.
  • Transfer deals: Monitor the transfer market, find new players and make smart transfers to improve the team. You must manage the team's budget and ensure that every transaction is profitable.
  • Training and Development: Customize training plans for individual players and track their development. You can improve your players' skills, fitness and psychology.
  • Financial management: Ensure that the team maintains financial stability by managing the budget, controlling player salaries and considering investments in infrastructure and other factors.
  • Use statistics and analysis: Rely on statistics and analysis to evaluate team performance, adjust tactics, and make smart decisions.
  • Top Duel and Prizes: Participate in international and national competitions, especially the Top Duel mode, to win prestigious titles and prizes.

Pros and Cons of Football Manager 2024 Mobile APK


  • Detail and Realism: Football Manager 2024 touch android APK is famous for its high level of detail and realism. All aspects of football management, from relaunching the youth system to transfer deals, are faithfully recreated.
  • Statistics and Analysis: The game provides many statistical and analysis tools, helping you evaluate the performance of teams and players. This helps you make smart decisions.
  • Unique Gameplay: Each manager career in the game is a unique story. No two matches are the same, and you will face many different challenges and decisions.


  • Time requirements: The game requires a lot of time investment. Managing a football team can become very time-consuming, especially during long seasons.
  • Adaptability: Football Manager 2024 mobile play store APK has a high difficulty level, and new players may find it difficult to start. Learning and adapting to the complex elements of the game may take some time.


Football Manager 2024 mobile APK release date is definitely one of the best football management games today, with great richness, detail and interaction. Get ready to experience the ultimate football management journey with this game and prove your talent in the football management world!


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FAQs? Football Manager 2024 APK

How to improve training skills in the game? +

To improve your training skills, you need to invest in training facilities and team structure. You can also customize training plans for each player to develop their talents.

How to manage team finances? +

To manage team finances, you need to monitor the budget, control player salaries, and invest wisely in infrastructure and other factors.

How to achieve quick success in the game? +

Success in Football Manager 2024 APK requires patience and tactics. You need to build a strong squad, establish effective tactics and make smart transfers. At the same time, you also have to manage finances and interact well with players.

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