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Download FIFA 23 Mobile APK latest version on Android and enjoy the newest features. Also gets updates about when FIFA Mobile 23 will be launched with APKRabi.



Name FIFA Mobile
Pagekage name
Version 18.1.03
Size 180.36 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Basic Information of FIFA Mobile Offline APK

Since it came out in 2016, FIFA 23 Mobile nexon APK has gained enormous popularity and has been a huge hit. Football fans can play it anytime and anywhere now that it has easy access.

There, you build your dream team and play with thousands of players around the globe in international tournaments. Collect your favourite stars and put them to the test against other skilled players.

Features of FIFA 23 Mobile APK OBB

You can know the advantages you get in the FIFA 23 Mobile twitter APK by looking below at the features of this pack.

  • Easy Controls

Unlike other games, which have very complex control settings, the controls in the FIFA Mobile release date APK game are very straightforward and simple.

As compared to the other games you can easily enjoy the user-friendly control which makes it easy to play the game.


  • Team Management

Here in FIFA Mobile APK Latest version, you can manage the whole team by yourself by giving them instructions and having them play according to your strategy.

With this, you get to decide every movement and direction of each of your players.

  • High-Quality Graphics

From hearing the audience cheer for your team to the smooth and highly attractive graphics for the amazing in-game experience

  • Regular Tournaments

For better performance, play and practise with your teams in regular tournaments to upgrade your skills to the next level so you can compete with other professional players.

  • Play International

When you start playing the game FIFA 23 Mobile now you get to engage in training sessions while playing against professional opponents.

Through this, you can also play in international tournaments when you're ready to do so.

  • Ground Rules

Read all of the ground rules and make sure to act accordingly while taking care of all your instructions to help yourself. It will keep you from getting into trouble with red cards and penalties.

  • Multi-player Mode

Once you're done with the introductory training, you are allowed to use the unique feature “FIFA mobile squad builder” with millions of other players. It automatically matches with the opponent based on similar stats, so it could be a fair match against you both.

  • Skill Points and Scouting Points

Gain skill points as a reward, which are granted when you complete missions and achievements in the game. You also get scouting points every four hours, and you can use both of them to discover new players and upgrade your existing players' skills.

In-depth review of Skill Points and Scouting Points

The in-game market is one of FIFA Mobile's primary features that draw players back. Cards can be bought and sold by players in a dynamic setting where prices are always changing versus a virtual auction.

Because of this, a tonne of people has learned clever tactic and strategies for taking advantage of the market. However, it appears like everything is about to change.

EA has created a brand-new market perspective that will be implemented in the upcoming FIFA Mobile 2023.


Players will now interact with a database of all accessible cards rather than reading a variety of separate lists of cards with their own unique prices.

The goal is for EA to be able to control the value of cards and utilise that data in other ways.

Overall, it is a really fascinating change.

Fishing, one of the most well-known trading strategies, will probably no longer be available or be adjusted significantly.

It's not all terrible, though, as this action implies that EA wants to promote a theme for the game that is similar to the financial market.

Useful Tips For FIFA Mobile Gameplay

There are some tips on how to tackle them and use them to your advantage in your game in FIFA Mobile World APK.

  1. There's nothing to be afraid of when playing the long ball if you are a few goals ahead of the opponent. Try to get your players in the right positions to mount a perfect counterattack.
  2. And if you are losing to your opponent, then don't get pressed by it. Instead, keep a steady focus on the ball, as having control of the ball gives you an advantage over your opponent.
  3. Be a little patient and collect as many coins as possible. Pick an elite player as your target and hustle for it. After a while, you will completely own them, and then you're able to utilise their full potential.
  4. Completing daily missions and achievements, they are an easy and great way of earning coins, so try to do that. Instead of risky ways of buying and gambling, put your money on the line.
  5. There will be opponents with strong offence or defence, and to give them a fair match, you have to strengthen your strategy against them by countering them. Don't try to outplay them on your own; by doing this, you will certainly give your opponent more chances to score and win than you.


With it being the most influential sports game on mobile right now, FIFA 23 Mobile is definitely worth a try if you're wondering. Their updates and changes to the game make it a lot better, and its fanbase has grown tremendously in recent years. Due to its easy accessibility, we can see this game going to the top of the list in no time.


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