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FGO NA Game APK is a very popular mobile RPG that offers an engaging storyline, strategic gameplay, and a huge roster of characters from the Fate universe.


Version 2.56.0
Size 69.1 MB
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Aniplex Inc.

About of FGO NA APK

FGO NA APK is a popular mobile role-playing game (RPG) developed and published by Aniplex and Delightworks. The game is based on the critically acclaimed Fate/Stay Night visual novel and the larger Fate franchise created by Type-Moon. The English version of FGO NA news APK is officially available at APKRabi.

In Fate/Grand Order, the player assumes the role of a "Master" who is tasked with summoning and commanding powerful heroes known as "Servants" on a mission to save humanity. The game's plot revolves around the concept of time travel and involves battles against numerous enemies and powerful bosses.

Overview of FGO NA Mobile APK

FGO NA features a variety of limited-time events, campaigns, and co-ops, featuring characters from various iterations of the Fate series, as well as original characters created for the game. These events often offer players the chance to receive rare Servants and exclusive rewards.

The gameplay in FGO NA combines strategic turn-based combat with visual novel-style storytelling. Players collect and summon different Servants from various classes, such as Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, and more. Each Servant has unique skills, abilities, and Noble Phantasms (special attacks) that can be used in battles.

Features of FGO NA APK For Android

Fate/Grand Order (English) APK offers many gameplay elements and features. Here are some of the key features you can expect in the game:

  • Plot: FGO NA has a rich and engaging storyline that takes players on an adventure through time to save humanity. The game's story is presented in a visual novel style, with dialogue and story segments.
  • Summoning System: The game allows the player to summon powerful heroes known as Servants using an in-game resource called Saint Quartz. The summoning system uses a gacha mechanic in which the player uses the Holy Quartz to obtain random Servants, Crafting Essences (equipment), and other items.
  • Servant: FGO NA offers a large roster of Servants from various classes, each with their own unique abilities, skills, and Noble Phantasms. Players can collect and level up Servants to form strong teams for battles.
  • Battle System: The game features turn-based combat in which players engage in strategic battles against enemies and bosses. Players choose commands and skills for their Servant, in order to exploit the enemy's weaknesses and maximize the team's strengths.
  • Limited Time Events and Collaborations: FGO NA regularly introduces special events and collaborations that offer exclusive content, rewards, and Servants. These events often have their own unique storyline and gameplay mechanics.
  • Enhancement and Ascension: Players can enhance and strengthen their Servants by leveling up, upgrading their skills, and promoting them to higher forms. This allows customization and improves the Servant's abilities.
  • Craft Essences: Craft Essences are equipment cards that enhance various stats, effects, and abilities for a Servant. Players can obtain and equip Craft Essences to enhance their team's overall performance in battles.
  • Friend System: FGO NA includes a friend system where players can add and borrow powerful support Servants from their friends list. This feature allows for synergy and strategic cooperation between players.
  • Interlude and My Room: The game includes Interlude quests that provide additional story content and character development for each Servant. Players can also interact with their Servant in the My Room feature, which offers special dialogues and interactions.
  • PvP (Player vs Player) and Cooperative Play: FGO NA mainly focuses on PvE (Player vs Environment) content, but also occasionally introduces PvP events and combo raids. cooperation, where players can challenge each other or team up to defeat the strong bosses.

Graphics of FGO NA APK Latest Version

FGO NA APK has high quality graphics and is visually stunning. The game uses a combination of 2D illustrations, character textures, and 3D models to bring the world of Fate to life.

FGO NA  APK incorporates a variety of special effects to enhance the gameplay experience. These effects include flashy spells, powerful attacks, colorful explosions, and other visual elements that add excitement and epicness to battles and abilities.

Overall, the FGO NA APK offers visually appealing graphics, true to the art style of the Fate series. The combination of detailed character art, engaging animation, and well-designed environments creates a vivid visual experience for players.

How to play, gameplay of FGO NA Game APK

  • Story Quests: The main mode of the game is story missions, in which the player progresses through the game's story by completing chapters and quests. These missions feature battles against various enemies and bosses, and they often introduce new characters, storylines, and challenges.
  • Forming a party: Before entering the battle, the player needs to form a party consisting of Servants. Each party consists of up to six Servants, with five active members and one Support Servant borrowed from a friend. Careful selection and organization of the Servants in your party is critical to success, as each Servant has different strengths, weaknesses, and class advantages.
  • Command Cards: The battle in descargar FGO NA maintenance APK revolves around the Command Cards. Each Servant has a set of Command Cards representing different attack types (Fast, Artistic, and Buster) and special abilities. The player chooses a combination of Command Cards each turn to perform actions such as basic attacks, using skills, and releasing Noble Phantasms.
  • Noble Phantasm: Noble Phantasm is the ultimate special attack of Servants. By charging the Noble Phantasm in battle, players can unleash powerful and visually impressive attacks that deal significant damage to enemies. Proper timing and use of Noble Phantasms can turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Skills and Buffs: Servants have unique skills that can be activated during battles. These skills bring various benefits such as increasing attack power, healing allies or applying summoner and debuff spells. Using skills strategically is important to maximize your team's effectiveness and exploit enemy weaknesses.
  • Resource Management: FGO NA 5th anniversary incorporates a resource management aspect. The player needs to manage in-game resources such as Saint Quartz, which are used to summon new Servants and Crafting Essences, as well as Sublimation materials and experience cards to level up and power up new Craftsmen. Servant.
  • Support Friends: Players can add friends and borrow their Support Servants to strengthen their party. Having access to powerful Support Servants with favorable abilities or high level Noble Phantasms can greatly aid in completing challenging quests.

Pros and Cons FGO NA APK iOS


  • Plot Rich: FGO NA APK offers a deep and engaging storyline that explores different time periods and characters in the Fate universe. The compelling story keeps players invested in the game's world and lore.
  • Strategic Play: FGO NA's turn-based combat requires players to carefully choose and use their Servants' skills, Command Cards, and Noble Phantasms. This strategic element adds depth and tactical decision-making to battles.
  • High production value: The game boasts high-quality visuals, including detailed character designs, stunning animations, and captivating background art. Impressive production values contribute to the overall immersive experience.
  • Regular Events and Updates: FGO NA regularly introduces new events, collaborations, and updates, keeping the game fresh and providing players with additional content, rewards, and specials Limited time Servants to collect.


  • Gacha and RNG System: The game's summoning system is based on gacha mechanics, involving a random chance of acquiring new Servants and Craft Essences. This can lead to frustration and the need for significant investment to get the desired characters.
  • Limited Fitness System: The game uses a fitness system that limits the number of quests and battles the player can perform in a certain amount of time. This can lead to downtime and waiting for stamina to be replenished.
  • In-App Purchases: FGO NA APK offers in-app purchases, including the ability to purchase Saint Quartz to summon. While the game can be enjoyed without spending real money, the presence of microtransactions can be a disadvantage for players looking for a completely free-to-play experience.


FGO NA APK is a very popular mobile RPG that offers an engaging story, strategic gameplay, and a huge roster of characters from the Fate universe. With rich storytelling, high production value, frequent updates, and events, the game captivated fans and kept them engaged in its world.

Finally, the FGO NA APK release date offers a compelling experience for fans of the Fate franchise and RPG enthusiasts who appreciate strategic gameplay and a deep storyline. It is important to weigh strengths and weaknesses based on personal preferences to determine if the game is a good fit for an individual's gaming preferences.


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