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Fast Charging Pro Premium APK is an application that optimizes the battery charging process, provides detailed information about battery health and improves the performance of your Android device.


Name Fast Charging Pro
Version 5.9.31
Size 6.08 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Mod Feature VIP Unlocked

Speed Up Your Charging with Fast Charging Pro APK

In this era of rapid technological advancement, maintaining the power of mobile devices has become incredibly important. Fast and efficient charging not only saves you time but also protects your battery's health and extends your device's lifespan. Fast Charging Pro APK is designed to help you optimize the charging process, providing useful information and improving device performance comprehensively.

Fast Charging Pro MOD APK is not just a fast charging tool but also a powerful assistant for managing battery health, checking charging history, receiving notifications about abnormal conditions, and adjusting settings to optimize the charging process.

Check Your Device’s Battery Health

One of the most important features of Fast Charger app for android is its ability to check and manage the battery health of your device. The app provides detailed parameters such as battery temperature, health status, and many other important details. This information not only helps you better understand the current state of the battery but also allows you to take timely measures when abnormal signs are detected.

Battery Health Check Features

  • Monitor Battery Temperature: Battery temperature is a crucial factor affecting battery lifespan. Fast Charger Pro APK provides information about the current battery temperature, helping you recognize when the battery is overheating and needs cooling.
  • Assess Battery Health Status: The app evaluates battery health based on various factors, including battery capacity, charge/discharge cycles, and battery lifespan.
  • Detailed Information When Charging and Not Charging: Fast Charging APK Pro provides different information when the device is charging and when it is not, helping you monitor and compare the effectiveness of various charging methods.

Benefits of the Battery Health Check Feature

Monitoring battery health helps you maintain your device in optimal condition, avoiding risks from overheating or weak batteries. By using Fast Charging app for iphone, you will always know the battery's status and can take preventive measures to protect your device.

Manage Charging History

Another highly useful feature of Fast Charging Pro Speed Up APK is its ability to manage the charging history of your device. With this feature, you can easily track charging times, the amount of battery gained, and instances of overcharging. Managing your charging history helps you identify unscientific charging habits and adjust to optimize the charging process.

Charging History Management Features

  • Track Charging Times: The app records the start and end times of each charge, letting you know exactly how long the device has been charging.
  • Amount of Battery Gained: Fast Charger Pro APK free download provides information on the amount of battery gained during each charge, helping you know precisely how much the battery has been charged.
  • Overcharging Time: The app alerts you when the device is overcharging, helping you avoid the harms of prolonged charging.

Benefits of the Charging History Management Feature

Managing your charging history helps you recognize and adjust poor charging habits, protecting battery health and extending device lifespan. By using Fast Charger Pro MOD APK latest version, you will have an overview of your charging habits and can make necessary adjustments to optimize the charging process.

Receive Useful Notifications

Fast Charging Pro VIP APK provides notifications about important information related to the charging process. These notifications help you recognize abnormal conditions, choose appropriate corrective measures, and optimize the charging process.

Useful Notification Features

  • Abnormal Energy Notifications: The app notifies you when it detects abnormal energy during charging, helping you promptly check and replace charging cables or chargers if necessary.
  • Remaining Charging Time Notifications: Fast Charging Pro APK provides information on the remaining time until fully charged, helping you know exactly when the battery will be fully charged.
  • Battery Status Notifications: The app notifies you about the battery's condition, helping you know when the battery is in good condition and when to pay more attention.

Benefits of Notification Features

Notifications from Fast Charging Pro APK Premium Unlocked keep you updated on important information about the battery and charging process, helping you avoid risks and optimize device performance. Timely notifications help you take necessary actions to protect your device and extend battery lifespan.

Smart Settings for Charging Your Device

Fast Charging Pro APK provides smart settings to optimize the charging process. These settings not only help you save energy but also speed up the charging process and protect your battery’s health.

Smart Settings Features

  • Screen Energy Saving: The app automatically reduces screen brightness when charging begins, saving energy and speeding up the charging process.
  • Background Process Prevention: Fast Charging Pro APK prevents unnecessary background processes while the device is charging, focusing energy on charging the battery.
  • Charging Speed Optimization: The app offers settings to optimize charging speed, allowing you to quickly recharge and continue using your device.

Benefits of Smart Settings Features

The smart settings of Fast Charging Pro APK help you save energy, speed up the charging process, and protect your battery’s health. Using these settings allows you to optimize the charging process and extend your device’s lifespan.

Control Device Performance

One of the main reasons devices consume a lot of energy is performing unnecessary tasks. Fast Charging Pro APK offers features to help you control your device’s performance, reduce temperature, and save energy.

Performance Control Features

  • Reduce Device Temperature: The app helps reduce device temperature by clearing junk files and freeing up memory, ensuring smoother operation.
  • Energy Saving: Fast Charging Pro APK provides energy-saving features that reduce the device's energy consumption and extend battery life.
  • Manage Device Resources: The app helps you manage device resources by preventing unnecessary tasks and optimizing performance.

Benefits of Performance Control Features

Controlling device performance helps you reduce energy consumption, lower device temperature, and extend its lifespan. Using Fast Charging Pro APK ensures your device stays in optimal condition and saves energy effectively.

Use the App Ad-Free

One of the standout features of Fast Charging Pro APK is its VIP version, which is ad-free. The complete removal of ads provides a smooth, uninterrupted experience, allowing you to focus on managing your device's battery health.

Benefits of Using the Ad-Free App

  • Smooth Experience: An ad-free environment ensures a smooth and uninterrupted app experience.
  • Focus on Battery Health Management: Without ads, you can concentrate more on managing battery health and optimizing device performance.
  • Avoid Accidental Clicks: Removing ads prevents accidental clicks on ads, which can be annoying and waste time.


Fast Charging Pro APK is a comprehensive and useful application that helps you manage and optimize the charging process for your Android device. With features such as battery health checks, charging history management, useful notifications, smart settings, performance control, and an ad-free experience, Fast Charging Pro APK is undoubtedly a great companion to help you maintain your device in the best condition and extend battery life.

Install Fast Charging Pro APK today to experience these amazing features and protect the health of your Android device’s battery.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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