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Fantasy Hike app for android APK is a fantasy adventure application, where the real and virtual worlds blend, bringing you not only trips but also unique experiences and new styles.


Name Fantasy Hike
Version 2.0
Size 13.9 MB
Category Lifestyle
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Chetyarpps

About to Fantasy Hike APK

Fantasy Hike second breakfast APK is more than just a regular walking activity tracking app, it also turns every workout session into an imaginary adventure. I had the opportunity to try out this app and was really fascinated by the way it combines physical activity and game elements.

Fantasy Hike mr underhill APK has a complete fantasy quest, from your comfortable hole to the soaring peaks. Your avatar becomes the main character in a colorful and challenging adventure. Not only does this increase motivation, but it also creates a new experience, helping you keep staying physically active more enjoyable.

More Overview of Fantasy Hike For Android

The strength of Fantasy Hike App APK is the diversity of fantasy characters. Up to this point, I've met a number of interesting fantasy characters, each bringing their own unique feeling and enthusiasm. This creates a clever competitive element, encouraging you to keep active to watch your character grow.

Fantasy Hike not only stops at the entertainment level, but also brings beautiful results for your health. With progress tracking notifications and daily statistics charts, you can easily track your activity levels and see improvements day by day. Fantasy Hike APK is not only a physical activity tracking app, but also a gateway to the world of fantasy adventure.

All features in Fantasy Hike Latest Version

  • Complete Fantasy Quest: Fantasy Hike APK is not just a regular activity tracking app but also turns every step into a colorful adventure. This feature creates an imaginary scenario, from your comfortable hole to high mountain peaks. Your avatar will be the main character, progressing through challenges and evolving over time.
  • Diverse fantasy characters: The application has a series of unique fantasy characters available for you to choose from. Each character brings you a unique experience, from personality to ability. This creates a competitive edge and increases motivation to stay physically active.
  • Notifications and progress charts: Fantasy Hike APK provides smart notifications as your mission progresses and daily statistics charts for you to track your progress. This helps you better understand your daily activity levels and define your goals.
  • Fantasy map with tracker: Another cool feature is the fantasy map with a built-in tracker. You can see the route you've taken and discover new places in the imaginary world of Fantasy Hike.
  • Other utilities and features: Very low battery consumption, helping to save your phone's energy. Tracks activity even when the app is closed or in the background. Multi-language support and measurement units in both metric and English systems. Share your achievements on social networks to motivate and connect with the community.

Instructions, how to use Fantasy Hike Mobile App

Create an account: Register or log in with your account.

Character selection: Choose your favorite fantasy character.

Set goals: Set daily or weekly activity goals.

Start your adventure: Turn on the app when you start your walk or run.

Track progress: View notifications and check statistical graphs to track your progress.

Explore an imaginary map: Use the map to see your route and explore new places.

Share on social networks: Share your achievements to motivate and connect with the community.

Tips and advice when using for Fantasy Hike APK

Choose the Right Character: Choose the imaginary character that you feel most connected to and motivated by. This will increase your excitement and commitment to the adventure.

Set Reasonable Goals: Set reasonable daily or weekly activity goals to ensure feasibility and maintain motivation.

Track Your Progress Regularly: Check notifications and statistics charts daily to gauge your progress. This will help you understand your activity levels and adjust your goals if needed.

Share on Social Media: Use social sharing to motivate and connect with the community. Through sharing, you can receive encouragement from others and create a positive feeling.

Explore the Imaginary Map: Take time to explore the imaginary map and consider the path taken. This increases the attractiveness and expectations for the next journeys.

Advantages and disadvantages Fantasy Hike iOS


  • Fantasy Adventure Experience: The combination of physical activity and fantasy adventure elements creates a unique browsing experience.
  • Diverse Fantasy Characters: The variety of imaginary characters brings great competition and motivation during training.
  • Notifications and Progress Charts: Smart notifications and daily statistics charts help you track your progress in detail.
  • Imaginary Map and Tracker: Integrated imaginal map and tracker give you an overview of your journey.
  • Energy Saving and Background Support: Low battery drain and the ability to monitor even when the app is closed are convenient advantages.


  • Device Requirements: Specific devices may be required to ensure smooth operation of the application.
  • Popularity: Due to its relative newness, it may be difficult to find friends or other users on the app.
  • Internet Connection Required: Internet connection required to update information and data.


Fantasy Hike APK is not just a regular physical activity tracking app, but also a door to a colorful world of fantasy adventures. With unique fantasy characters, competition, and smart features, it has created a new style of workout, while encouraging users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Fantasy Hike APK

How to interact with virtual experiences in the app? +

After planning your itinerary, you can interact with the virtual experience through features like viewing images, listening to mystical stories, and even participating in adventure challenges.

Does Fantasy Hike have a feature to share experiences with the community? +

Yes, this app allows you to share your experiences and connect with the Fantasy Hike user community, creating a space for interaction and exchange of ideas.

What other outstanding features are there on Fantasy Hike APK? +

In addition to itinerary planning and virtual experiences, the app also offers adventure challenges, a user-friendly interface, and customization capabilities to personalize your travel experience.

Does Fantasy Hike require an internet connection? +

Yes, to enjoy full features, the app requires a stable internet connection to download information and virtual content.

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