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ES File Explorer premium APK is a multifunctional file management application for Android devices, with a friendly interface, diverse features including application management, cloud connection, and strong security.


Name ES File Explorer
Size 52.8 MB
Category Productivity
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer ES APP Group

About to ES File Explorer APK

ES File Explorer Pro APK is not only a multifunctional file management application but also a powerful file browser, helping you easily manage files and folders on your Android device.

One of the strengths of ES File Explorer 3.2.5 APK is its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Integrating modern design and sharp graphics, this app delivers a smooth and intuitive user experience. You can easily browse folders, view and manage all types of files on your device at your convenience.

More Overview of ES File Explorer Mobile App

ES Explorer Pro APK is not limited to local file management but also supports file management on cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and many others. This makes it possible for you to access and manage your data from anywhere without any difficulty.

Another outstanding feature of ES File Explorer APK file is the ability to manage applications. You can easily install, remove, backup and restore apps at your convenience. This helps you save time and storage space on your phone.

In addition, ES File Explorer Manager APK also integrates many security tools, helping to protect your files and personal information from any risks. Privacy and encryption features help you stay safe while using this app.

All features in ES File Explorer Latest Version

Managing Files and Folders:

  • Browse and manage all files and folders on your device.
  • Copy, cut, paste, delete and rename files and folders with ease.

Powerful File Browser:

  • Display all files in list or grid format.
  • Sort files by name, size, creation date and more.

Application management:

  • Install and uninstall apps conveniently.
  • Backup and restore apps along with related data.

Cloud Data Management:

  • Connect to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive to manage files online.
  • Upload and download files from and to cloud services.

File Sharing:

  • Share files via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, email and more.
  • Create FTP and HTTP connections to share files over the network.

Managing Multiple Connections:

  • Connect and manage multiple Android devices from the same interface.
  • Share files between devices on the local network.

File Security:

  • Password protection for access to apps and certain features.
  • Encrypt files to protect personal information.

Manage Zip and RAR Files:

  • Compress and decompress Zip and RAR files.
  • View the contents of compressed files without decompression.

Multimedia File Management:

  • View and manage images, videos, audio, and documents with integrated apps.
  • Integrated music player and video player.

Memory Cleanup:

  • See detailed information about the amount of memory used and available on your device.
  • Optimize memory and clean junk files.

Instructions, how to use ES File Explorer For Android

Browse Files and Folders: Open the app and tap the folder icon to get started. Browse folders by tapping them, and tap and hold to reveal more options.

File Management: Select a file by touching it. Use the toolbar below to copy, cut, paste, delete or rename files.

Connect to the Cloud: Tap the "Cloud" icon to connect to services like Google Drive, Dropbox. Sign in to your account and manage your files in the cloud easily.

Manage Apps: Tap the "Apps" tab to view and manage apps on your device. Select apps to install, remove, backup, or restore.

Share Files: Select a file and tap the share icon to send it via Bluetooth, email, or other apps. Use network sharing to quickly transfer files between devices on the same network.

Tips and advice when using for ES File Explorer iOS

Set Password Protection: Go to "Settings" in the app and enable the password setting function to protect your privacy.

Clever Cloud Integration: Connect to multiple cloud services simultaneously to easily switch between them. Take advantage of cloud integration to back up your important data.

Check Junk Files Regularly: Use the "Memory Cleanup" function to periodically check and delete junk files. This helps free up storage space and increase device performance.

Calculate File Size: When unsure about how much data an app or file takes up, use the "Calculate size" feature to see the details.

Compression and Decompression Features: Compress files to save storage space. Extract files directly from ES File Explorer file manager APK without the need for external applications.

Advantages and disadvantages ES File Explorer APK


  • Multi-Function: In addition to basic file management, ES File Explorer also integrates many features such as application management, cloud connection, and file compression.
  • Flexible Cloud Connection: Supports many cloud services, helping users easily access and manage data online.
  • Convenient Application Management: Allows you to conveniently install, uninstall, backup and restore applications.
  • Multi-Device Compatible: Supports remote management, helping users connect and manage multiple Android devices from the same interface.


  • Annoying Ads: Encountering the appearance of ads, sometimes unwanted ads, can be annoying when used.
  • Diverse But Complicated Features: Some new users may find some features complicated and difficult to use.
  • Reduced Features on Google Play Store: Recently, ES File Explorer has had some features reduced on the Google Play store, causing disappointment for some users.


ES File Explorer APK is a multifunctional file management tool with many advantages, especially a friendly interface and diverse features. However, the presence of ads and some reduced features on the store affect the user experience. In short, with its flexibility and comprehensiveness, ES File Explorer is still a good choice for Android users who need to manage files and data on their devices.


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FAQs? ES File Explorer APK

How to connect to cloud services in ES File Explorer? +

To connect to cloud services, simply open the app and tap the "Cloud" icon. Then, select the service you want to connect to, log in to your account, and start managing your files online.

How to share files from ES File Explorer? +

Select the file you want to share, then tap the share icon. From there, you can choose a sharing medium like Bluetooth, email, or other apps. For shares within a local network, use the network share function.

How to create new folders in ES File Explorer? +

Open the folder where you want to create a new folder, then select the "Folder" or "New" icon (depending on version). Enter a name for the new folder and tap "OK".

How to compress and decompress files in ES File Explorer? +

Select the file or folder you want to compress, then tap the compression icon (gift wrap). To decompress, select the compressed file and touch the decompression icon.

How to backup and restore applications in ES File Explorer? +

Go to the "Applications" tab, select the application you want to backup. Tap the backup icon to store a copy. To restore, go to "Backed up apps" and select the app to restore.

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