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EDL APK is your trusted partner to help you control your power consumption, monitor smart statistical charts, and receive important notifications conveniently. Energy management has never been easier!


Name EDL
Pagekage name
Version 2.2.4
Size 31.8 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About to EDL APK

EDL app APK is a powerful tool to control your electricity usage and also receive important notifications from ELECTRICITE DU LAOS.

EDL APK is not just a regular application, but also a great assistant in managing and controlling the amount of electricity you consume monthly. With the main function of checking electricity usage according to the meter, this application brings convenience and flexibility to users.

More Overview of EDL Latest Version

One highlight of EDL mode full form APK is the ability to create monthly electricity usage charts, helping you easily track and overview your electricity usage history. In addition, the application also notifies about overdue payments and other important issues such as power line repairs and power outages, bringing convenience and peace of mind to users.

If you are interested in the Service Center hotline and need contact information, EDL APK also provides detailed and easily accessible information. You can also report electrical problems and select locations directly from the map, enhancing interaction and communication between users and ELECTRICITE DU LAO.

For those who are new to electricity and have new meters, EDL APK also facilitates this process.

All features in EDL For Android

  • Check monthly electricity usage: Supports multiple meters, helping you monitor the electricity usage of each device.
  • Monthly usage graph: Create monthly electricity usage graphs, helping you easily identify trends and adjust consumption over time.
  • Overdue payment notifications and important notifications: Receive notifications about overdue payments, as well as important notifications such as power line repairs and power outages, so you can respond promptly.
  • View the Service Center hotline and contact information: Easily access the Service Center hotline and get the necessary contact information.
  • Report an electrical incident and select location from the map: Conveniently report an electrical incident and select a location on the map so the information is processed quickly.
  • Support for new meters: Especially useful for people with new meters, helping them connect and use electricity easily.

Instructions, how to use EDL Mobile App

Login or Register Account: If you already have an account, sign in by entering your credentials. If you don't have one, you can register a new account following the instructions on the screen.

Check Your Power Usage: In the "Electricity Check" section, enter your meter information to track your monthly electricity usage. For people with multiple meters, the app also supports switching between them.

Monthly Electricity Usage Chart: Visit the "Graph" section to view a graph of your monthly electricity usage statistics. This helps you identify changes and adjust energy consumption.

Important notification: Check the "Notifications" section to receive notifications about past due payments, power line repairs, power outages and other important notifications.

View Hotline and Contact Service Center: In the "Service Center" section, you can view the hotline and get the necessary contact information.

Report an Electrical Problem and Choose a Location: If there is an electrical problem, select "Report a Problem" and select a location on the map so the information can be processed effectively.

Applicable to New Meters: If you have a new meter, follow the instructions in the "Applying to New Meters" section to quickly connect.

Tips and advice when using for EDL iOS

Confirming Meter Information: First, make sure your meter information has been entered correctly to ensure accuracy when checking electricity usage.

Set Up Notifications Right: Configure power usage notifications the way you want them, like when consumption crosses a specific threshold or when a payment is nearly due.

Check the Chart Regularly: Regularly check the monthly electricity usage chart to monitor trends and detect sudden changes, helping you make quick adjustments.

Check Important Notifications: Browse through the notifications section so you don't miss any important announcements from ELECTRICITE DU LAO, especially about payments and electricity problems.

Take advantage of the Problem Reporting Feature: If you have problems with electricity, use the problem reporting feature and select a location on the map to help managers resolve the issue quickly.

Explore Hotlines and Contacts: Explore hotlines and contact information in the "Service Center" section to find out how to contact them when needed.

Learn How to Use Electrical Incident Reporting: If you plan to report an electrical incident, learn how to select the correct location on the map so your information goes to the right place.

Share App with Family and Friends: If you live with family or friends, share EDL APK so everyone can track and manage electricity usage effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages EDL APK


  • Good Power Consumption Control: EDL APK really stands out when it comes to helping users control and monitor power consumption accurately.
  • Smart Statistical Graph: Graph function provides a clear and easy-to-understand display of electricity usage patterns over time.
  • Important Notifications: Payment and power incident notification features help users quickly grasp important information.
  • Report Electrical Incidents from the Map: The ability to report electrical incidents and select locations on the map is a strong point, helping to increase interaction and information exchange.
  • New Meter Support: EDL APK offers special support for people with new meters, helping them easily connect and use electricity.


  • Internet Connection Required: Sometimes, to use full features, EDL APK requires a stable internet connection, which can be a difficulty when users are in areas with poor signal.
  • Limited Interoperability: Although there is an electrical incident reporting feature, the ability to interact with management is still limited, not ensuring quick information processing.
  • Need More Payment Making Feature: Some users want the ability to pay directly from the app, which may be lacking at the moment.


EDL APK is a modern and convenient electricity usage management tool, bringing many notable advantages to users. The ability to control power consumption, smart statistical charts, and important notifications are strong points, helping users access information and manage conveniently.

Hopefully the tips and advice provided will help you utilize the full potential of this app. Experience and explore EDL APK, so you have an overview of smart energy management and consumption.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to check my monthly electricity usage on EDL APK? +

In the "Electricity Check" section, enter your meter information to track your monthly electricity usage. The application supports multiple meters for this.

How to set up and receive important notifications from EDL APK? +

You can set up notifications in the "Settings" section of the application. Choose the type of notifications you want to receive, like overdue payments, power outages, and more.

How can I view electricity usage graphs on EDL APK? +

In the "Charts" section, you can view a statistical chart of your monthly electricity usage, helping you track and identify trends.

How to report an electrical problem and select a location on the map? +

In the "Report a Problem" section, select a location on the map so your information will be sent to the right place to handle the electrical problem.

Does EDL APK support new meters? +

Yes, EDL APK offers special support for users with new meters, helping them connect and use electricity smoothly.

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