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E88 Pro Drone Camera App Guide APK is the ideal companion for the E88 Pro drone, providing a unique drone flying experience with a friendly interface and many smart features.


Name E88 Pro Drone App
Version 1.3
Size 31.34 Mb
Category Education
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Panduasoft

About to E88 Pro Drone App APK

E88 Pro 4K Drone review APK is an indispensable part for drone enthusiasts who want to experience advanced drone technology. This app not only helps you control the drone accurately, but also brings various attractive features to enrich your experience.

E88 Pro Drone Camera APK is designed with a user-friendly interface, helping both beginners and experienced users enjoy the experience without difficulty. Icons and functions are clearly arranged, making it easy to find and use them.

More Overview of E88 Pro Drone App For Android

One of the unique features of the E88 Pro Drone 4K APK is the ability to enjoy FPV mode. This allows you to experience the feeling of flying from the drone's perspective, creating a realistic and immersive experience.

E88 Pro Drone Manual APK is not only a place to control your drone, but also an information center with live data and telemetry. You can track parameters like altitude, speed, navigation, and even battery directly on your phone's screen.

All features in E88 Pro Drone Mobile App 

Control and Stabilization:

  • Remote Control: The control interface is easy to use, providing buttons and sliders for flexible control of the drone.
  • Stabilization: A feature that keeps the drone stable during flight, helping users get high-quality images and videos.

Smart Flight Mode:

  • Follow Me: Drone automatically tracks and records according to the operator.
  • Waypoint: Determine the flight route in advance, allowing the drone to automatically navigate the correct path.

FPV Mode (First Person View):

  • FPV Live Streaming: Experience flying from a drone's perspective through live video on your mobile phone.

Record Video and Take Photos:

  • High Quality: Record videos and photos in high resolution, capturing every detail.
  • Camera Control: Adjust camera angles and other settings directly from the app.

Telemetry and Live Data:

  • Parameter Display: Displays important parameters such as altitude, speed, and navigation on the phone screen.
  • Real-time Telemetry: Monitor the drone's battery status and other parameters in real time.

Media Management and Editing:

  • Multimedia Library: Easily store and manage photos and videos from previous flights.
  • Basic Editing: Editing tools for quick optimization and sharing.

Firmware Updates and Features:

  • Automatic Updates: New firmware and feature updates to maintain advanced performance and functionality.

User Community Support:

  • Share and Connect: Integrated user community helps share experiences and connect with the drone enthusiast community.

Detailed Instructions for Use:

  • Full Instructions: Detailed documentation so new users can quickly get acquainted with the application and drone.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

  • iOS and Android: Supported on both major platforms so everyone can experience it without hassle.

Instructions, how to use E88 Pro Drone App Latest Version

Connect to Drone: Turn on both your phone and drone, then open the app. Select the connection option and wait until your phone connects to the drone.

Check Telemetry Information: Before flying, check the telemetry information on the phone screen to ensure that the battery, altitude and other parameters are in stable condition.

Test FPV Mode: Explore First Person View (FPV) mode to experience the feeling of flying from a drone's perspective. This will make every flight more realistic.

Use Follow Me and Waypoint Mode: Try out Follow Me mode to let the drone automatically follow you, and Waypoint mode to set automatic flight schedules.

Record High Quality Video and Photos: Control the camera from the app to record videos and take photos in high resolution. This will help you capture the best moments.

Tips and advice when using for E88 Pro Drone App iOS

Calibrate Sensors: Before each flight, calibrate the drone's sensors to ensure accuracy and stability.

Check the Remote Control: Always check before flying to make sure the remote control is operating correctly and has enough battery power.

Choose a Safe Location: Choose a large, safe location to fly, avoiding areas with vegetation, electrical wires, or other objects that could pose a risk.

Limit Flying in Bad Weather: Avoid flying in strong winds or bad weather to ensure the safety of the drone and your experience.

Notes About Battery: Monitor the battery level and make sure you have time to return safely before the battery drains.

Go Surfing: When recording videos or taking photos, experiment with different angles and heights for unique shots.

Read Detailed User Instructions: Please read the instruction manual carefully to better understand the features and safe use of the drone.

Advantages and disadvantages E88 Pro Drone App APK


  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Follow Me and Waypoint modes provide an innovative and autonomous flight experience, increasing the value and versatility of the drone.
  • FPV Mode (First Person View): The ability to experience FPV mode helps users feel the realistic feeling of flying through the eyes of the drone.
  • Manage and Edit Media Directly: Media management and editing features directly from the app help users easily preserve and share unique moments.
  • Telemetry and Live Data: Display parameters and live data to help users control and monitor the status of the drone flexibly.


  • Limited Editing Features: Although there are editing features, they can sometimes be limited, especially for those who want to do advanced editing on mobile platforms.
  • Requires Constant Updates: Frequent update requirements can be annoying and sometimes require a stable network connection.
  • High Performance Requirements for FPV: For FPV mode, a high-performance phone is needed to ensure a smooth and lag-free experience.


E88 Pro Drone App APK is an important tool to control the E88 Pro drone, bringing many attractive features so users can enjoy a unique drone flying experience. However, like any app, it's not perfect and has areas for improvement. Most importantly, users need to clearly understand the features and limitations of the application to have the best user experience.


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FAQs? E88 Pro Drone App APK

How to connect your phone to the drone via the E88 Pro Drone App APK? +

You just need to open the app, then select the connection option and wait until your phone connects to the drone via Wi-Fi.

How to use Follow Me mode? +

First, enable GPS on your phone and drone. Then, open the app, select Follow Me mode and place the drone at the starting position. Drone will automatically follow and record you.

How to control the camera from the app? +

In the console, you will see camera adjustment options such as rotation angle and resolution. Touch them to adjust as desired.

Does E88 Pro Drone App support a user community? +

Yes, the app has community integration, allowing you to share experiences, images and videos, as well as connect with other drone enthusiasts.

How to update drone firmware via app? +

In the app's settings menu, there's "Firmware Update" or something similar. You just need to touch it to check and update to the latest version.

How to review photos and videos from previous flights? +

Open the "Media Library" section in the application. Here, you can view, edit, and share recorded photos and videos.

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