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E2PDF APK is a useful application that converts various formats to PDF files, with a simple interface that makes it easy for users to create, edit and store PDF files on mobile devices.


Name E2PDF
Version 09.01.2024
Size 15.67 Mb
Category Productivity
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4w+
Developer Day Dreamer LLC

About of E2PDF APK

E2PDF is a convenient mobile application that allows you to easily convert files from text, image or web pages to PDF files. With E2PDF, you can store, share or print PDF files quickly and easily.

Overview of E2PDF Mobile APK

E2PDF is a mobile application for Android operating system, designed to convert files from various formats into PDF files.

E2PDF online is a useful application for converting and managing PDF files on mobile phones. With diverse features and ease of use, it can be a good choice for those who need to work with PDF files in their daily life.

Features of the E2PDF for Android

  • Convert from other formats to PDF: E2PDF allows you to convert text formats (txt, doc, docx), images (jpg, png) and web pages (URLs) into PDF files. You can select the file from your device or enter the URL directly to convert the web page to PDF.
  • Store and manage PDF files: E2PDF allows you to store all converted PDF files in the application. You can view PDF file lists, search by name or tag, sort by time or size, and tag for easier file classification.
  • Customize PDF files: You can perform editing tasks directly on PDF files. E2PDF provides tools for editing titles, adding notes, bookmarking, rotating pages, resizing pages, and removing unnecessary pages. This helps you customize the PDF file as you like.
  • Sharing and printing: E2PDF allows you to share PDF files via email, instant messaging, chat apps, and many other social platforms. You can also print PDF files directly from your mobile device through the app.
  • Security and protection: E2PDF ensures the security and protection of your data. You can set a password for the PDF file so that only people with the password can access it. This ensures that only authorized people can view the contents of the PDF file.
  • User-friendly interface: E2PDF has a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The features and tools are clearly arranged and easy to find, allowing you to convert files to PDF format quickly and conveniently.

How to use the E2PDF Latest version

Download and install the app: Search for "E2PDF" on the Google Play Store on your Android device. Click on the search result and select "Install" to download and install the app on your phone.

Open E2PDF app: After successful installation, open E2PDF app by clicking the icon on your home screen or in your application list.

Select the file to convert: On the main interface of E2PDF, you will see options to convert the file. You can choose one of the options: "File", "Image" or "URL".

If you select "File", browse through your folder and select the text file or document that you want to convert to PDF.

If you select "Pictures", you will be directed to your images folder to select one or more images to convert.

If you select "URL", you will be asked to enter the URL of the web page you want to convert to PDF.

Edit and customize (optional): After selecting a file or URL, you can customize the PDF file according to your needs. E2PDF report allows you to add titles, notes, bookmarks, rotate pages and resize pages. You can also password protect PDF files so that only authorized users can access them.

Convert to PDF: After you have customized the options, click the "Convert" button or the PDF icon to start the file to PDF conversion process. The conversion time depends on the size and type of file you are converting.

Store and manage PDF files: After the conversion is completed, the new PDF file will be saved in the E2PDF application.

Tips and advice when using the E2PDF APK

Check file format: Before converting a file, make sure that your file has a format supported by E2PDF. This application supports converting from text format (txt, doc, docx), image (jpg, png) and web page (URL) to PDF.

Image optimization: If you convert image files to PDF, consider optimizing the image size first to reduce the size of the PDF file. This saves storage space and conversion speed.

Preview and check PDF files: Before storing or sharing a PDF file, preview its contents to make sure that the conversion has taken place properly and without errors. Check out the pages, titles, notes, and other edits you've made.

Tag and tag PDF files: To easily manage and search PDF files, use E2PDF's tagging and tagging features. Tag relevant PDF files and use tags to quickly search for files in the list.

Password Protect PDF Files: If you want to secure PDF files, use E2PDF's password setting feature. This ensures that only authorized users who know the password can access and view the contents of the PDF file.

Manage PDF files: Periodically review the PDF file list in E2PDF and remove unnecessary files. This helps keep your lists neat and saves storage space on your phone.

App Updates: Make sure you install the latest version of the E2PDF app for a good experience for yourself.

Pros and cons of E2PDF APK iOS


  • Ease of use: E2PDF has a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy for new users to get acquainted and use the application quickly.
  • Wide variety of formats: E2PDF supports converting from a variety of formats, including text, images and web pages, to PDF files.
  • Customize PDF: The application allows users to edit and customize PDF files by adding titles, notes, bookmarks, rotating pages and resizing pages.
  • PDF file management: E2PDF provides PDF file storage and management, making it easy for users to search, organize and tag converted files.
  • Security: The application allows users to set a password for PDF files to protect personal data and ensure that only authorized people can access the content.


  • Limited to free features: Some advanced features may require paid or in-app purchases.
  • File format restrictions: E2PDF supports many file formats, but may not support all commercially available formats.
  • Internet connection required: For website to PDF conversion, E2PDF requires internet connection to load web page content.
  • No versions for other operating systems: Currently, E2PDF is only available for the Android operating system and there is no version for other operating systems such as iOS or Windows.


E2PDF is a useful application that converts various formats into PDF files. With a simple interface, PDF customization and PDF file management capabilities, E2PDF makes it easy for users to create, edit and store PDF files on their mobile devices.

However, E2PDF call details also has disadvantages such as limited free features and limited file formats supported. In addition, E2PDF is only available on the Android platform and there is no version for other operating systems.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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