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Dust - Private Messenger APK is the leading messaging and privacy app, with strong security features and absolute control, helping you maintain a safe and private digital life.


Name Dust
Version 6.6.0
Size 19.50 Mb
Category Communication
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Radical App LLC

About to Dust APK

Dust APK is more than just a regular messaging app. It is a secure and private environment where you can have complete control over your digital life. With a mission to ensure that only you should control information about yourself, Dust APK is committed to providing a safe and private online experience.

With strong encryption function, every chat on Dust settle APK is tightly protected. Even prying eyes and sketchy bad guys can't compromise your information. Every message, from everyday conversations to the most sensitive information, is protected with the utmost security.

More Overview of Dust Mobile App

Dust app APK offers absolute control to users. You have the ability to unsend any message at any time, helping you maintain your privacy without worry. The function to detect and notify if a screenshot is taken is also an important benefit to protect your information.

Chats on brown Dust APK are not only safe but also temporary. All message history is automatically deleted after 24 hours, helping you maintain your private space without worrying about public opinion. In particular, the ability to delete messages in real time on the recipient's phone is a unique and useful feature.

All features in Dust Latest Version

  • Safe and Private Environment: heaven Dust APK is committed to creating a safe online environment where you have full control over your personal information. This includes tight protection from prying eyes and sketchy bad guys.
  • Strong Encryption: Every chat on Dust APK is strongly encrypted, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can read the content. This includes everyday messages and sensitive information.
  • Cancel Messages Anytime: You can unsend any message at any time, providing great flexibility and control.
  • Screenshot Detection: Dust APK notifies and detects if anyone takes a screenshot while using the app.
  • Delete History 24 Hours: All messages and related data are automatically deleted after 24 hours, helping to maintain privacy.
  • Real-Time Delete Messages for Recipients: You have the ability to delete messages on the recipient's phone instantly, providing absolute control.
  • Reputable Founder: Co-Founder Mark Cuban: Mark Cuban's reputation and success in the technology industry is the guarantee of the quality and safety of Dust APK.

Instructions, how to use Dust For Android

Step 1: Register and Create Account

  • Register a new account by providing the required information.
  • Create a secure account with a strong password.

Step 2: Start Sending Messages

  • Search or add friends to your contacts.
  • Start sending messages securely and privately.

Step 3: Enjoy Features

  • Use message cancellation, screenshot control, and history deletion to enjoy the best experience.

Tips and advice when using for Dust iOS

Enable Enhanced Security Settings: Enable security options like two-factor verification to further protect your Dust APK account.

Check Privacy Settings: Make sure the app has the necessary access permissions and grant only the necessary permissions to minimize risk.

Share Only Essential Information: Share sensitive information and files only with trusted people. Avoid sharing too much information with people you don't know.

Take advantage of the Message Cancel Feature: Always use the message cancellation feature to have the ability to control and recall messages whenever needed.

Perform Regular Updates: Make sure your Dust APK app is always up to date to enjoy new features and improved security.

Use Screenshot Detection: Take advantage of screencapture detection to receive error messages and prevent unwanted screenshots.

Advantages and disadvantages Dust APK


  • High Security: Dust APK does an excellent job of ensuring personal information security with strong encryption, giving users peace of mind when sharing sensitive information.
  • Absolute Control: Unsend messages at any time and screenshot detection provide maximum control, giving users the flexibility to maintain privacy.
  • Automatic Delete and Real-Time Delete: Automatic history deletion after 24 hours and the ability to delete messages in real time on the recipient's phone are excellent features that help maintain privacy.
  • Reputable Founder: With co-founder Mark Cuban, a reputable figure in the technology industry, Dust APK brings reliability and quality.


  • User Limits: Dust APK may not be the right choice for everyone, especially those who want to keep long-term message history.
  • Limited Interoperability: The delete message feature may reduce chat tracking and interactivity in cases where users want to retain some important information.


Dust APK is a messaging and privacy application with many outstanding advantages, especially in terms of security and personal control. With the trust of Mark Cuban, users can trust the quality and performance of the application. However, it's important to understand that this choice may not be the right choice for everyone, and there are limitations for those who want to retain a long-term message history. This makes application selection dependent on each user's specific needs.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Dust APK

How to Send Safe Messages on Dust APK? +

To send a secure message, select the recipient from your contacts, enter the message text, and use the unsend feature at any time to maintain maximum control.

Can Clear History Feature Be Turned Off? +

Dust APK has an automatic history deletion feature after 24 hours to maintain privacy. However, users have the ability to turn off this feature and keep long-term message history if they want.

How to Delete Real-Time Messages for Recipients? +

To delete real-time messages on the recipient's phone, you can use the unique feature of Dust APK. Specific instructions are available in the application's settings.

Does Dust APK Feature Advanced Encryption? +

Yes, Dust APK uses strong encryption to protect every chat and personal information. This helps prevent any unwanted observations.

What is the Working Principle of Screenshot Detection? +

Dust APK's screenshot detection feature notifies and warns the sender if someone tries to take a screenshot while using the app.

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