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Duplex Play APK is a video streaming application available on the Android platform. This application allows users to watch live TV channels, movies and TV shows from various sources on the Internet.


Name Duplex Play
Version 1.2.428
Size 83 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer CRTVAPPS

Describe of Duplex Play APK

Duplex Play APK is an online TV application that allows users to watch TV channels, movies and TV shows from different TV service providers on one Android device. The application has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, with a variety of features and options for users to customize their movie viewing experience.

Overview of Duplex Play APP APK

Duplex Play APK application is a smart TV player that allows users to watch online TV channels from various sources on their Android devices. With Duplex Play, users can watch their favorite TV channels on their mobile phones or tablets without using other media players.

In addition, Duplex Play APK also supports the ability to review users' favorite programs in a certain period of time and provides users with many other useful features to optimize their TV viewing experience surname. All features of Duplex Play APK are provided for free and are available on the app's home page.

Features of Duplex Play APK For Android

Support for multiple media formats: Duplex Play supports a wide range of video, audio and image formats such as MPEG-TS, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, WMV, MP3, AAC, WAV, JPEG, PNG and many more furthermore.

  • High video quality: The application allows to play videos in high quality up to 4K and supports high resolutions like 1080p and 720p.
  • Cross-platform: Duplex Play can be used on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV.
  • Supports IPTV and other streaming services: This app gives users access to other IPTV and streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more.
  • User-friendly interface: Duplex Play has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily search and select content to watch.
  • Archive feature: The application also allows users to save their favorite content for later viewing.
  • Sharing feature: Duplex Play allows users to share content with others through the content sharing function.
  • Multi-language support: The application supports many different languages to cater to global users.
  • No registration required: Users can use the application without registering an account.
  • Remote control feature: Duplex Play has a remote control feature, allowing users to control content on different devices from a mobile phone or tablet app.
  • Watch TV again: You can watch your favorite TV shows again in the pre-specified time period.
  • Multiple Video Formats Support: The app supports many video formats, including premium video formats like 4K and HDR.
  • Customize the look and feel: Duplex Play allows users to customize the look and feel of the app to suit their preferences.
  • Smart search feature: The application has a smart search feature, helping users find their favorite content quickly and easily.
  • Multi-language support: Duplex Play supports many different languages, making it easy for users to use the application without language barriers.
  • Share content: You can share your favorite content with friends and family easily through social networks or other apps.
  • Multi-device connectivity: The application has the ability to connect to many different devices, helping users access their favorite content on many different devices.
  • Multi-channel support: Duplex Play supports multi-channel, allowing users to watch many different TV channels on the same screen.
  • Set broadcast schedule: You can set a broadcast schedule so as not to miss any of your favorite shows.
  • Quick Control: The app gives you quick control to easily find your favorite shows.

All these features make Duplex Play APK a great app to watch your favorite entertainment content.

How to use the Duplex Play Mobile APK Application

Download the Duplex Play APK app to your device from the official website or other trusted sites.

Open the Duplex Play APK app and log in with your IPTV account.

Search and select the TV channel or video content you want to watch.

If you want to add a channel or playlist to your favorites, you can long press on the channel or playlist name and select "Add to favorites".

You can also create your own playlist by selecting the playlist icon and selecting "Create new playlist". You can add multiple channels and movies to your playlist.

If you want to watch exclusive content or live TV shows, you can search in the "VOD" or "Live TV" section and select what you want to watch.

You can also search and watch other video content such as movies, TV shows, sports, music and more.

When you want to end the viewing session, close the Duplex Play APK application and log out of your account.

Note that some features and functions may vary depending on the version of the Duplex Play APK application that you are using.

Useful tips when using Duplex Play APK Latest version

Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet and has a stable connection speed to avoid interruptions when viewing content.

Always update the app to the latest version to take advantage of new features and make sure the app works at its best.

Double-check your login account information to ensure that you are using the correct account to avoid unauthorized access to copyrighted content.

Read through the app's features thoroughly before using it to get the most out of the app's features.

If you have a problem or problem with the app, contact the app's developer or support for timely help.

Avoid downloading and using unofficial or untrusted versions of apps, to avoid malware attacks or online scams.

Some pros and cons of Duplex Play APK Full


  • Bringing a diverse and rich online TV viewing experience with many domestic and foreign TV channels.
  • Simple interface, easy to use and highly compatible with different devices.
  • Provides many useful features such as recording and returning to watched programs, content filtering, interface customization, subtitles, ...
  • Supports many different video formats.


  • The application depends on the Internet connection, if the connection speed is weak, it will lead to lag or difficulty viewing.
  • There may be issues related to broadcasting copyright, affecting the user experience.
  • To use the full features of the application, users need to register and log in to an account.

However, the above disadvantages can also be overcome by using the application in the right situation and conditions.


Duplex Play APK is a great application for users who love to watch TV and videos. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, users can access many TV channels and watch different types of content. The application provides many useful features such as video playback, creating favorites list, auto-playing next videos, and multi-language support.

There are some disadvantages such as compatibility may not be good with some devices and does not guarantee the security of playback content. And if used correctly and with caution, Duplex Play APK is a great application for entertainment and television viewing.


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FAQs? Duplex Play APK

How to configure Duplex Play to watch IPTV? +

Once you have Duplex Play installed, open the app and enter your IPTV account information or IPTV server address. You can then add a channel list or IPTV playlist and start watching content.

I have problems watching IPTV using Duplex Play. How to fix? +

If you have problems using Duplex Play, you can try these steps:

  • Make sure you have entered the correct IPTV account information or IPTV server address.
  • Check your Internet connection to make sure it is stable.
  • Consider updating the Duplex Play app to the latest version.
  • If the problem persists, contact Duplex Play support for more specific help.
Can I use Duplex Play on devices other than Android? +

Currently, Duplex Play is primarily an Android app, but there are several ways to use it on other devices using Android emulators or similar services.

Why do I get errors when playing videos on Duplex Play? +

There are many possible causes for errors when playing videos on Duplex Play. It is important to ensure that you have provided a valid IPTV link or playlist. Also, check your internet connection and make sure it is strong enough to watch videos online.

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