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Dungeon Hunter 6 codes APK is an exciting adventure in a world full of magic, where you will become a hero and explore fascinating quests, fighting terrifying monsters in a challenging journey.


Name Dungeon Hunter 6
Pagekage name
Version 0.9.2
Size 1.23 Gb
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer GOAT Games

Introduce About to Dungeon Hunter 6 APK

Dungeon Hunter 6 APK tier list, a popular mobile game that not only fans of the RPG genre but also those who have never been exposed to it will love.

Dungeon Hunter 6 release date APK is the latest version of the Dungeon Hunter game series, developed by Gameloft. As you know, Gameloft always prides itself on top quality graphics and gameplay, and Dungeon Hunter 6 is no exception. This game takes players into a magical world where they have a chance to become true heroes.

More Overview of Dungeon Hunter 6 APK

Dragon Hunter 6 APK allows you to create powerful and unique characters, from players choosing professions, changing equipment and skills to create the perfect warrior as desired. The game offers an engaging stylish story, leading players through dozens of exciting quests and adventures. You will face powerful enemies, solve mysteries and uncover the dark secrets of the Dungeon Hunter world.

Gameloft always takes care of their games and regularly updates new content, fixes bugs, and adds features to keep players always having something interesting to experience.

All features in Dungeon Hunter 6 APK

Here are all the important features of Dungeon Hunter 6 APK:

  • Diverse Character System: Dungeon Hunter 6 allows you to choose one of many unique character classes, including warrior, mage, hunter, and many more options. Each class has its own unique approach and skills, helping you create your own character.
  • Stunning 3D Graphics: Dungeon Hunter 6 features stunning 3D graphics, delivering a magical world full of detail, from the natural environments to the monsters and main characters.
  • Equipment System: You can equip your character with diverse weapons, armor and jewelry. The equipment system provides different types of equipment, from normal equipment to legendary equipment, helping you increase your character's strength and abilities.
  • Diverse Skills: Each character has a unique set of skills. You can upgrade and customize their skills to fit your play style.
  • Story Mode: Dungeon Hunter 6 comes with an engaging story, leading you through many exciting quests and adventures. You will discover secrets, meet important characters and face off against different enemies as the story progresses.
  • Diverse Modes: Dungeon Hunter 6 has many different game modes, including single combat, team combat, and PvP combat. You can challenge your friends or participate in diverse mission challenges to earn rewards.
  • Levels and Skills: You can upgrade your character through gaining experience and increasing levels. Besides, you can also upgrade skills and set basic skills to create a more powerful character.
  • Shop and Trade: In the game, you can buy and sell equipment, items, and materials needed to upgrade your character. The store offers a variety of options.
  • Regular Events and Updates: Gameloft is always updating Dungeon Hunter 6 with events, new quests and feature upgrades to ensure that players always have something fun to do and keep the game fresh.
  • Multi-language support: Dungeon Hunter 6 supports multiple languages, allowing players from many countries to participate comfortably.

Interface, graphics on Dungeon Hunter 6 APK

High-Quality 3D Graphics: Dungeon Hunter 6 uses high-quality 3D graphics technology, bringing a vivid world with meticulous character models and environments. All the details, from the grass and trees in the forest to the terrible monsters, are designed and displayed with sophistication and beauty.

Beautiful Characters and Monsters: The main characters and monsters in Dungeon Hunter 6 are designed very impressively. The personalities and unique characteristics of each character are reflected very clearly, and the monsters defeated in the game all have terrifying appearances and are full of details.

Unique Effects: The game is created with many unique effects, from bright lights, zoom effects when using special skills, to very impressive cooldown and shooting effects. These effects make the gaming experience vivid and satisfying.

User Interface Design: Dungeon Hunter 6's user interface is designed to be clean and easy to use. It helps players easily manage characters, equipment, and perform tasks in the game.

How to play, gameplay for Dungeon Hunter 6 APK

Character Selection: Before starting, you will be asked to choose one of the character classes such as warrior, mage, hunter, and many other options. Each class has its own skills and play style, so choose one that suits your preferences.

Adventure Journey: The game begins when you enter the world of Dungeon Hunter 6. You will participate in many quests and adventures to progress the main story and learn about the world of the game. Adventure through diverse areas such as forests, caves, villages, and castles. Face unique monsters and different challenges along the way.

Combat and Skills: Dungeon Hunter 6 is mainly about combat. You will confront monsters, criminals, and other enemies through an exciting combat system. Use your character's weapons and special skills to defeat them. Character skills can be customized and upgraded throughout gameplay, allowing you to create a powerful and diverse character.

Collect Equipment: In Dungeon Hunter 6, you can collect many types of equipment such as weapons, armor, and jewelry. Equipment plays an important role in increasing your character's strength and helping you deal with more difficult challenges.

Levels and Upgrades: Gaining experience by completing quests and defeating monsters will help your character level up. This open new skills and power-ups. You can also find materials and items to upgrade equipment and weapons, making them stronger.

Diverse Modes: Dungeon Hunter 6 APK offers multiple game modes, including story mode, team battles, PvP battles, and special missions. You can challenge your friends or participate in diverse mission challenges to earn rewards.

Pros and Cons of Dungeon Hunter 6 APK


  • Diverse Gameplay: The game offers many options for players, including choosing character classes, equipment, skills, and missions. This creates variety in how you play and develop your character.
  • Compelling Story: Dungeon Hunter 6 comes with an engaging main story, with many thrilling details, important characters, and mysteries to explore.
  • Diverse Modes: The game offers multiple game modes, including solo, team, and PvP modes, allowing you to challenge friends or participate in exciting competitions.
  • Regular Updates: Gameloft regularly updates the game with new events, missions, and features, keeping the gaming experience fresh.


  • High Configuration Requirements: Dungeon Hunter 6 APK has beautiful graphics, but this also means it requires a powerful mobile device to play smoothly. Older or mid-range devices may have difficulty meeting configuration requirements.
  • Internet Connection Required: The game requires a constant internet connection to play, which can be difficult when you don't have a stable internet connection or want to play offline.
  • Large Size: The game is large in size, so you need enough free space on your device to download and install.


Dungeon Hunter 6 APK is a top RPG game with beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay and many attractive features. This game has attracted millions of players worldwide and has created a colorful and vibrant magical world. With many advantages such as an attractive story, equipment and upgrade system, and diverse modes, Dungeon Hunter 6 APK has defeated many challenges and achieved high praise from the gaming community.


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FAQs? Dungeon Hunter 6 APK

Is an internet connection required to play Dungeon Hunter 6 APK? +

Yes, Dungeon Hunter 6 APK requires a constant internet connection to play, as it is a multiplayer online game.

How do I upgrade my character? +

You can upgrade your character by gaining experience during the game. As you reach new levels of experience, you can improve your character's skills and abilities. Equipment and weapons can also be upgraded to increase strength.

Is there an equipment exchange feature in the game? +

Currently, Dungeon Hunter 6 APK does not support equipment exchange between players.

How to make money in the game? +

You can earn money and materials by completing quests, defeating monsters, and participating in in-game events and challenges.

Are there regular events and updates? +

Yes, developer Gameloft regularly updates Dungeon Hunter 6 with new events, quests, and features to keep the game fresh and exciting.

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