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Dune Mobile Game APK is an exciting mobile game with real-time strategy gameplay and engaging storyline for real-time strategy lovers and Dune novel fans.


Name Dune Mobile Game
Pagekage name io.voodoo.dune
Version 5.5.19
Size 88.67 Mb
Category Arcade
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer VOODOO

About of Dune Mobile Game APK

Dune Mobile Game Apk is a real-time strategy mobile game developed by Funcom Oslo AS and published by Funcom. This game is based on the science fiction novel of the same name by author Frank Herbert.

Overview of Dune Mobile Game Mobile APK

In Dune Mobile Game, players will be transported into the future universe, where powerful clans compete for territory and resources on the planet Arrakis, where the ingredients make up a rare and extremely valuable drug value. Players will play the role of a leader, gathering resources and troops to fight and occupy other territories, thereby increasing their power and influence.

Dune Mobile Game Android has beautiful graphics, vivid sound and interesting gameplay. Players can create different military units, research new skills, gather resources, and upgrade their facilities. Moreover, the game has single player and online fighting modes, allowing players to try and compete with other players around the world.

Dune Mobile apk Game is an exciting mobile game with real-time strategy gameplay and engaging storyline. If you are a fan of the genre or simply want to try your hand at a novel game, then Dune is a great choice.

Features of Dune Mobile Game for Android

  • Base construction and management: Players will be building and managing facilities on the planet Arrakis. These facilities need to be built, upgraded and protected to enhance their combat and resource gathering capabilities.
  • Resource Gathering: Resources are an important element in the game. Players will need to gather resources like Spice, a precious spice on the planet Arrakis, and other resources to build and upgrade bases, military units, and new skills.
  • Fight the enemy: Players will need to use their military units to fight other clans on the planet Arrakis. During the match, the player can choose different tactics to win the opponent.
  • Research new skills: Players can research and open new skills to enhance their military units and combat abilities.
  • Online Fighting: The game also has an online fighting mode, allowing players to compete with other players around the world.
  • Single-player mode: In single-player mode, players will participate in quests to gain access to the story and learn about the game's gameplay mechanics.
  • Graphics and sound: Dune Mobile Game has beautiful graphics and impressive sound, giving players an enjoyable experience.
  • Difficulty: The game has many different difficulty levels, allowing players to customize according to their level.

Game mode, graphics of Dune Mobile Game APK

The graphics of Dune Mobile Game APK are designed with high quality and very impressive. The game uses advanced graphics technology to create highly detailed landscapes on the planet Arrakis, along with exquisitely designed military units and characters.

The landscapes have varied terrain such as deserts, rocky mountains, caves, forests, and swamps. The game's colors are used very well to create a realistic virtual space. Besides, the landscape is also designed to match the game's story.

Military units and characters in the game are also designed with high detail and sharpness. Military units have a unique look, fit for a clan, and move and attack smoothly on the phone screen.

In addition, Dune Mobile Game APK also has a number of special effects that are used to enhance the player's gaming experience. For example, special effects are activated when the player uses special skills, or when a decisive match takes place.

The graphics of Dune Mobile Game are very beautiful and sharp, meeting the requirements of a real-time strategy game on mobile phones.

How to play game Dune Mobile Game Latest version

Dune Mobile Game is a mobile real-time strategy game in which the player will act as the leader of a clan on the planet Arrakis, competing with other clans for control of resources.

Build a Base: Players need to build a base on their planet and develop it to be able to produce military units, research new technologies, and gather resources.

Gather Resources: In Dune Mobile Game, players need to gather resources like Spice, money and building materials to be able to develop their base and produce army units.

Production of military units: Players need to produce military units to defend their base and attack the opponent's base. Military units are produced using resources and researching new technologies to open more powerful types of military units.

Fight with opponents: In Dune Mobile Game, players will compete with other clans for control of resources. Players can attack an opponent's base or defend their own using military units.

Research and Upgrade: Players can research and upgrade new technologies to open more powerful military units and improve the performance of their base.

Accumulate experience points: Players accumulate experience points when fighting and completing missions. These experience points can be used to upgrade the leader's skills and improve the base's performance.

Pros and cons of Dune Mobile Game APK iOS


  • Beautiful graphics and good sound: Dune Mobile Game is designed with beautiful graphics and good sound, creating a great gaming experience for players.
  • Multiplayer mode: The game allows players to participate in multiplayer mode to compete with other players around the world.
  • Diverse gameplay: Dune Mobile Game has a variety of features and gameplay, from military production to technology research, all of which can create an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Fascinating story: Dune Mobile Game is based on the story of the famous Dune novel, and it can attract the interest of fans of this novel.


  • Time consuming: Dune Mobile Game is a real-time strategy game that requires players to invest a lot of time to be able to produce and develop their base.
  • Internet connection required: To be able to play Dune Mobile Game, players need to have a stable Internet connection to avoid connection errors.
  • May require high costs: The game may require costs to purchase resources or premium features, making the game expensive and not everyone can afford.
  • Difficult for new players: The game has many features and varied gameplay, which can make new players find it difficult and difficult to approach.


Dune Mobile Game APK overview shows that this is a diverse, engaging and exciting real-time strategy game. With beautiful graphics and good sound, multiplayer mode, varied gameplay and compelling story, the game can attract the interest of a lot of players.

However, Dune Mobile Game also has some disadvantages such as requiring a lot of time, stable Internet connection, high cost and difficulty for new players. Therefore, players need to consider carefully before deciding to play this game.

Dune Mobile Game APK is a game worth trying for real-time strategy lovers and fans of Dune novels.


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FAQs? Dune Mobile Game APK

How to upgrade and build bases in Dune Mobile Game APK? +

In Dune Mobile Game APK, you can proceed with upgrading and building your base by collecting and using resources, enhancing your economy and strengthening your army. You can also participate in quests and battles to gather more resources and experience.

How to fight and attack other players in Dune Mobile Game APK? +

To attack other players, you need to create a powerful army and choose the right target. You can then choose your attack and watch the match unfold. Consider using tactics and strategic thinking to win.

How to create alliances and join alliances in Dune Mobile Game APK? +

To create an alliance or join an alliance, you need to search for other players or receive an invitation from an existing alliance. Together with allies, you can share resources, engage in joint attacks, and cooperate to achieve common goals.

Any tips for progressing quickly in the game? +

To progress fast in Dune Mobile Game APK, focus on upgrading your base, gathering resources effectively, and growing a powerful army. Joining alliances and cooperating with other players can also help you achieve your goals faster.

What configuration requirements does the Dune Mobile Game APK game require to operate smoothly? +

To play Dune Mobile Game APK smoothly, you need a phone with the following minimum configuration:

  • Android operating system version 4.1 or higher.
  • Minimum RAM 2GB.
  • Good processor for smooth graphics and gameplay.
  • The screen has a minimum resolution of 720p for better gaming experience.
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