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Download Dream League Soccer 2023 APK is a game that is a fun soccer simulator game with different modes. Build your dream team with soccer superstars.


Name Dream League Soccer 2023
Version 11.220
Size 539.76 MB
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About Dream League Soccer 2023

This is a popular football game on mobile devices, developed by First Touch Games. In the game, players will be able to create their own football team and participate in tournaments and compete with other teams around the world.

Dream League Soccer 2023 is the latest version of the Dream League Soccer series, significantly improved and upgraded compared to the previous version. The game features impressive graphics, realistic sounds and incredible team and player customization.

With Dream League Soccer 2023, players can experience real leagues like Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, create the team they want and train young players to become top soccer stars. In addition, the game also has an online feature, allowing players to challenge and compete with other gamers around the world.

If you are a fan of football and passionate about sports games on mobile phones, Dream League Soccer 2023 will be a great choice for you.

Overview Dream League Soccer 2023

Dream League Soccer 2023 is a football game developed by First Touch Games. In the game, players can become the coach of the team and participate in tournaments to win. The game provides players with dramatic and challenging experiences through selecting players, training and building the strongest squad to win tournaments. In addition, Dream League Soccer 2023 also provides many attractive features such as customizing the team, customizing players, participating in matches with other players around the world.

Features of Dream League Soccer 2023 game:

Single Player Mode: Play in club mode, strengthen your team and create a strategy with your favorite players.

Live Mode: Join live PvP matches with other players from around the world.

Flashback Mode: Relive the classic matches in football history.

Management Mode: Run the team, recruit players and build the stadium.

Real experience: Daily football updates, including new matches and players.

High-quality graphics and sound: The game is designed with beautiful 3D graphics and vivid sound.

Flexible formations and tactics: Customize your team's formation, tactics, uniforms and logos to your liking.

Transfer Mode: Buy and sell players to strengthen the team.

Regular Updates: Periodic updates with new features and weekly football events.

Custom tactical system: allows players to set tactics, choose formations, adjust rematch plans and change the team's playstyle to adapt to every match.

Update new players: The game regularly updates the latest players, ensuring the player's squad is always updated and changed from time to time.

Online League System: Players can join the online league, make friends with other players, compete and rank up in the rankings.

Diverse Game Modes: Includes friendly mode, event mode, arena mode, medal conquest mode and club mode, providing a diverse gaming experience for players.

Realistic 3D Graphics: The game is designed with realistic 3D graphics, creating a real match with detailed simulated football situations.

Useful tips when playing the game Dream League Soccer 2023 APK

Focus on developing the team's players: It's best to focus on developing the young players on your team, rather than spending a lot of money on more expensive players. Young players can develop quickly and become the star of your team in the future.

Build the right squad: Look for players who can fit your team's tactics, such as choosing players with strong offensive ability if your team wants to attack or pick solid defensive players if your team needs a strong defensive force.

Make good use of game features: Dream League Soccer 2023 has many useful features such as customizing squads, customizing jerseys, stadiums and much more. Use all these features to create the best gaming experience.

Focus on tactics: Learn and apply the right tactics for your team to get victories. This is especially important in fierce matches where a good strategy can help your team win easily.

Play with heart and passion: In the end, play with heart and passion, as those are the most important factors in this sport. If you love football and have a passion for Dream League Soccer 2023, you will have great experiences when playing this game.

Dream League Soccer 2023 game guide:

Install and launch the game: First, you need to download and install Dream League Soccer 2023 on your phone from the app store. Once installed, launch the game and start experiencing.

Create a team: After starting the game, you will be asked to create a team. You can choose the name, logo and jersey for your team. You will then be redirected to the game's homepage.

Make matches: To make matches, you need to choose a tournament and join. During the match, you will control your player using the on-screen controls. You can also switch between players and strengthen your team by using other buttons.

Team Management: You can also manage your team by selecting options on the main game screen. You can buy and sell players, enhance player skills and design jerseys for your team.

Achieve goals: In Dream League Soccer 2023 you will have goals to achieve to progress to higher levels. You can achieve these goals by winning matches and winning tournaments.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game Dream League Soccer 2023 APK


  • High-quality graphics and sound: Dream League Soccer 2023 has excellent graphics and sound, giving players an exciting and vivid experience.
  • There are different tournaments and levels: The game has many tournaments and levels for players to challenge their skills.
  • Diverse team management: You can customize your team with various options to create a perfect team.
  • Online mode: Dream League Soccer 2023 has an online game mode, allowing players to compete against other players around the world.


  • Many ads: The game has many ads, which reduces the player's experience.
  • High cost to upgrade the team: Players will have to spend some money to upgrade their team, especially when they want good players.
  • Sometimes the controls are not accurate: Some players claim that the game controls are incorrect, reducing their experience.
  • Requires internet connection: The game requires a constant internet connection to play, which can be a problem for players who don't have a stable internet connection.


Dream League Soccer 2023 game has brought great experiences to football lovers all over the world. With high quality graphics and sound, various leagues and levels, diverse team management and online game modes, players had a memorable experience.

However, the game also has disadvantages such as many ads, high cost to upgrade the team, inaccurate controls and requires an internet connection. We hope these points will be improved in the next versions of the game.

In short, Dream League Soccer 2023 is a great game for football lovers, giving players memorable experiences and helping them satisfy their passion for the king sport.


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FAQs? Dream League Soccer 2023 APK

How do I change my team's jersey? +

To change your team's jersey in Dream League Soccer 2023, go to the team management section, then select "Shirts." Here, you can customize and change your team's jersey as desired.

How do I create my own stadium for my team? +

To create your own stadium for your team, you need to do the following steps:

  • First, find the stadium in the build options.
  • Then, customize the stadium by changing the diagram, field surface, and other elements to your liking.
  • Finally, build that stadium and choose it as the home field for your team.
How to play Dream League Soccer 2023 effectively? +

To play Dream League Soccer 2023 effectively, focus on developing player skills, building appropriate tactics for your team and implementing good attack and defense methods. Try to browse missions and events to earn more money and coins to improve the team.

How to build a strong team in DLS 2023? +

To build a strong team in Dream League Soccer 2023, you need:

  • Focus on upgrading players by earning money from matches and player trading.
  • Participate in tournaments and complete goals to earn bonuses.
  • Buy good players from the transfer market or through transactions.
  • Build stadiums and training facilities to increase income and improve young players.
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