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Download Doraemon X APK for Android is an attractive simulation game that combines elements of experience, adventure, puzzles and non-stop interaction that will not disappoint you.


Name Doraemon X
Version 1.0
Size 68.01 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer hotmilk Patreon

About The Game Doraemon X APK

Doraemon X APK is an engaging simulation game for Android with its 2D motion style reminiscent of the first anime and manga series.

The game Doraemon X APK is one of the most attractive and unique games currently on the mobile gaming market. Developed by a team of enthusiasts and experienced in creating ultimate gaming experiences, Doraemon X APK has quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community around the world.

Doraemon Players will be immersed in a colorful story and exciting challenges when they join Doraemon and his friends in exploring familiar locations from famous comics and animations.

Doraemon X APK gives players an experience that is not only interesting but also linked to childhood memories. With beautiful graphics, deep story and high interactivity, this game will definitely keep you engrossed and wanting to explore for many more hours. Download Doraemon X APK now and start the magical journey with Doraemon and friends!

Features of Doraemon X APK Latest version

  • Beautiful graphics: Doraemon X APK often has high-quality graphics to recreate the world of Doraemon in a vivid and attractive way.
  • Attractive story: The game often comes with a unique and interesting story based on the Doraemon world. Players will go on adventures and solve quests to progress in the game.
  • Familiar characters: You will meet and interact with main characters such as Nobita, Xuka, Chaien, Jaian and Doraemon. Each character has its own personality and plays an important role in the story.
  • Interactivity: Games often allow you to interact with the environment and characters. You can talk to them, help them, and even complete side quests.
  • Mini-games and side activities: Besides the main quest, you often have the opportunity to participate in various mini-games and side activities to earn additional experience points and rewards.
  • World exploration: Doraemon X APK usually allows you to freely move through different areas of Doraemon's world, from Nobita's House to Xuka's House, from school to farm, and many other locations.
  • Character customization: Some versions have features that allow you to customize your character, changing outfits or jewelry to create a unique look.
  • Items and Tools: During the gameplay, you can collect different items, tools, and equipment to help you in your adventure.
  • Regular updates: The game is often updated regularly to add new content, features and bug fixes to ensure fun and smoothness for players.

How to play and gameplay of Doraemon X APK

  • Start the adventure: After downloading and installing the game, you will usually start the adventure at a specific location in the Doraemon world. Usually, you will play as a character and start from Nobita's House.
  • Receive the mission: During the game, you will meet the character Doraemon and his friends. They will give you specific tasks to complete. This can include finding items, helping other characters, or even going on different adventures.
  • Interaction with characters and environment: In Doraemon games, there is often quite a lot of interaction with characters and the environment. You can talk to characters, help them solve problems, or even learn more about the world of Doraemon.
  • Collect items: During exploration, you will collect various items such as coins, precious items, and jewelry. These items can be used to complete quests or improve your character.
  • Participate in mini-games and side activities: Some versions of the game have mini-games and side activities to help you earn more experience points and rewards.
  • Explore the vast world: The world in the game is often very large and diverse. You can freely move through different areas of Doraemon's world, learning about every angle of the place.
  • Character Development: In some versions, you can develop your character by gaining experience, new equipment, and improving their skills.
  • Updates and special events: The game is usually updated regularly with the addition of many features and special events to keep players interested.

Pros and Cons of Doraemon X APK For Android


  • Attractive for Doraemon fans: Doraemon games often attract a large number of players who love the Doraemon comic and cartoon series, helping them interact with their favorite characters and explore the familiar world.
  • Beautiful graphics and sound: Doraemon versions often have beautiful graphics and appropriate sound, creating an enjoyable visual and audio experience.
  • Interesting stories: Games often have new and interesting stories, taking players on exciting adventures.
  • Interactivity and mini-games: Character and environment interaction, along with mini-games, increase the fun and variety of the game.
  • Regular updates: Many Doraemon games are updated regularly to add new content and improve player experience.


  • Resource requirements: Some Doraemon game versions may require high configuration or high resources, making playing on weaker mobile devices difficult.
  • Network dependency: If the game requires a constant internet connection, playing in poor connection conditions may degrade the player experience.
  • Requires time and commitment: Doraemon games often require players to spend significant time completing tasks and gathering enough experience points.
  • Paid elements: Some games feature purchasing items with real money or "gacha" (drawing cards) to receive items, which may cause some players to feel pressured to spend money.


Doraemon X APK is an attractive game based on the world of famous cartoons and comics Doraemon. This game offers an exciting experience for players, allowing them to interact with familiar characters, participate in adventures, and explore a colorful world.

If you are a Doraemon lover and like adventure games, Doraemon X APK can be an interesting choice. However, check the specific version of the game for more details and consider its unique strengths and weaknesses before downloading and playing. Wishing you hours of fun and excitement on your journey with Doraemon!


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FAQs? Doraemon X APK

How to complete this mission? +

Players often need to ask how to complete specific tasks in the game, including finding items, interacting with characters, or participating in other activities.

What do I do after completing this quest? +

After completing a mission, players may want to know about the next mission or how to progress in the story.

Is there a way to earn more coins or rewards? +

Players often want to know how to earn extra coins or rewards in the game to buy items or upgrade characters.

How to improve my character? +

Players may want to know how to improve and develop their character, including how to enhance skills or change outfits.

Is there a way to communicate or compete with other players? +

If the game supports multiplayer, players may want to know how to interact and compete with other players.

How to update the game? +

When a new update is available, players may want to know how to update the game to experience new features and bug fixes.

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