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Download Dogas Info APK is a game and app provider where you can get any games and apps for your phone including those not available on Google Play.



Name Dogas Info
Version 1.0
Size 8 MB
Category Communication
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Dogas.Info

About Dogas Info APK

This site offers special and attractive applications and applications. When accessing the website, users can view all the games and applications that the site provides. Users can download the games and applications they have chosen and enjoy the experience.

Dogas.Info APK is one of the applications provided on this site. This application provides information about Dogas products, including retail and wholesale products. In addition, the application provides information about the company's loyal customer program, news and updates related to the product as well as the upcoming events. The application also provides other effective content such as online support and interacting with users.

The website provides the Dogas Info APK game is an advanced website, creating a good computer and mobile experience. Users can visit this website anytime, anywhere. The website offers many games and applications that can experience, including DogasInfo APK.


Overview Dogas Info For Android

On the Dogas.Info website you can find articles on different types of games, from how to choose the right games for your family to how to care for and entertain them. In addition, the site also provides detailed instructions on nutrition, health and common health problems.

Dogas.Info is developed by game and application experts, so you can trust that the information on the website is accurate and reliable. If you are looking for information about games, apps or want to improve your knowledge of how to play, visit the Dogas.Info website for more detailed information.

Dogas Info is a mobile application for dog lovers. This application provides users with many useful features so that they can improve their knowledge and skills in dog care, including information about different dog breeds, care advice, dog training, diary Dog care and profile creation. Dogas Info also provides a forum for users to discuss and share experiences with the community.

The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface, quickly finding dog information. However, Dogas Info has some disadvantages such as not having a Vietnamese version and displaying ads in the application. Overall, Dogas Info is a useful application for dog lovers who want to learn and improve their dog care knowledge.

Features Of Dogas Info APK

Dogas Info APK is a dog information app that provides many useful features for dog lovers, including:

Dog information search: the application allows users to search for information about different dog breeds, including information about health, personality, height, weight, care level, etc.

Dog Care Advice: Dogas Info APK provides tips on how to take care of dogs, including bathing, nail trimming, dental care, coat care, and more.

Dog Health Statistics: Users can record their dog's health information in the app, including weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, and more. Dogas Info APK also provides analysis and graphing tools to help users monitor their dog's health.


Communicating with the community: the application provides a forum for users to share experiences and discuss dogs, including questions, photos and videos.

Dog Training: Dogas Info APK provides tips on how to train a dog, including basic and advanced training techniques, and skills like walking, sitting, lying, and more.

Product Information: the app provides information about dog-related products, including food, toys, treatment tools, and other accessories.

Care Log: Dogas Info APK allows users to record their dog care activities, including feeding, bathing, playing and treating diseases.

Create a dog profile: Users can create a profile of their dog within the app, including information such as the owner's name, age, breed, and phone number.

Pros and Cons of Dogas Info APK


  • Provides many useful features for dog lovers, including care advice, information on different breeds, health statistics, communication with the community, dog training, product information, diaries Dog care and profile creation.
  • Designed with a simple interface, easy to use, and features a quick search for dog information.
  • Can help users improve their knowledge and skills in dog care, helping to take care of dogs in the best way.
  • Provide a forum for users to share experiences and discuss with the community.
  • Regular updates to provide the latest dog information.


  • There is no Vietnamese version yet, so users who do not know English may have difficulty in using it.
  • There are ads displayed in the application, which sometimes annoys the user.
  • Some features such as dog care and training advice provide only general recommendations, not tailored to each individual dog's specific case.
  • An internet connection is required to use some features, otherwise it cannot be used.


Dogas Info APK is a useful and convenient application for dog lovers. With many diverse features and regular updates, Dogas Info APK helps users gain more knowledge and better dog care skills. However, there are still some disadvantages such as the lack of Vietnamese version and the ads displayed in the application that can annoy users. Even so, Dogas Info APK is still a great choice for dog lovers who want to improve their dog care knowledge and skills.

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