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DJI Fly FCC APK is the door to a new world from above, helping you control the drone easily and creatively, discovering the most beautiful moments from a lofty perspective.


Name DJI Fly
Version 1.12.5
Size 431 MB
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+

About to DJI Fly Plus APK

DJI Fly APK is a mobile application developed by DJI, one of the world's leading manufacturers of drones. Specially designed for drone lines such as Mavic Air 2, Mavic Mini, and Mini 2, DJI Fly app requirements APK provides a flexible and convenient drone control experience.

One of the highlights of DJI Fly app explained APK is its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Users can easily access important functions such as video recording mode, photo capture, flight settings, and monitoring the drone's battery status. The interface is optimized to provide a smooth and efficient user experience.

More Overview of DJI Fly For Android

DJI GO Fly APK also supports many smart features such as subject tracking mode, Hyperlapse video recording and QuickShots, helping users create unique videos and photos easily. Besides, this application also provides detailed information about weather conditions, flying area, and other important technical parameters.

For beginners, descargar DJI Fly APK also comes with dedicated tutorials and learning videos, helping them quickly grasp how to use the drone safely and effectively.

In short, DJI Fly premium APK is not only a drone control application, but also a tool to help users explore and record beautiful moments from high altitudes. For drone photography and videography enthusiasts, this application is simply a great assistant.

All features in DJI Fly Mobile App

  • Friendly User Interface: DJI Fly app startet nicht APK has a bright, easy-to-use user interface, helping users easily access key functions.
  • Video Recording and Photo Taking: Stable video recording mode, supporting high resolution. Photo mode with many setting options.
  • Drone Control: Set up flight, control drone flexibly. Remote control features, including height and distance limits.
  • Subject Tracking Feature: Automatic tracking mode, helps the drone naturally track and record video of the subject.
  • QuickShots and Hyperlapse: QuickShots provides unique footage with one click. The Hyperlapse feature creates interesting videos from continuously captured images.
  • Weather Information and Flying Area: Provides detailed information about weather conditions and flight restrictions in the flying area.
  • Geographic Map and Legal Regulations: Displays a geographical map with important points and safe locations. Warning about legal regulations related to flying drones.
  • User Guide and Learning Video: Provides detailed instructions on how to use each feature. Learning videos help users quickly grasp how to control the drone and take full advantage of its features.
  • Maintenance and Software Update Features: Notifications about drone maintenance and latest software updates.
  • Multi-Language Support: Multi-language to serve users worldwide.

Instructions, how to use DJI Fly Latest Version

Login or Register: Once installed, open the app and log in to your DJI account. If you don't have one, you can register for a new account.

Connect Drone: Turn on the drone and make sure it is connected to your controller. Use the connection cable to connect the control to the mobile device.

Basic Setup: Before each flight, check for software updates and sensor calibration to ensure drone accuracy.

User Interface: Explore the user-friendly interface with main icons and functions on the home screen. Learn about icons like video mode, photo capture, and flight controls.

Basic Flight Mode: Use the basic flight mode to get familiar with how the drone moves and records. Test automatic takeoff and landing mode.

Record Video and Take Photos: Choose the video and photo resolution that suits your needs. Use the fast photo and video recording functions smoothly.

QuickShots and Hyperlapse: Explore QuickShots to create unique videos with just one click. Take advantage of the Hyperlapse feature to create time-lapse videos.

Tracking Mode: Learn how to use tracking mode so the drone can follow the subject naturally. Make sure that the surrounding environment is safe to use this feature.

Tips and advice when using for DJI Fly App iOS

Positioning and Sensor Calibration: Before each flight, perform a positioning and sensor calibration to ensure drone accuracy.

Check the Weather: Always check weather conditions before flying to ensure safety and avoid unwanted situations.

Prepare Adequate Batteries: Bring spare batteries so that your flight will never be interrupted due to running out of battery.

Learn the Features: Take the time to learn and become familiar with all the features of DJI Fly app not in play store APK so you can take advantage of the drone's full potential.

Use Tracking Mode Carefully: When using tracking mode, make sure the surrounding environment is safe and free of dangerous obstructions.

Advantages and disadvantages of DJI Fly APK


  • Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use user interface, friendly even to beginners.
  • QuickShots and Hyperlapse: QuickShots and Hyperlapse feature deliver unique videos and photos with ease.
  • Integrated Maps and Safety Information: Geographic maps and information about weather conditions help users fly safely and comply with legal regulations.


  • Restrictions for Some Drone Models: The application mainly supports specific DJI drone models, limited to users of other drone models.
  • Compatible Device Requirements: Sometimes, using DJI Fly APK requires a mobile device with relatively high configuration.
  • Stable Connectivity: Some users reported unstable connection issues, especially in areas with multiple signal frequencies.


Using DJI Fly APK is not only about flexible drone control, but also an endless journey of discovery from above. Through smart features and a friendly interface, this application not only helps you master your drone but also brings great experiences with drone photography and filming.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How to remotely control a drone using DJI Fly APK? +

Once you connect the drone to the controller, open the DJI Fly APK app and use the simple interface to control the flight, record videos, take photos, and even use smart features like subject tracking.

How to update drone software via DJI Fly APK? +

You can update the drone's software through the DJI Fly APK app by going to "Settings" and selecting "Software Update". Make sure your phone is also connected to the internet.

Which DJI drone lines does the application support? +

DJI Fly APK mainly supports drone models such as Mavic Air 2, Mavic Mini, and Mini 2. Other drone models may require different applications.

How to use Hyperlapse function in DJI Fly APK? +

To use the Hyperlapse function, you simply select the feature in the app and set options such as time difference and resolution. The drone will then automatically create a Hyperlapse video.

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