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IPTV Smarter Pro Dev Player APK is a diverse entertainment application with a friendly interface, thousands of channels and entertainment platforms, creating a unique online TV and video viewing journey.


Name Dev IPTV Pro
Version 3.5.9
Size 45.58 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Devcoder

About to Dev IPTV Pro APK

Dev IPTV Player Pro APK is a unique and effective product in the field of online entertainment. Developed by a team of experienced experts, descargar Dev IPTV Pro APK not only meets users' increasing needs for watching TV and videos online but also provides a unique and wonderful experience.

This application especially stands out with its user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface, helping users easily search and experience many different channels and entertainment content. This increases interactivity and convenience for users from all backgrounds.

More Overview of Dev IPTV Pro Latest Version

Dev IPTV Pro Premium APK not only provides popular TV channels but also allows users to access many different entertainment platforms, from movies, series, to sports events and educational programs. This creates a diverse and complete experience for users, from those who love daily entertainment to those who want to follow special events.

In addition, Dev IPTV Pro APK TV also supports many smart features such as program recording function, customizing favorite channel list, and smart search feature. This helps users easily manage and enjoy the content they love anytime, anywhere.

All features in Dev IPTV Pro For Android

  • Friendly and Easy-to-Use Interface: Dev IPTV Pro APK for firestick has a friendly, easy-to-use user interface, helping users easily search and browse content flexibly.
  • Diverse TV Channels: The application provides a wide range of TV channels, including international, entertainment, sports, and news channels, providing a rich TV viewing experience for users.
  • Multi-Platform Access to Content: Dev IPTV Player Pro full APK not only supports TV channels but also offers a variety of entertainment platforms, from movies, series, to sports events and educational programs.
  • Program Recording Feature: Users can record their favorite programs to watch later, providing convenience and flexibility in managing TV viewing time.
  • Favorite Channel List and Smart Search: Favorite channel list feature helps users easily access the channels they are interested in. Smart search feature helps quickly locate desired content.
  • Image and Sound Quality: Dev IPTV Pro APK supports premium image quality and vivid sound, creating a high-quality television viewing experience.
  • Regular Updates and Technical Support: The app is regularly updated with new features and upgrades. Professional technical support team is ready to assist users at all times.

Instructions, how to use Dev IPTV Pro For iOS

Sign In or Sign Up: Open the app and select the sign in option if you already have an account or sign up if you are new. Enter your account information and proceed with confirmation.

Main Interface: After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to the main interface of the application. Here, you will see main categories such as TV, Movies, Series, Sports, etc.

Browse and Select Channels: Use the navigation bar or corresponding buttons to browse the categories and select the TV channel or entertainment content you want to watch.

Content Search: Use the search feature to quickly locate and access specific content that interests you.

Favorites List: To add channels or content to your favorites list, you can use this feature for easy access later.

Record Feature: If you want to record your favorite shows, use the record feature and manage your recordings.

Settings and Options: In the settings, you can adjust options such as image quality, sound, and other settings according to your personal preferences.

Tips and advice when using for Dev IPTV Pro Mobile App

Enjoy Search: Use smart search to quickly locate and access the content you care about.

Manage Favorites List: The favorites list feature helps you easily track and quickly access the channels and content you watch often.

Control Picture and Sound Quality: In settings, adjust picture and sound quality according to your internet connection for the best viewing experience.

Take advantage of the Recording Feature: The recording feature is a useful tool, ensuring you don't miss your favorite shows. Manage your recordings for easy review.

Check for Updates Regularly: Always keep the app up to date to enjoy the latest improvements and ensure stability.

Contact Technical Support: If you experience technical issues or have questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team. They will help you quickly and effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages Dev IPTV Pro APK


  • Diverse Content: Offers a wide range of entertainment channels and platforms, from television, movies, to sports and education.
  • Friendly Interface: Friendly user interface, easy to use, suitable for users from all backgrounds.
  • Recording Features and Settings: Provides recording features and flexible settings options, optimizing personal experience.


  • Superior Internet Connection Requirements: Sometimes, for the best experience, a stable and fast internet connection is needed.
  • Ads and Freemium Version: The small downside is the presence of ads and the Freemium model, but this is often an unavoidable part of many entertainment applications.


Dev IPTV Pro APK is not only an entertainment application, but also a diverse and rich experience. With a friendly interface, unique features, and diversity in content, it promises to bring users wonderful entertainment moments. By taking advantage of the tips and advice, you can enjoy this application in the most optimal way.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


How do I log in to my account on the app? +

Open the app, select the sign in option, and enter your account information. If you don't have an account, please register for a new one.

How do I add a channel to my favorites list? +

When watching a channel, you can tap the "Favorites" icon or use the add to favorites feature from the menu.

Is the app's recording feature available? +

Certainly, Dev IPTV Pro APK supports program recording feature. You can use it to record and review your favorite content.

How to quickly search for desired content? +

Use the smart search feature on the navigation bar or in the menu to quickly locate and access the content you want.

Is there a way to customize the picture and sound quality? +

In the settings, you will see the option to adjust the picture and sound quality depending on the stability of your internet connection.

How do I contact technical support if I have problems? +

You can check the Help section in the app or contact the technical support team directly through the contact options provided in the app.

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