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Deep Sleep 2 Mobile APK is an indie game developed famous flash game. This game is part of a series of games that all revolve around finding a way to escape from a threatening situation within a fixed time.


Name Deep Sleep 2
Version 1.3 Final
Size 198 MB
Category Game
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer LeamGames

About Deep Sleep 2 APK

Deep Sleep 2 APK is a point-and-click horror adventure game developed by the creators of the original Deep Sleep title, who are the creators of the "Don't Escape" game series. This game is a sequel to Deep Sleep, sending the player into a strange and dark world where dreams and reality intersect and you must find out the mystery behind it.

In Deep Sleep 2 APK, you will play as a character who wakes up in a ruined hotel. Without remembering any details about yourself or why you were there, you must explore the different rooms of the hotel to find the truth and get rid of the obsession that surrounds you.

The game combines elements of quest, puzzle and horror to build a compelling story. You will have to search for items, solve puzzles and learn clues to progress further in the game. As you get closer to the truth, the environment becomes more intimidating, creating tension and pressure during gameplay.

Deep Sleep 2 Mobile has a simple but very effective graphic art style, creating a dark and scary space. Sound and sound effects in the game also play an important role in creating a sense of threat and horror for players.

With exploration, mystery and drama, Deep Sleep 2 offers a unique and exciting horror experience for lovers of the horror adventure game genre.

Overview of Deep Sleep 2 Game APK

Deep Sleep 2 APK features a concise gameplay style and focuses on creating a horror and scary space. The game does not rely on excessive bloodshed or horror, but instead focuses on building psychological imposition and tension. The game's plot is not clearly presented and much of the storytelling is done through visuals and environments.

During the gameplay, the player will have to explore and learn objects in the environment to solve puzzles and progress further in the game. Deep Sleep 2 Mobile's levels create a sense of mystery and eerie, with dark hotel rooms, supernatural phenomena and horror events happening all around.

The simple art style and dark colors in the game create a gloomy and scary atmosphere, and the sounds and sound effects play an important role in creating a sense of horror and enhancing the experience. gaming experience.

Deep Sleep 2 Android is highly rated in terms of horror space and creative game space. Although the game is rather short and doesn't have many story development options, it still creates an impactful and haunting experience for the player.

Features of the Deep Sleep 2 APK For Android

Here are some key features of Deep Sleep 2 game:

  • Horror Adventure Game: Deep Sleep 2 is a horror adventure game in which the player must explore a ruined hotel and find out the mystery behind the intersecting dream and reality.
  • Dark Environment: The game creates a dark and scary atmosphere through a simple but effective art style. The hotel is ruined and the different rooms are designed to create a haunting feeling for the player.
  • Puzzles and quests: Players must search for items and solve puzzles to progress further in the game. Objects and clues are hidden in the environment and require observation and inference to find them.
  • Strange plot: Deep Sleep 2 has a strange and mysterious story in which truth and illusion intersect. Players will explore and go further to uncover the secret behind everything.
  • Dramatic sound space: Sound and sound effects in the game play an important role in creating a feeling of horror and tension. They create a scary atmosphere and increase the player's experience.
  • The experience is short and focused: Deep Sleep 2 is not a long game, but it focuses on providing a quality horror experience in the short term. This makes the game fun and engaging for those who want to experience a short but impactful story.
  • Drama-focused gameplay: Deep Sleep 2 creates a sense of tension and pressure through the use of horror and threatening situations. Players will have to consider and make quick decisions to overcome the challenges in the game.
  • Point and Click: Deep Sleep 2 uses point and click to interact with the environment and solve puzzles. This creates an intuitive and accessible experience for players.

How to play, gameplay of Deep Sleep 2 APK

Deep Sleep 2 APK has a simple but addictive gameplay. Here is a description of the gameplay and gameplay of this game:

  • Goal: Your main goal in Deep Sleep 2 is to learn and uncover the mystery behind the ruined hotel and the strange dream. You must learn about the story, solve puzzles and find important objects in order to progress further in the game and finally get rid of the obsession.
  • Explore the environment: You will be placed in different rooms of the ruined hotel. Use your mouse to move and interact with items and your surroundings. Explore every corner and crevice to find important things and clues.
  • Solve puzzles: As you explore, you will encounter puzzles and obstacles. Use your wits and reasoning ability to solve them. Find tidbits and hints in the environment, and combine objects and elements to advance further in the game.
  • Watch and listen: Deep Sleep 2 puts a lot of emphasis on seeing details and listening to the sounds around you. Clues and hints can be hidden in images, sounds, and even in your dreams. Pay attention to every little detail and use them to solve the mysteries in the game.
  • Create a sense of horror: Deep Sleep 2 uses sound effects, dark images and horror elements to create a scary space. The feeling of tension and pressure will increase as you progress further in the game. Be prepared to face horror situations and find a way to overcome them.

Graphics of Deep Sleep 2 APK Latest vesion

  • Dark colors: Deep Sleep 2 APK uses dark colors mainly, with black, gray and dark blue colors, creating a gloomy and scary space. Colors are used to enhance the sense of horror and haunting in the game.
  • Simple visual style: The graphics in the game are designed with a simple but characteristic style. Objects and environments are drawn in a minimal way, focusing on important details and creating an abstract space.
  • Visual effects: Deep Sleep 2 uses visual effects such as dim lighting, visual vibrations, and others to create tension and enhance the horror state of the game.
  • Dramatic visuals: In key and dramatic moments, Deep Sleep 2 uses distinctive visuals and cutscenes to create a powerful and dramatic feeling. These images help create memorable and impressive moments in the game.
  • Different scenes: Deep Sleep 2 takes the player through many different rooms in the ruined hotel. Each room has a distinct design, creating diversity and appeal in the game environment.

Pros and Cons of Deep Sleep 2 Mobile APK


  • Creative Horror Space: Deep Sleep 2 APK creates a horror and scary space through creativity in story telling and environment design. The combination of sound, visuals and horror elements creates a haunting experience for players.
  • Strange plot: The game has a strange and mysterious plot, with a cross between dream and reality. The events and mysteries in the game stimulate the player's imagination and create curiosity and a desire to explore.
  • Puzzles and Problem Solving: Deep Sleep 2 puts a lot of emphasis on solving puzzles and finding clues to get far in the game. This challenges players logical thinking and ingenuity to find solutions and proceed in the game.
  • Appropriate play time: The game has a relatively short playing time, allowing players to complete the game in a short amount of time. This is suitable for those who want to experience a horror story relatively quickly.


  • Simple graphics: Although the graphics in Deep Sleep 2 APK are suitable for the horror space, it can also be considered simple and lacks detail. This may make some players feel unattractive or visually unsatisfactory.
  • Short Playtime: Some players may feel dissatisfied with the short playtime of the game. Since the game focuses on a short and focused experience, it may make some players want more content and playtime.
  • Lack of deep interaction: While Deep Sleep 2 focuses on puzzle solving and exploration, it may lack deep interaction with the environment and characters. This may detract from the player's participation in a particular interaction.


Deep Sleep 2 APK is a unique and fascinating horror adventure game. With a mysterious plot and innovative horror space, the game creates a haunting experience and stimulates the player's curiosity. Puzzles and problem solving in the game challenge the intelligence and ingenuity of the player. Despite some disadvantages such as simple graphics and short playing time, Deep Sleep 2 Mobile still succeeds in bringing a sense of horror and creating a memorable gaming experience.

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