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Cupixel: AI Art and AR Tracing APK is a great bridge between traditional art and digital technology, helping you explore and express your creativity through a convenient and diverse interface.


Name Cupixel
Pagekage name com.cupixel.canvas
Version 10.0.0
Size 165.34 Mb
Category Art & Design
Price Free
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer Cupixel Inc.

Introduce About to Cupixel AI Art and AR Tracing APK

If you are an art lover or looking for a fun way to express your creativity, Cupixel AI Art APK will be a great app to satisfy your passion. Cupixel is a multitasking digital art app, designed to help anyone discover and create unique works of art with ease.

Cupixel APK promo code is a multitasking art app for mobile phones and tablets, bringing a completely new and unique art experience. This application combines technology and traditional art, helping you satisfy your creative passion without having to be a professional artist.

More Overview of Cupixel APP APK

One of the outstanding weaknesses of Cupixel Create Art APK is the ability to use a detailed color scheme. This helps users understand and apply colors accurately in their artwork, creating sharp and unique color compositions.

Cupixel: AR Art App play store doesn't just stop at providing tools, but also provides an extremely useful learning experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in art, this app will help you grasp basic art techniques and improve your skills.

Cupixel APK premium offers a diverse library of artwork, including hundreds of works from different genres. From classic paintings to modern paintings, from landscapes to portraits, you will find work to suit your taste.

All features in Cupixel Latest Version

Here are the details about the features of Cupixel AI App APK:

  • Integrated Color Mapping: Cupixel AI APP uses detailed color mapping to help users capture and apply colors accurately in their artwork. This helps create sharp and beautiful color compositions.
  • Learning and Instruction: With integrated learning functions, Cupixel APK new version supports both beginners and experienced artists. Users can learn about basic art techniques and improve their skills through detailed tutorials.
  • Extensive Art Library: Cupixel AR APP offers a diverse art library with hundreds of works from a variety of genres, including classical paintings, modern paintings, landscapes, portraits, and more . Users can choose and make works according to their preferences.
  • Sharing and Storing Works: Users have the ability to easily share their works with the Cupixel community or store them in personal collections. This helps them track their progress and interact with other artists.
  • Customizing Works: Cupixel: AR Art Android allows users to customize works as desired. You can change colors, add details, or create personalized versions of the original work.
  • Scanner Mode: Cupixel has a scanner mode that allows users to scan traditional works of art using a mobile phone or tablet camera. This allows them to easily convert traditional work into digital work.
  • Drawing and Creativity Tools: Cupixel provides drawing tools such as pencils, paintbrushes, and more for users to create freehand art and express their creativity.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Cupixel app is available for both mobile phones and tablets, helping users experience art anywhere and anytime.
  • Art Community: Cupixel AI Art APK provides an art community where users can interact, share work, and find inspiration from other artists.

Instructions, how to use Cupixel Mobile App

Step 1: Register or Login

  • Open the application after downloading and installing, you will need to register for a Cupixel account or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: Explore the Works Library

  • After logging in, you will see the main interface of the application. Here, you can explore a diverse library of artworks. You can choose a work you want to make.

Step 3: Create and Customize Artwork

  • After selecting a work, you will be taken to the working interface. Here, you can start working on the artwork using drawing tools like pencils, paintbrushes, and colors.
  • Use the color scheme to determine the colors of each part of the piece and apply them.
  • You can also customize the piece by adding details or changing colors as desired.

Step 4: Study and Instruction

  • If you need support or want to learn more about art techniques, you can take advantage of the learning and tutorial features in the app.
  • Follow the detailed instructions to understand how to do it step by step.

Step 5: Store and Share Your Works

  • Once you've completed your work, you can store it in your personal collection or share it with the Cupixel community.
  • Use the sharing feature to share your work with friends or post on social networks.

Step 6: Options for Adding and Scanning Works

  • Cupixel AR APP offers the option to add and scan works, allowing you to create works from personal ideas or scan traditional works with a camera.

Step 7: Explore the Artistic Community

  • Visit the community section in the app to interact with other artists, view their work, and find new inspiration.

Step 8: Personal Options and Settings

  • In the personal options menu, you can set up your account, manage your works, and customize settings as you like.

Tips and advice when using for Cupixel AR Art iOS

  • Start with Simple Works: If you are just starting out, choose simple works to do. This helps you get familiar with Cupixel's interface and drawing tools before moving on to more complex works.
  • Learn Art Techniques: Use in-app learning features and tutorials to master basic art techniques like lighting, color, and how to highlight your work.
  • Customize as you like: Don't be afraid to experiment and customize your work as you like. You can change colors, add details, or even create personalized versions of the original work to express your creativity.
  • Care for Details: Details are important in art. Focus on every small detail in the work to ensure accuracy and aesthetics.
  • Find Inspiration From The Community: Explore the work of other artists in the Cupixel community. This can help you find new inspiration and learn from others.
  • Learn About Shading: Shading is an important aspect of art. Learn how to create shading and use color maps to apply colors accurately.
  • Take it Step by Step: Take it step by step as you work on your piece. This helps you avoid mistakes and produce high-quality work.

Pros and Cons of Cupixel APK For Android


  • Learning and Instruction: Integrated learning features help users master basic art techniques and improve their skills. Detailed instructions help beginners understand how to use the application.
  • Detailed Color Diagram: Detailed color diagram helps users recognize and use colors accurately in work, creating sharp color works.
  • Art Community: Cupixel AI Art APP has an art community where users can interact with each other, share work, and find inspiration.
  • Customize the Artwork: Users can customize the work as desired by changing colors or adding details.


  • Limitations to Free Creation: Despite the free creation feature, the app still has limitations in expressing complete freedom of creativity compared to creating art on paper or drawing board technique.
  • Dependent on Internet Connection: Cupixel AI requires an internet connection to access the work library and share works with the community, which can be inconvenient when there is no connection.
  • Ability to Capture Creation: Some people may want to record the process of creating art, but Cupixel APK does not yet have the ability to record video or take photos during the art creation process.


Cupixel APK APP is a diverse art application that brings a series of attractive advantages and features to users. With a diverse library of works, learning and tutorial features, detailed color schemes, and the ability to customize works, this application helps users satisfy their passion for art, grasp artistic techniques basics and create unique works.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Cupixel APK

Is there a free version of Cupixel? +

Yes, Cupixel offers a free version with basic features and artwork. However, there are additional purchase options or premium versions with enhanced features and artwork.

How do I learn to use Cupixel? +

Cupixel has built-in learning and tutorials. You can access detailed tutorials to grasp basic art techniques and enjoy the application effectively.

Can I create my own artwork? +

Of course, you can create your own artwork in Cupixel. This application allows you to freely express your creativity and make works as you wish.

How do I archive my work? +

You can store your work in your personal collection in Cupixel. This helps you track your progress and be proud of the work you've created.

Is there a way to find inspiration from the Cupixel community? +

Yes, you can visit the community section in the app to see other artists' work, interact with them, and find new inspiration for your own work.

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