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Cricket League APK is an immersive cricket game that allows players to participate in international tournaments, manage and customize teams, and experience realistic gameplay on mobile phones.


Name Cricket League
Version 1.18.1
Size 95.67 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

Introduce to Cricket League APK

Cricket League APK is a sports game based on cricket, developed and published by various game developers. This game offers a fun and engaging experience for players, allowing them to participate in actual cricket matches on their screens.

In the game Cricket League APK, you will have the opportunity to join and control a professional cricket team. You can choose from famous cricket teams and compete in prestigious leagues and tournaments around the world. The game gives you the ability to customize your team, including selecting players, creating tactics and managing the team.

During the game, you will have to perform basic cricket activities such as catching the ball, throwing the ball, hitting the ball and running between muscles. The game offers high-quality graphics and flexible controls, allowing you to enjoy the real experience of the sport.

More Overview of Cricket League Mobile Game

Cricket League APK also features single player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to challenge your friends or other online players from around the world. You can compete for the highest score, soba your career and become a cricket star.

Cricket League APK game has attracted the interest of cricket fans and gamers all over the world. With beautiful graphics, realistic simulation gameplay and diverse features, it becomes one of the most popular cricket games today.

All features in Cricket League for Android

  • Single Player Mode: You can play a single match against the cricket teams of your choice. You can choose the team, stadium, match rules and control all aspects of the match.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Cricket League APK allows you to play against your friends or other online players from around the world. You can create your own playroom or join existing ones and challenge each other to intense matches.
  • International Tournaments: The game includes prestigious international tournaments like ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, Ashes Series and many more. You can choose a cricket team to participate in the tournament and compete to win.
  • Team Management: You can manage your team by choosing players, creating tactics and developing team skills. You can buy and sell players, perform coaching, manage finances and upgrade your team's infrastructure.
  • Customize Players: Cricket League APK allows you to customize your players. You can change the look, outfit, accessories and other characteristics of the player to create a personalized team.
  • Graphics and Sound: The game has high-quality graphics and vivid sound, providing a realistic and engaging experience for players. The stadiums, players and match environments are designed in detail and sharp.
  • Progress and Achievements: You can track your personal and team's progress through statistics, achievements and leaderboards. You can also open achievements, upgrade players and develop your team's skills over time.
  • Community and Updates: Cricket League APK has a large multinational gaming community where you can connect and share experiences with other players. The game is also regularly updated with new features, improvements, and new content to keep the playing experience fresh and exciting.

Interface, graphics on Cricket League APK

Cricket League APK games often feature high-quality graphics, ensuring a vivid and engaging visual experience for players.

Player models: Cricket League APK player models are designed with great detail, from appearance to gestures and playing style. You will recognize famous players whose appearance, appearance and playing style are similar to the real thing.

Stadium: The stadiums in the game are reproduced in a realistic and sharp way. From the grass on the pitch, the fields of the ball, the contours of the field, to the unique features of each stadium, all are clearly and beautifully detailed.

Accessories and Outfits: You can customize the team and player's outfits and accessories in the game. From helmets, gloves, sunglasses, to clothes and shoes, you can create a unique style for your team.

Effects and Motions: In the Cricket League APK game, effects and movements are created vividly and naturally. You'll see the players pitch, hit the ball, run between muscles, and move in harmony and smoothness.

User Interface: The game's user interface is designed to be easy to use, with clear charts, leaderboards and infographics. You can easily keep track of match statistics, manage your team and perform in-game actions.

How to play, gameplay for Cricket League Latest version

  • Start the game: Open the Cricket League APK game on your device and select "Start" or "New Game" to start a new game.
  • Select cricket team: You will be asked to choose a cricket team that you want to control in the game. There can be many cricket teams from different leagues to choose from. Choose your favorite team and confirm the selection.
  • Customize your team: After choosing a team, you can customize your team. This includes selecting players, creating tactics, managing finances and upgrading the team's infrastructure. Create a strong team and get ready for the match.
  • Choose a game mode: The Cricket League APK game offers a variety of game modes, including single player, multiplayer and participating in major tournaments. Select the game mode you want to join.
  • Start the match: Once you have selected the game mode, you will be taken into the cricket match. You will see the stadium, lineup and player controls. Use the corresponding keys and buttons to perform cricket actions like catching, throwing and hitting the ball.
  • Competition and tactics: During the match, you need to perform basic cricket operations and apply tactics to get the highest score and prevent your opponent from scoring. Use smart tactics and utilize the skills of the players to achieve success.
  • Track your progress and development: Track your and your team's personal progress through stats, achievements and leaderboards. Upgrade players, perform training and develop skills to enhance the strength of the team.
  • Join the community and play multiplayer: If you choose multiplayer mode, you can connect and play with other players from all over the world. Challenge your friends or join game rooms to compete and share experiences.

Pros and Cons of Cricket League iOS


  • Realistic Experience: The game provides a realistic and immersive experience of cricket, allowing players to participate in actual cricket matches on their screen.
  • Team customization: Players have the ability to customize their own team, including selecting players, creating tactics and managing the team. This creates personalization and creativity in team building.
  • Diverse game modes: The game offers a variety of game modes, including single player, multiplayer and participating in prestigious tournaments. This gives players variety and choice.
  • Community Connection: The Cricket League APK game has a multinational gaming community, allowing players to connect and play with each other from around the world. This creates a fun and social environment to share experiences and socialize.


  • Fully Reproducible: Although the game has realistic characteristics, it is not possible to completely reproduce the feel and experience of an actual cricket match.
  • Requires skill and tactics: The game requires players to have knowledge of cricket and the ability to apply appropriate tactics to succeed. This can create a challenge for new players and requires concentration and learning.
  • Play Motivation: Games can become repetitive after a while, and staying motivated to keep playing can be a challenge for some players.


Cricket League APK game is an engaging and exciting sports game based on cricket. With high-quality graphics, realistic experience and diverse features, it promises to give players a great experience in joining and controlling a professional cricket team.

Cricket League APK game is a great choice for those who love cricket and want to participate in dramatic and exciting matches. With detailed features, this game is worth the experience and brings joy to the players.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Cricket League APK

How to report bugs in the game? +

In most cases, you can find the error reporting option in the game's settings or home page. Through this, you can describe in detail the error you encountered so the developer can resolve the issue.

Why can't I download Cricket League APK from Google Play Store? +

Cricket League APK may not be available on the Google Play Store due to various reasons, including regional restrictions or because the app does not follow Google policies. To download this app, you can use safe third-party sources or search for the APK file from Cricket League official website or other trusted sources.

Can I customize my team in Cricket League APK? +

Yes, you can customize your team in this game. You can change your team shirt, team name, and even your lineup to create your own unique team.

How to improve your cricket skills in this game? +

To improve your cricket skills in Cricket League APK, you can:

  • Participate in regular matches for practice.
  • Review your matches to find your weaknesses and improve them.
  • Refer to the game community or the game's official website for guides and tips.
How do I upgrade my players and team? +

To upgrade players and teams, you can participate in matches, complete tasks and earn money in the game. You can then use the money to upgrade players, buy new players or improve your team.

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