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Crazy Bird APK is an addictive mobile game with simple yet challenging gameplay, where you will participate in colorful adventures with cute birds and overcome a series of exciting levels.


Name Crazy Bird
Pagekage name
Version 1.0.2
Size 64.7 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Fun Quest

Introduce to Crazy Bird APK

Crazy Bird money APK is not just an ordinary game, but it is also an exciting challenge for everyone who is looking for an exciting entertainment experience. In this game, you will play the role of a little bird, and your task is to help the bird overcome obstacles and jump from one platform to another without falling. The last goal? Reaching the finish line on the final platform, a challenge that not everyone can overcome.

More Overview of Crazy Bird Mobile Game

Crazy Bird game APK not only attracts players because of its simple and accessible gameplay, but also because of the diversity in opening new characters. Not only can you play with the main bird, but you can also try your hand at various animals such as monkeys, frogs, pandas, and even cute penguins. With more than a dozen different animal species, each brings a unique feeling and experience, making the game more diverse and attractive than ever.

More than just an entertaining game, Crazy Bird tricks is also a true challenge to your patience and reflexes. With elaborately designed and diverse levels, the game promises to bring you hours of endless entertainment and never get bored.

All features in Crazy Bird Latest Version

  • Minimalist and Easy Gameplay: In Crazy Bird APK, the gameplay is designed to be extremely simple and accessible. Just tap the screen to make the character jump, and release to jump further. However, don't let this simplicity fool you, because you will face many challenges along the way.
  • Diverse and Challenging Environments: Crazy Bird is more than just jumping across platforms. Each level is carefully designed with continuous variation in the distance between platforms, creating a constant challenge that is never boring.
  • Open a Series of Characters: One of the unique features of Crazy Bird is the variety of characters you can play. You can open a variety of animals like monkeys, frogs, pandas, and many more, each bringing a new experience.
  • Levels and Scores: Crazy Bird offers a level and score system, helping you track your progress and challenge yourself to achieve the highest score. With each level passed, you will receive a diamond, which will help you open new characters.
  • Friendly User Interface: Crazy Bird's user interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, helping players focus on the playing experience without being distracted by complex elements.
  • Quick Play Mode and Challenge Opportunities: In addition to the main game mode, Crazy Bird also offers a quick play mode, allowing you to test yourself and compete with friends in short and intense challenges.
  • Compatible with Many Devices: Crazy Bird APK is compatible with many different types of mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

Interface, graphics on Crazy Bird For Android

Transparency and Clarity: Crazy Bird's graphics need to reflect the simplicity and ease of gameplay. Platforms, characters and obstacles need to be designed in a clear and recognizable way, helping players focus on controlling and enjoying the game.

Vivid and Eye-catching Colors: Use bright, cheerful and eye-catching colors to create a vibrant and engaging game environment. Color should be used thoughtfully to highlight the uniqueness of each character type and environment.

Smooth Movement and Fluid Interaction: Ensure that the movements of characters and game elements are smooth and natural, helping players feel like they are truly in control of the game. Interaction with the environment also needs to be designed flexibly, responding accurately to every player's actions.

Graphics Compatibility and Optimization: Ensure that Crazy Bird APK's graphics are compatible on different mobile devices and optimized to operate smoothly and efficiently on all platforms.

How to play, gameplay for Crazy Bird iOS

Simple But Difficult: Crazy Bird's gameplay is not much complicated. You just need to tap the screen to jump, but don't let this simplicity deceive you. The challenge lies in controlling the right timing and intensity of each jump to avoid obstacles and reach the goal.

Time is of the essence: Each level in Crazy Bird has a time limit, and your goal is to pilot your character past all obstacles to reach the final platform before time runs out. Agility and determination are the keys to success.

Continuously Transforming: The playing environment in Crazy Bird constantly transforms and challenges you with moving platforms, suddenly appearing obstacles, and constantly changing distances between platforms. This requires you to stay alert and be willing to adjust your strategy each time you play.

Challenges and Levels: Crazy Bird offers a series of levels with increasing difficulty, from easy to difficult. Each level brings unique challenges and requires the player to have skill and patience to overcome.

Exciting and Addictive: Although it can be difficult at times, the appeal and excitement of beating levels in Crazy Bird is undeniable. This is a game that can be addictive and make you want to try your hand again to achieve the best score.

Pros and Cons of Crazy Bird APK


  • Simple But Addictive Gameplay: One of the biggest strengths of Crazy Bird APK is its simple and accessible gameplay. Anyone can start playing immediately without having to spend a lot of time learning how to play. This makes the game attractive to all types of players, from children to adults.
  • Constant Challenges and Variety: Crazy Bird APK never makes you feel bored. The variety of levels, character types and play environments create a new and exciting experience every time you start a new game. Plus, the constant challenge from obstacles and gaps between platforms ensures that you'll never get bored.
  • Crisp Graphics and Catchy Music: Crazy Bird APK's creative and dynamic graphics not only make the game eye-catching but also create a lively and engaging entertainment space. Lively background music also adds excitement to the game.


  • Can Cause Stress: Although the gameplay is simple, Crazy Bird APK can cause a certain level of stress for players, especially when they try to overcome difficult levels. This may be a notable point for those who don't like tension in games.
  • Advertisements and In-Game Shopping: Like many other mobile games, Crazy Bird APK also has advertisements and in-game shopping packages. This may annoy some players and cause discomfort.


Of all the strengths and weaknesses of Crazy Bird APK, it cannot be denied that this game is attracting the attention of many players around the world. With simple yet addictive gameplay, diversity in levels and characters, along with sharp graphics and lively music, Crazy Bird APK is not only an entertaining game, but also a challenge authentic to the player's patience and reflexes.


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FAQs? Crazy Bird APK

Is Crazy Bird APK game free or paid? +

Crazy Bird APK is a free game to download and play. However, in the game there are some items that can be purchased with real money to improve the playing experience.

How to open new characters in Crazy Bird APK? +

To open new characters, you need to earn enough diamonds in the game. Each character has a different value, and you can earn diamonds by completing levels in the game.

Does Crazy Bird APK have online play feature? +

Currently, Crazy Bird APK does not support online play. However, you can compare scores with friends through social networking platforms like Facebook.

How to contact the developer of Crazy Bird APK? +

If you have any questions or suggestions about the game, you can contact the developer via email or their official website. Contact information is usually provided in the "Help" or "Contact" section of the game.

How many types of characters are there in Crazy Bird APK? +

Crazy Bird APK has a wide range of animals to play with, including birds, monkeys, frogs, pandas, penguins, and many more. Each species has its own appearance and playing feel.

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