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Connect TV APK is a multi-platform entertainment bridge, opening up a diverse world with a rich content library and flexible connection features, providing a great entertainment experience.


Name Connect TV
Version 9.8
Size 20.5 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9.0+
Developer Connect TV

Introduce About to Connect TV APK

Connect TV by SFR APK is not only a regular entertainment application, but also a diverse bridge between many famous platforms. With a friendly and easy-to-use user interface, users can easily search and experience many attractive entertainment content from around the world.

A highlight of npo start Connect TV APK is its ability to connect to a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets and smart TVs. This helps users comfortably entertain anywhere, anytime without being bound by a specific device.

More Overview of Connect TV For Android

The app offers a rich library of content, from movies to TV shows and music videos. Connect TV's content team is constantly updating, ensuring users always have new and interesting experiences every time they use it.

With sharp image and sound quality, max Connect TV APK brings users into a vivid world of entertainment, while still maintaining convenience and flexibility. Furthermore, the smart search feature helps users easily choose the content they love, providing a unique and personalized experience.

All features in Connect TV APP APK

Here is a detailed overview of the app's important features:

  • Multi-Platform and Flexible Connection: psm Connect TV APK supports many platforms, from mobile phones to tablets and smart TVs, creating convenient conditions for users to access anywhere.
  • Extensive Content Library: A rich content library with thousands of movies, TV shows, and music videos from many different genres.
  • Continuous Updates: New content is continuously updated, ensuring users always have the latest entertainment experiences.
  • Friendly User Interface: The user interface is optimally designed and easy to use, helping users easily browse categories and search quickly.
  • Sharp Image and Sound Quality: Supports premium image and sound quality, providing the best entertainment experience for users.
  • Smart Search Feature: Smart search feature helps users easily find their favorite content without wasting too much time.
  • Offline Viewing Mode: Allows users to download content for offline viewing, conveniently when there is no Internet connection.
  • Quick Share: The quick share feature allows users to share their favorite content with friends via social media platforms.
  • Customize Settings and User Profiles: Allows users to customize personal settings and create their own profiles, increasing the personalized experience.

Instructions, how to use Connect TV Mobile App

Step 1: Login or Register an Account

  • Open mr Connect TV APK after installation.
  • Sign in using your existing account or sign up for a new account if you don't have one.

Step 2: Explore Content

  • The main interface of the application will display main categories such as "Movies," "TV Shows," "Music," and many other categories.
  • Browse categories or use the search feature to find what you want.

Step 3: View Content

  • Select the content you want to view to see detailed information.
  • Click "Play" to start watching live or select "Download" if you want to watch offline.

Step 4: Options and Settings

  • In the settings, you can customize options like video quality, notifications, and other settings.
  • Create your personal profile to track viewing history and personal content recommendations.

Step 5: Share and Interact

  • Use the sharing feature to share your favorite content with friends via social networks or messages.
  • Engage with content by rating, commenting, and saving your favorites.

Tips and advice when using for Connect TV iOS

  • Enjoy Smart Search: Use the search feature to quickly find and discover content that interests you.
  • Adjust Video Quality: If you have a weak Internet connection, adjust video quality to avoid reduced viewing experience.
  • Enjoy the Download Feature: Use the download feature to watch your favorite content without an Internet connection, saving mobile data usage.
  • Browse Content by Interests: Use recommendations to discover new content based on your interests and viewing history.
  • Share and Connect: Share your favorite content with friends to create a more interactive and shared viewing experience.
  • Check for Updates Regularly: Always check and update the app to ensure you're using the latest version with improvements and bug fixes.
  • Notification Control: Adjust notification settings to avoid distractions and enjoy uninterrupted viewing.
  • Create a Personal Profile: Take advantage of the personal profile creation feature to track and manage your viewing history.
  • Customer Support: If you have problems or questions, contact Connect TV APK customer service for support.

Pros and Cons of Connect TV Latest Version


  • Diverse Content: Connect TV APK provides a rich content library with a variety of genres such as movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Flexible Connection: This application supports multi-platform, allowing users to access from many different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs.
  • Premium Image and Sound Quality: Guaranteed to provide sharp image and sound quality, providing a good entertainment experience.
  • Smart Search Feature: Smart search feature helps users easily find their favorite content.


  • Internet Connection Required: Despite the download feature, much content still requires an Internet connection, which can be a limitation for users with limited bandwidth.
  • Dependence on Copyright: Excessive reliance on copyright may cause some content to be unavailable in certain regions or times.


Connect TV APK is a diverse and flexible entertainment application, offering many advantages such as a rich content library, flexible connectivity, premium image and sound quality, along with download and streaming features. Smart search. User-friendly interface and interactive features add to the user experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Connect TV APK

How to quickly search for favorite content on the application? +

Use the search feature on the main interface of the application. Enter keywords or content names to display relevant results quickly.

How to create a personal profile and customize settings? +

In settings, you'll find the option to create a profile and adjust settings like video quality, notifications, and language.

Does Connect TV APK have content sharing feature? +

Yes, you can share your favorite content with your friends via social networks or messages using the in-app sharing feature.

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