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Combat Master Mobile FPS APK is a convergence of top-notch graphics, diverse combat gameplay and dramatic matches, creating a unique and constantly challenging game experience.


Name Combat Master
Version 0.13.62
Size 1.16 Gb
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Alfa Bravo Inc.

Introduce to Combat Master APK

Combat Master APK all skin is an attractive fighting game with top-notch graphics, diverse gameplay mechanics and dramatic matches. This game has quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community. players around the world.

Combat Master APK obb is not just a regular fighting game, but also a unique fighting experience where you can show off your skills and tactics. Impressive graphics platform helps create vivid battles, every line and detail is meticulously cared for.

More Overview of Combat Master Mobile Game

A unique feature of Combat Master 32 bit APK is the diverse character system with unique skills and weapons, thereby creating rich combat tactics. Players can freely choose and customize their characters to reflect their own fighting style, from powerful warriors to versatile fighters.

In addition, the in-game community is also a big strength, where you can connect and interact with other players from all over the world. Challenging and interacting with real opponents is an indispensable part, helping to create the long-term appeal of Combat Master offline APK.

All features in Combat Master Latest Version

  • Top-notch Graphics and Sound: Combat Master battle royale APK old version possesses impressive graphics with sharp and detailed images, creating a colorful and vivid world. Realistic and dynamic sounds enhance the gaming experience, from background music to grappling sounds during matches.
  • Diverse Character System: Combat Master free download APK not only has beautiful graphics but also has a diverse character system with unique characteristics and skills. Players can choose from different characters, each offering a unique combat experience.
  • Tactics and Skills: The game encourages creativity in tactics, with a diverse skill system for each character. You can freely combine skills to create strategies that suit your personal playing style.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Combat Master APK doesn't just stop at the basic fighting mode. It also offers many different game modes such as Team Battles, Road Battles, and many other unique events to challenge players.
  • Character and Equipment Customization: You have the ability to customize your character and equip them with weapons, armor, and accessories to optimize their combat abilities. This creates variety and strategy in each match.
  • Online Community and Arena: Combat Master APK connects players from all over the world through an integrated community system. You can participate in the online arena, challenge other players and see who is the best.
  • Regular Events and Updates: To maintain its appeal, Combat Master APK is regularly updated with new events, new characters, and expansions, keeping players always having something new to explore.

Interface, graphics on Combat Master For Android

Sharp and Detailed Images: Combat Master APK's graphics are characterized by sharp and detailed images. The characters, landscapes, and battlefields are all meticulously designed, creating a lively and engaging world.

Unique Effects: The game uses unique effects to enhance the gaming experience. Light rays, firepower, and other special effects are all flexibly integrated, helping to highlight unique action scenes and skills in the game.

High Quality Character Models: Characters in Combat Master APK are designed with high quality models, from facial expressions to body lines. This creates fluidity and realistic interactions, bringing each character to life.

How to play, gameplay for Combat Master iOS

Diverse Character System: You can choose from a variety of characters with unique characteristics and skills. Each character brings a unique fighting style, from the agile and agile to the powerful warrior.

Skills and Tactics: Combat Master encourages creativity in the use of skills. You can combine them to create unique strategies. The gameplay requires flexibility and quick reactions, especially when facing opponents with diverse strategies.

Diverse Game Modes: The game offers many game modes such as Team Battles, Street Battles, and many other unique events. This helps players have a diverse experience and never get bored.

Character and Equipment Customization: You can customize your character with weapons, armor and accessories to optimize combat ability. This flexibility allows for a variety of strategies and playing styles.

Pros and Cons of Combat Master APK


  • Top-notch Graphics: Combat Master features sharp and detailed graphics, creating a vibrant world.
  • Dynamic Community: Integrated community system helps players interact and challenge each other, enriching the gaming experience.
  • Regular Updates: Regular events and updates keep the game fresh and exciting.


  • High Resource Requirements: At times, the game can be demanding on system resources, which can be a challenge for some low-end phones.
  • Required Learning: Although there is a tutorial system, mastering the details of each character's skills and tactics can require some learning.


Combat Master APK you now have a clear view of the unique experiences this game brings. This is not just an ordinary fighting game, but a fighting journey where players have the opportunity to show off their talents, create strategies, and enjoy dramatic challenges.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Combat Master APK

What languages does Combat Master support? +

The game supports multiple languages to serve a variety of players around the world. You can check in the game settings to select the appropriate language.

How many characters are available in Combat Master? +

The game features a series of unique characters, each bringing their own unique skills and tactics. The number of characters can be increased through updates.

How to customize characters and equipment? +

You can access the customization section in the game to change your character's outfits, weapons, and accessories according to your personal preferences.

Does Combat Master have any outstanding game modes? +

The game offers many game modes such as Team Battles, Street Battles, and many other unique events, bringing a diverse experience to players.

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