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Chordosis Video Game APK is a horror and surreal rescue game where you will search for your missing twin sister and explore the dark mysteries of an abandoned village hidden behind surreal beauty.


Name Chordosis Game
Version 0.6.8
Size 612 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer AdamDubiGames

About of Chordosis Game APK

Chordosis Game APK is a unique horror and science fiction game that takes players on a mysterious adventure in an abandoned village in Dunahont, Hungary. This game promises a whole new experience with immersive HDR audio and ultra-realistic next-gen graphics.

As Sadie, you will have to search for your missing twin sister, facing mysterious and scary discoveries in a mysterious village in Hungary. Your story will be the main inspiration in this dangerous journey.

Challenge your wits with complex physics-based puzzles and manage your resources creatively. Use unique weapons and fight to survive the alien threat.

Enter a world full of mystery and danger, where the sky is full of undiscovered secrets. Your mission is to find your sister and discover horrifying truths about the universe of CHORDOSIS.

Chondrosis Game APK promises to be an adventure full of mystery and drama, taking you into a dark and mysterious world of science fiction and horror. Get ready to explore its mysteries and face tough challenges.

Features of Chordosis Game APK Mobile

Here are some features of Chordosis Game APK:

  • Compelling Storyline: Players will participate in the adventure as Sadie, who is searching for her missing twin sister in an abandoned village in Hungary.
  • HDR Audio and Next-Generation Graphics: The game leverages HDR audio and next-gen graphics to create the ultimate visual and audio experience.
  • Physics-Based Puzzle Solving: Players face complex physics-based puzzles that require creativity to solve and resource management.
  • Explore the Mysteries of the Universe: Enter a world full of mystery and danger, uncovering hidden truths in the bizarre universe of Chordosis ps5.
  • Variety in Settings and Experience: The game offers three different game modes, including an easy mode for players to enjoy the story without having to worry about the pressure of combat.
  • Diverse Device Support: Chordosis Game APK supports native controllers/gamepads and offers an extensive menu of options with native NIS (Nvidia Image Scaling) and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support.
  • Combining Science Fiction and Horror: The game combines two genres - science fiction and horror, creating a unique and scary experience.

Graphics of Chordosis Game APK For Android

The next-generation graphics of Chordosis Game APK are truly worth admiring. The textures and details in the game are designed with meticulousness and sophistication. As you immerse yourself in the adventure, you'll find that everything from the abandoned village to the eerie jungle looks as if you're looking at a real work of art. This creates a super realistic atmosphere and at the same time highlights the magic of Chordosis's world.

HDR audio is not just an improvement in sound quality, but also a way to create the sonic environment behind the story. As you enter the world of Chordosis, HDR audio creates wonderful immersion, especially when you face tense or mysterious situations. This immersive sound sensation truly enhances your emotions and puts you in a state of maximum concentration.

The perfect combination of HDR audio and next-gen graphics truly makes Chordosis Game APK an enjoyable experience not only for fans of the horror and sci-fi genre but for all those looking for a game with excellent graphics and sound.

How to play and gameplay of Chordosis Game APK iOS

  • Attractive Survival Gameplay: Chordosis Game APK is a survival game with an engaging storyline. Players will take on the role of Sadie, a woman determined to find her missing twin sister in an abandoned village. However, not only do you have a search goal, you also have to survive in a dangerous and mysterious environment. This requires players to use talent, ingenuity and intelligence to solve challenges and continue their journey.
  • Unique Physics Puzzle Solving: The game places a large emphasis on solving complex physics-based puzzles. You will have to be creative and find ways to take advantage of your surroundings to progress in the game. This presents a seemingly never-ending layer of challenge, and the longer you play, the more dexterity you'll develop in solving these puzzles.
  • Discover the Mystery: Chordosis Game APK brings a world full of mystery and danger. When you enter the village of Dunahont, Hungary, you will discover that everything looks like it has been abandoned for many years and there are strange marks everywhere. You will have to explore and discover to find the truth and solve the mysteries of this game.
  • Diversity in Settings and Experience: Chordosis Game APK offers three different game modes to suit everyone. If you want to focus on the story and exploration, there's an easy mode without the pressure of combat. However, if you want maximum challenge, you can choose difficulty mode to go through a challenging journey.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chordosis Game APK


  • High-Quality Graphics and Sound: The game uses next-generation graphics and HDR audio to create an ultra-realistic and immersive atmosphere. This helps enhance the gaming experience and creates attraction for players.
  • Physics Puzzle Solving: Complex physics-based puzzles are another strength of Chordosis. Players need to be creative and find ways to take advantage of the environment to progress in the game, which creates a significant layer of challenge.
  • Uncover the Mystery: The game creates a world full of mystery and danger, uncovering hidden truths in its bizarre universe. This creates a sense of curiosity and excitement of discovery.
  • Diversity in Settings and Experience: Chordosis Game APK offers three different game modes, from easy mode for those who want to enjoy the story to difficult mode for those who want maximum challenge.


  • Difficulty: Due to the nature of the complex physics puzzles and dangerous environments, the game may become quite difficult for some players. This can be challenging for those unfamiliar with survival games and physics puzzle solving.
  • Not For Everyone: Chordosis Game APK has an eerie and horror atmosphere that not everyone can enjoy. It may not be suitable for those with a weak heart or who do not like the horror genre.


Chordosis Game APK is a unique and engaging gaming experience. With an engaging storyline, high-quality graphics and sound, solving complex physics puzzles, and uncovering mysteries in a surreal world, this game has attracted the interest of many people. play. For those who love horror, science fiction and want to experience a challenging adventure, Chordosis Game APK can be a great choice.

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FAQs? Chordosis Game APK

How to download and install Chordosis Game APK? +

To download and install the game, you can visit the developer's official website. You can then follow the specific instructions provided to complete the download and installation process.

How to solve physics puzzles in the game? +

Solving physics puzzles in Chordosis Game APK requires creativity and observation. You need to find ways to take advantage of your surroundings, using available objects and mechanisms to progress in the game. Regular observation and experimentation will help you find a solution.

Is there any way to enhance the audio and visual experience in the game? +

Chordosis Game APK uses HDR audio and next-generation graphics to create the best experience. To enjoy its full potential, you should make sure that your device is powerful enough to run the game smoothly. You can also check the display and sound settings in the game to customize them as you like.

Does the game offer support for controllers or gamepads? +

Yes, Chordosis Game APK supports controllers or gamepads. You can connect this device to your phone or tablet to experience the game in the best way for you.

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