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ChoOx TV MLBB APK is an application for ChoOx fans that will bring joy to everyone, you can quickly watch all ChoOx videos on Youtube, can watch over and over again.


Name ChoOx TV ML
Version 1.0
Size 27.7 MB
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Nidla TV Channel

About of ChoOx TV ML APK

ChoOx TV APK is an online TV channel specializing in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), a popular mobile game of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. This channel offers a variety of MLBB related content such as: professional matches, gameplay guides, latest game updates and special events.

ChoOx TV Game focuses on broadcasting MLBB matches and tournaments, including both international and domestic tournaments. Viewers can watch intense matches live and follow the development of top teams.

In addition, ChoOx TV also offers MLBB instruction videos for beginners or those who want to improve their skills. These videos provide advice on champ select, squad building, gameplay mechanics, and battle strategies.

The channel is also regularly updated with the latest news in MLBB, including updates, special events, game improvements, and information about new champions.

With ChoOx TV ML APK players and game lovers can stay informed, learn and participate in the vast MLBB community around the world.

Features of ChoOx TV ML APK For Android

  • Live Broadcast: Allows users to watch MLBB matches and leagues online through the app.
  • Video Tutorials: Provides detailed video tutorials on how to play MLBB, including how to choose champions, build squads, skills and tactics.
  • News and updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest MLBB news, including game updates, new champions, special events, and MLBB-related news.
  • Fixtures and results: Provides information about the schedule of MLBB tournaments and the results of the matches.
  • Player Community: Create a community of MLBB players, allowing users to discuss, share and connect with each other.

Note that features may vary depending on the version and update of ChoOx TV ML APK. For more accurate and detailed information, you should seek information from a trusted source or visit the official ChoOx TV ML website or app store.

Instructions, how to use ChoOx TV ML Mobile APK

Once you download and install ChoOx TV ML APK, you can follow these steps to use the app:

  • Download and install APK: Download ChoOx TV ML APK file from a trusted source. Then, open the APK file and accept the access permission requests (if any). Install the application.
  • Open the app: After successful installation, find the ChoOx TV ML icon on the mobile home screen and touch it to open the app.
  • Sign in or create an account: If required, you can log in with an existing account or create a new account on ChoOx TV ML.
  • Feature discovery: Browse the application interface to explore available features. Navigate through tabs or menus to find sections like "Live", "Video Tutorials", "News" and "Community" to access their respective features.
  • Enjoy the content: Enjoy the experience of watching MLBB matches live, watching instructional videos, reading news and participating in the community of players on ChoOx TV ML APK.

Note that the usage procedure may vary depending on the version and user interface of ChoOx TV ML APK. For specific instructions and to enjoy the best experience, I recommend that you consult a reliable source or ChoOx TV ML official website.

Tips and advice when using ChoOx TV MLBB APK

Here are some tips and advice when using ChoOx TV ML APK:

  • Get it from a trusted source: Make sure to download and install ChoOx TV ML APK from trusted sources like the official website or trusted app stores. Avoid downloading from unknown sources to avoid security and privacy risks.
  • Update to the latest version: Check and update ChoOx TV ML APK to the latest version when available. Updates often provide bug fixes, improvements, and new features, ensuring a better and safer experience.
  • Register and create an account: If ChoOx TV ML requires registration or creating an account, follow this process to access the full features and benefits of the app. Be sure to use secure login information and do not share the account with others.
  • Explore features: Spend some time exploring the app interface and learn about available features. Access different tabs and menus for live discovery, video tutorials, news and community. This will help you fully enjoy the content that ChoOx TV ML has to offer.
  • Community Engagement and Engagement: Use the community feature in ChoOx TV ML APK to participate in discussions, share opinions, and connect with the community of MLBB players. This helps you to socialize, learn and share experiences with other players.
  • Check schedule and announcements: Check the schedule on ChoOx TV ML APK so you don't miss important matches or your favorite tournament. Enable notifications to receive the latest updates on MLBB matches, news and events.
  • Review and Feedback: If ChoOx TV ML APK has a review or feedback feature, please take a moment to rate and share your opinion about the app. This can help developers improve the product and provide a better user experience.
  • Personal information security: Pay attention to personal information security when using ChoOx TV ML APK. Do not share sensitive information or your account with others. Make sure that you understand and comply with the application's privacy policies and terms of use.
  • Enjoy and interact: Finally, enjoy your experience on ChoOx TV ML APK and actively engage with the content and the community. Join the game, learn and share to get the most out of the app.

Note that these tips and advice are general in nature and are subject to the specifics of ChoOx TV ML APK. For more detailed instructions and support, I recommend you to find information from a reliable source or refer to the user manual from the official ChoOx TV ML website or developer.

Pros and cons ChoOx TV ML Game APK


  • Quick and convenient access: ChoOx TV ML APK gives you quick and convenient access to MLBB content from your mobile phone.
  • Live Watch and Video Tutorials: The app offers the ability to watch live MLBB matches and watch detailed video tutorials to enhance your gaming skills.
  • News and updates continuously: ChoOx TV ML APK provides the latest information about MLBB, including game updates, new champions, tournaments and special events.
  • Player Community: The application creates a community of MLBB players, allowing you to discuss, share and connect with other players, creating an interesting social environment.


  • Likely to other applications, ChoOx TV ML APK may encounter bugs or technical problems, such as crashes, freezes or not working properly. This can cause disruption in the user experience.
  • Depends on internet connection: To use ChoOx TV ML APK, you need a stable internet connection. If the network is poor, it may cause interruptions or poor video quality.
  • Advertising and user experience: It is possible for the application to display ads, and this may disrupt the user experience. Ads can appear between videos or within the app interface.
  • Feature Limitations: The ChoOx TV ML APK version may have feature limitations compared to the MLBB official app or web platform version. Some features may be limited or unavailable.


ChoOx TV ML APK is an application that allows Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players to quickly and conveniently access game-related content. It offers live match streaming, video tutorials, news and a community of players. However, like all applications, ChoOx TV ML APK also has disadvantages such as the possibility of errors, dependence on internet connection, display of ads and limited features compared to the official version.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.


Why can't I install ChoOx TV ML APK? +

There are several reasons you may encounter this problem:

  • Make sure you have allowed installation from unknown sources in your phone's security settings.
  • Check if the APK file may be corrupted or incompatible with your Android version.
  • If you have a previous version of the app installed, remove it before installing the new version.
I have problems or technical issues while using ChoOx TV ML APK. How do I get support? +

To receive support for technical issues or problems, you should contact the application's support department. Contact information is usually available on the app's official website or in the main app. You can also join the user community on online forums to seek help from other people using the application.

What are the basic requirements to install the app? +

This usually varies according to the specific version of the application. However, the majority of apps require a device running the Android operating system and sometimes need a specific operating system version.

Can I find subtitled or multilingual content in the app? +

Many apps support multiple languages and provide subtitles for video content. However, this depends on the specific features of the ChoOx TV ML APK application.

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