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ChibiMation APK is a colorful and creative mobile game where you can create and collect adorable chibis, participating in adventures full of fun and creativity.


Name ChibiMation
Version 1.0
Size 43.2 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer UpUpUp Inc

Introduce About to ChibiMation APK

ChibiMation APK is an enchanting and addictive mobile game. Developed and published by a talented team, this game has quickly attracted millions of players around the world. In Gacha AniMation APK, you will participate in a memorable adventure in the world of adorable chibi characters. The game combines many elements, from character creation, costume selection, scene design, and even script writing to create your own story.

In ChibiMation Gacha APK, you will have the opportunity to experience all the features and attractions that the original game has to offer, while also being regularly updated with the latest versions and unique events.

More Overview of ChibiMation Mobile Game

ChibiMation's outstanding features include the unique Gacha system, allowing you to collect rare and powerful chibis. These characters will become your companions on your journey and help you defeat difficult challenges. Besides, the game also offers many interesting activities and events for you to participate in every day, helping you accumulate more resources and open new content.

In short, Chibi Mation APK is a fun, creative game that allows you to satisfy this passion on your mobile device. Wishing you many exciting and fun moments exploring this lovely world!

All Features in ChibiMation Latest Version

Here are the impressive features of ChibiMation APK:

  • Chibi Character Creation: One of the outstanding features of ChibiMation release date APK is the ability to create and design your chibi character. You can customize your character's appearance, outfit, accessories, and even face to create a unique chibi.
  • Gacha System: The game offers a unique Gacha system where you can spin to collect rare and powerful chibis. Each chibi has its own skills and features, helping you fight in missions and challenges.
  • Scripts and Scenes: You can create amazing stories by creating and customizing your own scenarios. Additionally, you have the power to design the set, creating the perfect environment for your story.
  • Quests and Events: ChibiMation discord offers many exciting quests and events, helping you earn resources, costumes, and new chibis. Participate in daily events to receive new rewards and challenges.
  • Multiplayer Mode: You can connect with friends through multiplayer mode, participate in chibi races, or cooperate to complete more difficult missions.
  • Store Brand: ChibiMation online APK offers a diverse store where you can buy costumes, items, and gift packs to upgrade your character and have a better experience.
  • Rich Storyline: The game comes with an engaging storyline and creative side characters, helping you explore the world of ChibiMation in an interesting way.
  • Regular Updates: ChibiMation's development team always updates regularly with new content, features and events to maintain the game's appeal.

Interface, graphics on ChibiMation iOS

  • Chibi Cute Characters: The most outstanding feature of ChibiMation pc is that the chibi characters are designed in a lovely and unique way. These characters have small body proportions and feature big heads and big eyes, bringing cuteness and fun to the game.
  • Diverse Costume Designs: The game offers a variety of costumes and accessories to customize your chibi character. From everyday outfits to festival outfits or even superhero outfits, ChibiMation Gacha's graphics let you unleash your creativity.
  • Beautiful Environments and Scenes: The environment and scene graphics in ChibiMation Gacha are often very bright and detailed. You can customize your set to fit your own story and creativity.
  • Unique Effects: The game uses unique effects to make character battles and skills more vivid and exciting. These effects add thrill and excitement to the gaming experience.
  • Smooth Images: ChibiMation Gacha APK often has smooth and sharp graphics, especially when you play on devices with high-end screens. This helps create a good visual experience.

How to play, gameplay for ChibiMation APK

  • Create a Chibi Character: Start by creating and customizing your chibi character. You can choose your character's gender, appearance, eyes, hair, and even face. Add accessories and outfits to create a unique look for your character.
  • Gacha To Collect Chibi: Use the Gacha system to spin and collect new chibi. Every spin has a chance to get rarer and more powerful chibis. Chibi has its own skills and features, helping you build a strong squad for battles.
  • Create Scripts and Scenes: Create your own scripts by writing stories and placing characters in different situations. Design your sets to fit your story, from adorable cafe scenes to mountain battle scenes.
  • Participate in Quests and Events: Participate in daily quests and events to earn valuable resources and rewards. Complete unique challenges to level up your character and collect more chibis.
  • Multiplayer: Connect with friends and participate in multiplayer mode. You can challenge them to a chibi race or cooperate to complete more difficult missions.
  • Shop in the Store: Use earned resources to buy costumes, items, and gift packs in ChibiMation APK's store.
  • Follow the Story: Follow the game's exciting storyline and explore the world of ChibiMation.

Pros and Cons of ChibiMation For Android


  • Cute Graphics: ChibiMation stands out with its adorable and bright chibi graphics, especially appealing to players who love this character style.
  • Creativity: The game encourages creativity through designing characters, costumes and sets, as well as writing your own scenarios.
  • Many Events and Missions: ChibiMation APK often has many interesting events and missions for players to participate in, helping to create a diverse and challenging experience.
  • Multiplayer Interaction: The ability to connect with friends and play together or challenge in multiplayer mode adds to the appeal.


  • Gacha Element: The Gacha system, while fun, can make collecting rare chibis difficult and a waste of time or actual money.
  • Internet Connection Required: ChibiMation requires a constant internet connection to play, which can annoy players without a stable connection.
  • Repetitive Missions: Some missions and activities can become repetitive after a while, which can make the game monotonous for some players.


ChibiMation APK is a creative and interesting mobile game. With adorable chibi graphics, the ability to create characters, design costumes, and diverse features, this game has attracted many players around the world. If you are someone who loves adorable graphics, creativity, and going on adventures, ChibiMation APK might be a good choice for you. Wishing you hours of fun and excitement while exploring this lovely world!


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FAQs? ChibiMation APK

How to create my Chibi character in ChibiMation APK? +

To create your Chibi character, go to "Create Character" in the game. There, you can customize your character's appearance, outfits, and accessories.

How can I collect more Chibi? +

You can collect more Chibi using the Gacha system in the game. Use game money or earned resources to spin and hope to get new chibis.

How to participate in daily events and quests? +

To participate in daily events and missions, check the "Events" and "Missions" section in the game. There you will find a list of available activities and the conditions for completing them.

How to buy costumes and items in the game? +

To purchase outfits and items, visit the in-game store. You can use game money or earned resources to buy them.

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