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Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK is a unique and attractive game, bringing joy and connection to every party and trip, with simple, diverse and highly interactive gameplay.


Name Charade explain, guess and win
Version 2.0.9
Size 44.15 Mb
Category Trivia
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Michael Rothkegel

Introduce to Charade explain, guess and win APK

Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK is a unique interactive game that you can enjoy at any party or long trips. With a friendly interface and simple rules, this game not only makes everyone grin but also helps create strong bonds between players.

Imagine you hold your smartphone to your forehead and start playing. Your friends will try to explain the terms displayed on the screen, and your task is to guess them quickly. Simple, right? But don't let yourself be fooled by this simplicity, as the game can present special challenges that will make you think every word.

More Overview of Charade explain, guess and win Game

With more than 25 categories and more than 3000 terms, Stirnraten Premium APK never makes you bored. You can choose between different themes to create your unique playing experience. The random mode is also unique, ensuring that each game is new and interesting.

The game also allows you to choose the time for each round, from 30 seconds to a maximum of 240 seconds, to suit your preferences and playing speed. You can also create special rules or change elements to make the game more interesting.

All features in Charade explain, guess and win Latest Version

  • Diverse Game Modes: More than 25 different categories to choose from, each with its own theme. Random mode allows for unique experiences with terms from many different categories in each game.
  • Large Number of Terms: More than 3000 diverse terms, keeping the game fresh and interesting. Continuously updated so players never get bored.
  • Flexible Time: Allows players to choose the time for each round, from 30 seconds to 240 seconds. This feature creates flexibility suitable for both short or long play sessions.
  • Amazing Mode: Integrates exciting mode, helping to increase excitement and challenge in each game. Add special rules such as word limits or requiring the explainer to simulate actions.
  • Personalization Options: Allows players to create a personalized experience with a variety of options. Change elements like time, game rules, or even add your own list of terms.
  • Score Counting Feature: Provides a scoring feature after each round, helping to track results and create more competition.
  • Connectivity: Supports multi-player play mode, for 2 or more people, facilitating connection and fun with friends.
  • Multi-Language Support: Provides support for multiple languages, helping people around the world enjoy the game.

Interface, graphics on Charade explain, guess and win iOS

Modern Interface Design: The interface is designed with sophistication and modernity, creating a comfortable feeling for players. The logical arrangement of elements, with contrasting colors, helps highlight important information without disturbing the gameplay experience.

Creative Illustrations: Illustrations for each term or topic are designed creatively and attractively. The symbols and images are clear, helping players easily identify and guess the correct words.

Player Interactivity: Graphics are designed to interact closely with players, such as displaying emoticons when they guess correctly or incorrectly. Flexibility in design helps create a fun and friendly space.

Creative Color Schemes: Smart and creative use of color schemes creates a uniform and attractive color space. The colors were chosen to reflect a positive and challenging mood, appropriate to the fun nature of the game.

Matching Game Theme: Visuals and graphics are closely adapted to the specific theme and category, adding to the game's atmospheric immersion.

How to play, gameplay for Charade explain, guess and win APK

Friendly and Simple Interface: Starting with a friendly and simple interface, Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK makes it easy for players to participate without taking too much time to get used to the features.

Fast and Flexible Interaction: Gameplay is responsive, with quick interaction from players as they explain or guess words. Flexible gameplay with many themes and categories, helping to create a diverse experience for players.

Challenges and Puzzles: Gameplay focuses on challenges and puzzles, posing unique questions or terms that force players to think creatively.

Diverse Game Modes: Provides many game modes, including random mode, to help increase diversity and fun for each game.

Pros and Cons of Charade explain, guess and win For Android


  • Easy to Play, Not Complicated: The biggest strength of Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK is its simplicity and ease of play. You just need a smartphone and you're ready to participate.
  • Highly Interactive Experience: The game makes good use of touch and interaction features, helping to create a fun and close space between players.
  • Huge Number of Terms and Frequent Updates: More than 25 categories and 3000 terms ensure every game is fresh. Regular updates help keep the game interesting and never get boring.


  • Internet Connection Requirement: Some players may find the internet connection requirement annoying, especially when wanting to play offline.
  • Limitations on Game Modes: Although there are many game modes, some players may want to add more options and special rules to enrich the experience.


Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK not only brings an interesting and diverse gaming experience but also focuses on interaction and connection between players. Simple and challenging gameplay, combined with creative graphics, creates an attractive entertainment space. Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK is an entertaining game worth testing, bringing joy and connection in meetings with friends and family.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Charade explain, guess and win APK

How many people can participate in a game? +

The game supports multi-player mode, you can play with at least 2 people and can expand depending on your preferences.

How to change the time for each round? +

In the settings, you can choose a time from 30 seconds to a maximum of 240 seconds for each round, depending on your preference and playing speed.

How many different themes are available? +

Charade Explain, Guess and Win APK has over 25 different categories, covering many interesting topics such as animals, famous artists, movie classics, and more.

Can I play offline? +

To enjoy the game, you need an internet connection to download terms and maintain synchronization between players.

Is there a solo mode? +

Currently, the game focuses mainly on multiplayer mode and does not offer a solo mode.

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