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Caller ID Spam Call & Message APK is a smart application that helps identify callers, block spam calls and manage messages effectively, protecting you from unwanted calls and messages.


Name Caller ID
Version 6.15
Size 36.01 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer FeaturedApp
Mod Feature Premium

Caller ID APK: The Perfect App to Block Spam Calls and Manage Messages


Modern life demands convenience and security in daily communication. As spam calls and junk messages increase, finding an app that helps protect your privacy and keeps your phone undisturbed becomes more essential than ever. This is where Caller ID Spam Call & Message comes into play. With the ability to identify caller names and locations, block spam calls and messages, this app becomes an indispensable tool for every smartphone user. Let's explore in detail the outstanding features and benefits that the Called ID app offers.

Key Features of Caller ID Spam Call & Message

Caller ID & Call Location Identification: Free Caller ID app for android provides detailed information about the caller, including their name and location. As soon as a call comes in, the app displays the caller's name and location information, helping you know exactly who is calling and from where. This is especially useful for recognizing and avoiding unwanted calls.

Smart Call Log: The app offers a detailed call log, recording the history of missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls, along with the caller's name and phone number location information. This log not only helps you keep track of important calls but also helps identify spam calls so they can be blocked promptly.

Effective Spam Call Blocking: Caller ID app iphone is the optimal solution for blocking spam, automated, and scam calls. The app has the capability to filter unwanted calls, keeping your phone free from annoying interruptions. By blocking scam calls, the app protects you from falling victim to phone scams.

Smart Message and SMS Management: In addition to call management, Caller ID MOD APK is also an intelligent message manager. The app allows you to send and receive SMS messages while blocking junk messages to avoid disturbances. This helps you maintain a tidy inbox and focus on important messages.

Why You Should Use Caller ID?

  1. Security and Data Protection: The app ensures that your phone number and contacts are always secure and safe. Caller ID Faker APK does not upload or share any of your personal information beyond checking the caller ID. This allows you to use it with peace of mind, without worrying about personal data leaks.
  2. Offline Functionality: One of the standout features of Caller ID Premium APK is its ability to work offline. Even without an internet connection, you can still access caller IDs and block spam calls. This provides continuous convenience and protection for your phone anywhere, anytime.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The app's interface is designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and operate. You don't need to be a tech expert to use the features of Caller ID Change APK. With just a few simple steps, you can effectively manage your calls and messages.
  4. Comprehensive Protection from Spam Calls and Messages: Video Caller ID APK not only blocks spam calls but also protects you from junk messages. You can easily add specific numbers or contacts to the blacklist to prevent them from contacting you. This helps you avoid annoyances from unwanted sources.

How Caller ID Spam Call & Message Works

Access Permissions

To operate effectively, Caller ID App APK requires certain access permissions from users, including permissions to handle default SMS and Phone. These permissions allow the app to:

  • Receive and Send SMS: Enables the app to view and send SMS messages.
  • Read Call Logs: Displays call history and manages blocked numbers.
  • Make Phone Calls: Receives and ends calls.
  • Read Contacts: Displays and manages your contacts.

Identifying and Blocking Spam Calls

The app utilizes a large database to identify incoming calls. When a call is received, Caller ID looks up the information from the database and displays the caller's name and location. If the call comes from a number in the blacklist or is identified as spam, the app will automatically block the call.

Managing Messages and Blocking Spam SMS

Caller ID APK MOD also functions as an SMS manager. The app allows you to send and receive messages while blocking spam messages. Any message from blocked numbers or identified as spam will be filtered and not displayed in your inbox.

How to Use Caller ID APK

  1. Download and Install the App: You can download Caller ID from your app store or from the download link on the APKRabi website. After downloading, follow the on-screen installation instructions.

  2. Grant Access Permissions: After installation, the app will prompt you to grant the necessary access permissions. Ensure you allow all permissions for the app to function most effectively.

  3. Set Up the Blacklist: You can set up a blacklist by adding phone numbers or contacts you wish to block. This helps you control and prevent unwanted calls and messages.

  4. Use the Call and Message Log: Use the call log to track call history and view detailed information about callers. You can also manage messages and check the blocked messages.


Caller ID is a useful app for anyone wanting to protect their phone from unwanted calls and messages. With the ability to identify caller names and locations, block spam calls, and manage messages effectively, this app brings peace of mind and convenience to users. Download and experience Caller ID to enjoy the benefits it offers.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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