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Bright Memory Mobile Game APK is an exciting first-person shooting that takes players on a sci-fi adventure in a future world full of wonders and dangers.


Name Bright Memory Mobile
Pagekage name com.FYQD.BrightMemory
Version 1.01
Size 705.4 MB
Category Action
Price $1.99
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer FYQD Studio

About of Bright Memory Mobile APK

Bright Memory Mobile APK obb is the mobile version of the exciting game "Bright Memory". This game belongs to the first-person shooter genre and takes players into a futuristic world full of wonder and danger. As an agent, players will go on a journey full of action and adventure, exploring diverse landscapes and facing off against many different types of enemies.

Bright Memory Mobile APK full version is specifically designed to take advantage of touch screens on mobile phones. On the screen, you will find a virtual D-pad and function buttons such as shoot, recharge, jump, sprint, special abilities and weapon changes, creating a convenient and enjoyable gaming experience interesting.

Overview of Bright Memory Mobile Game APK

Bright Memory Mobile's requirements story mode takes you through many unique environments where you will have to fight and face dangerous opponents. Freedom to choose your weapons and skills is the special feature of this game, helping you adapt and cope with any situation.

With beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, download game Bright Memory Mobile APK offers a similar gaming experience to the original PC version, but optimized for Android mobile phones. You can also adjust the level of graphic detail to match your device's performance, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

With Bright Memory Mobile APK mediafıre, you will experience a breathtaking first-person shooting game on your mobile phone, taking you on a uniquely magical and challenging futuristic adventure.

Features of Bright Memory Mobile Latest Version

Here are some important features of Bright Memory Mobile APK 2023:

  • Fascinating Future World: Bright Memory Mobile APK español takes players into a colorful and magical futuristic world where they will explore diverse and unique landscapes.
  • FPS Gameplay Touch Controls: The game is designed to be fully compatible with mobile touchscreens. On-screen controls and buttons, including a virtual D-pad and function buttons, allow players to perform first-person shooting actions at their convenience.
  • Exciting Story Mode: The game features a quality story mode, taking players through various settings in the futuristic world and facing a variety of dangerous enemies. Players will have to use diverse skills and weapons to fight.
  • Choice of Weapons and Skills: Bright Memory Mobile APK english version allows players to freely choose weapons and skills to adapt to any situation. This creates diversity in gameplay and tactics.
  • Beautiful Graphics: The game is praised for its beautiful graphics, creating an attractive and sharp futuristic environment.
  • Graphics Customization: Players have the ability to fine-tune the level of graphic detail to match the performance of their Android mobile phone, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Mobile device support: The game was developed specifically for Android mobile phones, ensuring good compatibility with many different mobile devices.
  • APK version: Bright Memory Mobile review has an APK version, allowing players to easily install and experience the game on their Android devices.

Graphics of Bright Memory Mobile For Android

  • Beautiful Graphics: Bright Memory Mobile APK is considered to have beautiful and sharp graphics. The game's futuristic world is presented with diverse and magical landscapes, from modern cities to pristine natural environments.
  • High Quality Character and Environment Models: Character and environment models are designed with high detail, creating realism in the experience.
  • Unique Effects: Bright Memory Mobile APK comes with attractive effects, such as light, fog, and special effects while using skills or special weapons.
  • Optimized For Mobile: To ensure that the game runs smoothly on different Android mobile devices, players have the ability to fine-tune the level of graphical detail. This helps strike a balance between graphics quality and phone performance.
  • Boosting Gaming Experience: Beautiful graphics and special effects help create a PC-like gaming experience, but optimized for mobile touchscreens.

How to play and gameplay of Bright Memory Mobile iOS

  • First-Person Shooter (FPS): Bright Memory Mobile APK is a first-person shooting game, with players looking through the character's eyes and using weapons to defeat enemies.
  • Touch Controls: The game has been designed to take advantage of mobile touch screens. On the screen, you will see a virtual D-pad and function buttons to perform actions such as moving, jumping, shooting, recharging, and using special skills.
  • Diverse Combat: Players will face many different types of enemies in this futuristic world. Initially, you may encounter enemies armed with machine guns or shotguns. To win, you need skill and strategy, and have a range of weapons to choose from.
  • Choose Weapons and Skills: Bright Memory Mobile allows you to freely choose weapons and skills to adapt to the environment and battle situations. This creates variety in gameplay and allows you to customize how you approach each match.
  • Missions and Story: The game has a quality story mode that takes you through a variety of environments and helps you progress through the storyline. Your mission is usually to fight against opponents and learn about the secrets of the future world.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bright Memory Game APK


  • Beautiful graphics: One of Bright Memory Mobile's biggest strengths is its beautiful and sharp graphics. The futuristic world is rendered with high detail, exciting lighting effects and special effects, creating an engaging experience for players.
  • FPS Gameplay Touch Controls: The touch controls in the game have been well designed and are compatible with mobile phone touch screens. This helps players feel comfortable when participating in shooting matches.
  • Choice of Weapons and Skills: Bright Memory Mobile allows players to customize their choice of weapons and skills, creating diversity in how to approach each combat situation. This promotes creativity and strategy in gameplay.
  • Exciting Story Mode: The game's story mode offers an engaging gameplay experience with an engaging storyline, diverse missions, and dangerous enemies.


  • Mobile Device Limitations: Although Bright Memory Mobile strives to optimize the mobile experience, some devices may have difficulty meeting high graphics and performance requirements. This can lead to a poorer experience on weaker devices.
  • Game Purchase Fee: Some players may feel uncomfortable with paying to download and play this game, especially when many free mobile games are available.
  • High Difficulty: The game can be quite difficult and requires skill and strategy. This can make many players feel challenging, especially for those who are not familiar with FPS games.


Bright Memory Mobile APK is an exciting first-person shooting game for mobile phones. With beautiful graphics, FPS gameplay compatible with touch controls, and an exciting story mode, this game offers a diverse and engaging gaming experience. Bright Memory APK is an exciting choice for lovers of the first-person shooter genre on mobile phones, taking them into a futuristic world full of action and adventure.


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FAQs? Bright Memory Mobile APK

Does the game require specific hardware configuration? +

Yes, the game has some hardware configuration requirements. Although it has been optimized for mobile phones, you should check the specific requirements on its download page to ensure your phone can run the game smoothly.

How to tweak graphics in Bright Memory Mobile APK? +

During the game, you can adjust the level of graphic detail to match the performance of your mobile phone. This can help improve smooth gameplay on weaker devices.

Is the game free? +

Bright Memory Mobile APK has an initial purchase fee to download and play. After purchasing the game, you can experience it without paying additional fees.

Is there a version for other platforms like iOS or PC? +

Currently, Bright Memory Mobile APK is mainly developed for the Android platform. However, the original version of the game, "Bright Memory" is available on PC.

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