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Download and experience Basketball Stars: Multiplayer APK - an outstanding multiplayer basketball game with agile 1v1 gameplay, quality graphics and unique customization features.


Name Basketball Stars Multiplayer
Version 1.48.1
Size 82.88 Mb
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+

About of Basketball Stars Multiplayer Game APK

Basketball Stars Multiplayer crazy games APK is an online multiplayer basketball sports game developed by Miniclip. The game is available on mobile devices and downloaded from the Google Play store.

In "Basketball Stars", you can participate in agile and competitive 1v1 basketball matches. You will be facing directly against other players around the world. Show your skills in dribbling, moving, shooting and scoring to win.

The game is designed with realistic 3D graphics, giving you an exciting and vivid online basketball experience. You can customize your players and participate in matches in a variety of beautiful environments.

Basketball Stars Multiplayer tips and tricks APK is more than just dribbling and scoring goals. The game also features impressive moves like Slam Dunks with moves like flips, alley-oops, windmills and more, adding variety and fun to the gameplay.

Overview of Basketball Stars Multiplayer Mobile APK

Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK allows you to customize your players, from costumes to equipment. You can open hundreds of different custom items and upgrade your players to improve their skills and abilities.

Basketball Stars Multiplayer is suitable for sports and basketball lovers, especially those who want to challenge and compete with other players directly through the 1v1 mode.

Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK is a multiplayer basketball sports game with varied gameplay, quality graphics and attractive customization features. As an APK app, you can download and install this game on your Android devices to participate in exciting and competitive matches.

Features of Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK for Android

  • 1v1 and Multiplayer Gameplay: The game focuses on 1v1 basketball matches, where you can go head-to-head against other players from around the world.
  • "Time-Based 1v1 Penalty Shootout" mode: Challenge yourself to take a shot in limited time.
  • Player and Equipment Customization: You can customize your players with hundreds of different custom items, including outfits and gear.
  • Events and rewards: The game regularly hosts limited events where you have a chance to earn unique items and cool rewards. Join limited events and get unique balls and costumes each season.
  • In-App Purchases: While the game is free to download and play, you can purchase custom items or feature upgrades with real money in the app.
  • Play offline and online: You can play the game both when connected to the internet and when there is no internet.
  • Level up and advance: Start in the "Underdog" arena and progress through more advanced arenas as you progress.
  • Diverse in gameplay: In addition to dribbling and scoring, you can perform impressive moves like Slam Dunks with special moves.
  • Extended career mode: Join career mode to earn medals and achieve challenging goals.
  • Free to play: The game is released for free, allowing you to download and experience it without having to pay.

Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK gives you an exciting basketball experience with competitive gameplay, diverse customization and exciting features to challenge yourself and confront other players on Global.

Game mode, graphics of Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK

  • High-quality 3D graphics: The game uses high-quality 3D graphics to realistically represent the basketball, the court, and the players. This helps create an intuitive and exciting environment for matches.
  • Customizable Players: You can customize your players with unique outfits and equipment. The details and techniques in the character design give a clear and meticulous image.
  • Diverse Environments: In the game, you will participate in matches in many different environments. From indoor to outdoor, each environment is designed with detail to create fun and diversity in the experience.
  • Movements and effects: When you perform moves like dribbling, scoring or special moves like Slam Dunks, the graphic effects will appear smoothly and impressively, helping to create fun while playing.
  • Item details: Custom items like basketballs and outfits are also designed with attention to detail and aesthetics, creating a unique identity for each player.

How to play of Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK Latest version

  • Player selection: After starting the game, you can create your own player or use the built-in sample player. You can also customize the player's outfit and equipment.
  • Join the match: After creating a player or selecting a sample player, you will participate in 1v1 basketball matches. You will go head-to-head against another player from around the world.
  • Dribbling and moving: When the game starts, you can dribble by swiping on the screen. This helps you to move the ball in the desired direction.
  • Shoot and score: When you are in a good position to shoot, you can tap the shoot button to make the shot. Your goal is to score by getting the ball into the opponent's basket.
  • Defend and steal the ball: When your opponent shoots the ball, you can try to jump to block their shot or steal the ball. This requires you to calculate the exact time and position.
  • Score and time: The match is divided into time-limited stages. The player is tasked with scoring more points than his opponent in a specific time period to win.
  • Special skills and moves: The game also allows you to perform special moves like Slam Dunks and other impressive score moves, adding variety and fun to the gameplay.
  • Upgrade and customize: You can upgrade your players and equipment by earning points and participating in events. Customizing players helps you develop your own unique style and special skills.
  • Events and challenges: The game regularly hosts limited events where you can participate to earn unique rewards and compete with other players.
  • Play offline and online: You can participate in matches both when connected to the internet and when there is no internet.

Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK offers simple but challenging 1v1 basketball gameplay that requires skill and tactics to win against your opponents. Playing along with customizing and upgrading your players makes for an exciting and competitive experience.

Pros and Cons of Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK iOS


  • Simple and fun gameplay: The game focuses on agile and challenging 1v1 gameplay, creating a unique and exciting basketball experience.
  • Customization and Upgrades: You can customize your players and upgrade them, creating variety and the opportunity to develop your own style.
  • Special Moves: The ability to perform special moves such as Slam Dunks and score moves creates fun and variety in gameplay.
  • Free to Play: The game is free to download and play, allowing players to experiment before deciding whether to purchase an upgrade or in-app purchase.


  • Internet connection: Although it is possible to play offline, to participate in multiplayer matches and events, you need an internet connection.
  • In-App Purchases: Although the game is free, there is the presence of in-app purchases to purchase items and feature upgrades faster.
  • Game Mode Limitations: Despite having a 1v1 mode and a "Time-Based 1v1 Penalty," the game can become monotonous if you want a challenge in other game modes.


Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK is an exciting and competitive multiplayer basketball sports game. With agile 1v1 gameplay, high-quality graphics, and rich customization features, this game creates a realistic basketball environment on your mobile device.

Under the lead of Basketball Stars Multiplayer APK, you can experience the thrill of basketball matches, show off your skills in dribbling, shooting and scoring. Customize your player and upgrade your player to develop your own style and take on other opponents directly.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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