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Download Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK is an engaging and dramatic role-playing game that brings players into the complex and diverse Forgotten Realms world.


Name Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile
Version 1.0
Size 15.1 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Thons Games

About of Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK

Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK is the mobile version of the famous role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios. This game has made a strong impression on computer and console platforms, and now players also have the opportunity to experience its rich and diverse world on mobile phones.

With Baldurs Gate 3 review APK, you will enter a magical adventure journey in the Forgotten Kingdom. You will be faced with the challenges of friendship, betrayal, sacrifice and survival, in a gripping and enthralling story. The feeling of mysterious power awakened from the Mind Flayer parasite in your brain will shape your destiny, as you must decide whether you will confront the darkness or choose to follow the path of corruption and evil core.

Overview of Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK

Similar to the original version, Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile release countdown APK offers you a variety of character creation, with a wide selection of races and D&D classes. You can choose to follow the original path of the game or create a completely unique character with a custom background. Experiencing challenges, you can fight, loot, or even romance in a magical journey through forgotten kingdoms and other dark places.

Built on top of the new Divinity 4.0 engine, Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile wächter APK gives you absolute freedom to explore, experiment and interact with a reactive world of your choice. Through an emotional cinematic story, you'll feel closer to the characters and the world than ever before.

Prepare to step into the forgotten realm - a vast, diverse and mysterious world. This is where you will face conflicts with demons, gods and sinister forces, and work together to decide the fate of forgotten kingdoms.

Features of Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK Latest Version

Here are some outstanding features of Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK:

  • Dramatic Adventure and Deep Plot: Experience an enchanting journey through the Forgotten Kingdom with a story of friendship, betrayal, sacrifice and survival. The awakening of mysterious abilities from the Mind Flayer parasite in your brain will shape your destiny as you face darkness and power.
  • Diverse Character Creation: Choose from a variety of races and D&D classes, or create an original character with a custom background. This gives great flexibility to build a character that suits your playing style.
  • Interact and Explore the World: Baldur's Gate 3 Mobile feat APK presents a vast, detailed and diverse world to explore. Interact with non-playing characters (NPCs), learn about the history and secrets of the world to unravel your journey.
  • Environmental Combat and Interaction: The combat system allows you to use the environment and interactive situation to your tactical advantage. Use creativity to defeat enemies and even perform elaborate heists.
  • Play Alone or Multiplayer: Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile most op build APK allows you to play alone or in cooperation with companions. Up to four players can join together in multiplayer modes, providing a unique interactive experience.
  • Inner Situation and Lifestyle: During your journey, you may be kidnapped, infected, or missing. This can turn you into a monster, but it also gives you new powers. However, that power comes at a cost and affects relationships with teammates.
  • Choices Affect Plot: Your decisions in the game can affect the direction of the plot and the final outcome. Your story intersects with other stories, and your choices will change how your characters and the world respond.
  • Based on D&D System 5e: Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile guardian APK is based on the rule set of D&D 5e, giving you the feeling of playing in a classic D&D world.
  • Environmental Interaction and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development: Interaction with the environment is extended and has an effect on how the opponent AI and NPCs react. Use all your talents to overcome the challenges.
  • Pause Around The World: You can pause the surrounding time even when not in a battle state. This gives the opportunity to find a tactical advantage or make bold plans.
  • Join In The Forgotten World: The vast, diverse and mysterious world of Baldur's Gate 3 Mobile APK is waiting for you to explore. This includes interacting with characters, solving puzzles and finding secrets hidden behind every corner.

Graphics of Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK For Android

The graphics in Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK are designed to bring an engaging and vivid experience to players on mobile phones. The forgotten realm in "Baldur's Gate 3" is recreated with detail and variety. The game's open world ranges from secluded alleys in the woods to bustling towns and mysterious places like Underdark.

The characters, including the main and supporting characters, are designed with high realism and detail. Both their faces and outfits express their personality and emotions, giving it a lively feel.

The graphics of "Baldur's Gate 3 Mobile APK" come with beautiful effects such as lights, shadows and other visual effects. These effects increase the realism of the game and create a lively environment.

How to play, gameplay of Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK

Character Creation: Before starting, the player can create a character with a choice of race, class, and attributes. There are many options to customize the character to your own play style.

Explore the World: The in-game world is large and varied, full of locations to explore. From jungles, villages, caves to towns and cities, every nook and cranny is waiting for you to explore.

Interact with Characters and Objects: You can interact with non-playing characters (NPCs), conduct conversations, or find important information. This helps you build relationships and better understand the world.

Choices and Impact: Your decisions affect how the story unfolds and the events in the game. Smart choices can lead to better outcomes, while mindless choices can cause undesirable consequences.

Tactical Combat: The game uses a turn-based combat system, allowing you to plan your tactics before making moves. Use skill, magic and tactical thinking to face the enemies.

Plan and Explore: During battle, you can plan ahead to take advantage of your character's environment and skills. You can also pause time to think and make the best decision.

Secrets and Puzzles: The world of Baldur's Gate is full of hidden secrets and puzzles to solve. Your intelligence and reasoning ability will be tested in exploration and discovery.

Play Alone or Multiplayer: You can play alone or join the multiplayer mode, teaming up with friends to explore the world together.

Level Up and Character Development: As you progress along the adventure, your character will level up and evolve. You can upgrade skills, attributes and spells to enhance their power.

Pros and cons Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK iOS


  • Deep Gameplay: Complex role-playing gameplay, with multiple interactive options and story choices, allows players to engage in varied and exciting adventures.
  • Character and World Interaction: The ability to interact with non-player characters and objects in the environment helps build the story and create movement in the game's world.
  • Tactical Planning: The turn-based combat system and the ability to plan ahead in battle boost the player's tactics and fighting mindset.
  • Diverse Gameplay: Players can choose to approach the story and interact, creating a variety of choices and outcomes.


  • High Configuration Requirements: The game requires strong configuration for the best experience, which may make some phones unable to play smoothly.
  • Newcomer Difficulty: Complex gameplay and many detailed elements can make the game difficult and complicated for newbies to the role-playing genre.
  • Long Playtime: The game's plot and adventures can last a long time, requiring players a long time to fully immerse themselves in the experience.


Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK is a diverse and exciting role-playing game that gives players an immersive experience in the complex world of the Forgotten Realms. With beautiful graphics, detailed environments and deep interactivity, this game creates a fascinating open world.

With the inheritance from previous versions of Baldur's Gate and the creativity in bringing the game to mobile, Baldurs Gate 3 Mobile APK promises to bring unique moments of entertainment and experience the rich world of Realm forgotten for players on mobile platforms.


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