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Assistant Trigger Pro APK is a smart application for AirPods headset users on Android, providing a convenient experience with battery level display, voice assistant activation and many other unique features.


Name Assistant Trigger
Version 5.9.1
Size 15.0 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer DotArrow Inc

About to Assistant Trigger: for AirPods APK

Assistant Trigger Pro APK full is a useful tool especially for those using AirPods on the Android operating system. Assistant Trigger Premium app is more than just a battery level display app, it also offers a series of unique features that help optimize your headphone usage experience. The special feature of this application is the ability to conveniently activate the voice assistant with just a tap or double tap on the headset.

More Overview of Assistant Trigger For Android

The feeling when using Assistant Trigger Airpods Pro APK is very natural and easy to use. The battery level of AirPods is displayed right on the screen when you open the headset case, making it easy to monitor the battery status without opening the app.

Discovering the ear detection and automatic pause/resume music feature for AirPods Pro is a special highlight. This creates a flexible and comfortable listening experience, especially when you need to automatically pause the music when you take the headphones off.

Google Assistant Trigger also does not forget to provide call notifications and related application notifications, helping you not miss any important calls while using the headset.

All features in Assistant Trigger Latest Version

Below are the unique features that this application brings:

  • AirPods Battery Level Display: download Assistant Trigger Pro APK not only simply displays the battery level, but also announces the battery level via a pop-up window when the AirPods case is opened. This makes it easy to monitor battery status without having to open the app.
  • Activate Voice Assistant: You have the ability to activate voice assistant on Android with a single tap (for AirPods Pro 1, 2, AirPods 3) or double tap (for AirPods 2) on the headset. A very convenient and flexible feature.
  • Show Battery Level on Notification Bar (Pro): With the Pro version, Assistant Trigger full version APK displays the battery level of AirPods directly on the notification bar of your Android device, helping you quickly check the battery status without having to open it. application.
  • Ear Detection and Auto Pause/Resume Music (Pro): For AirPods Pro users, this feature detects when you're wearing the headphones and automatically pauses or resumes music. A flexible and intelligent listening experience.
  • Call Notification and Connected Apps (Announcer): Assistant Trigger APK announces the caller's name when there is an incoming call and displays app notifications when the headset is connected. This makes it easy to manage calls and related apps while using the headset.

Instructions, how to use Assistant Trigger For iOS

Step 1: Open the Application and Grant Permissions

  • Once installed, open the Assistant Trigger APK app on your Android device. The app will request some permissions, make sure you grant these so the app can function properly.

Step 2: Connect AirPods Headphones

  • Make sure your AirPods are connected to your Android device. Assistant Trigger will automatically identify and connect to the headset.

Step 3: Configure Settings

  • In the app, select "Settings" to access configuration options. Here, you can customize features like displaying battery level, activating voice assistant, and other options.

Step 4: Use Features

  • Show Battery Level: Open the AirPods case to see the battery level via a pop-up window or notification bar (if using Pro version).
  • Activate Voice Assistant: Single or double tap on the headset to activate voice assistant on Android.
  • Pro Features: If you use the Pro version, don't forget to enjoy the ear detection and auto pause/resume music features.

Step 5: Enjoy the Experience

  • Now you are ready to enjoy the convenient features of Assistant Trigger APK when using AirPods headphones on Android. Feel free to experiment and adjust the settings to your preferences.

Tips and advice when using for Assistant Trigger Mobile App

Take Advantage of Custom Settings: Explore in-app settings options. This helps you personalize your usage experience according to your personal preferences, from how the battery level is displayed to how the voice assistant is activated.

Check for Updates Regularly: Always check and update new versions of Assistant Trigger APK from the app store to ensure you are using the latest features and patches.

Test Pro Features: If you can afford it, upgrade to the Pro version to fully experience features like ear detection and auto pause/resume music, especially if you're an AirPods Pro user. .

Pay Attention to Access Permissions: Make sure you have granted sufficient access permissions to Assistant Trigger APK, especially when requesting permissions related to displaying notifications and connecting headphones.

Advantages and disadvantages Assistant Trigger: for AirPods APK


  • Stable Performance: Assistant Trigger APK regularly ensures stable performance and quick response when using basic features.
  • Good Integration with AirPods: The application is compatible with many types of AirPods headphones, including AirPods 1, 2, 3, AirPods Pro 1, 2, AirPods Max and Powerbeats Pro.
  • Friendly Interface: The user interface is designed to be simple and friendly, easy to use even for beginners.


  • Limited Free Features: The free version has limited features, some premium features are only available in the Pro version.
  • Multiple Access Permissions Required: The app requires a significant number of access permissions, which can be a loss for those concerned about privacy.
  • Ear Detection Needs Improvement: Ear detection may not always work correctly, especially in noisy environments.


Assistant Trigger APK is a notable application for users of AirPods headphones on the Android operating system. With many smart features like battery level display, voice assistant activation, and ear detection feature, this app offers a good and convenient user experience.

If you are an AirPods headset user and want to get the most out of them on the Android operating system, Assistant Trigger is an option worth considering. Don't forget to test out the features in the Pro version for a more complete and flexible experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Assistant Trigger APK

Assistant Trigger how to display AirPods battery level on Android? +

When you open the AirPods case, Assistant Trigger will automatically display the battery level on the screen via a popup or notification bar (if using the Pro version).

How to activate voice assistant on Android using Assistant Trigger? +

Simply press once (for AirPods Pro 1, 2, AirPods 3) or double press (for AirPods 2) on the headset to activate the voice assistant.

How to enjoy the ear detection feature on Assistant Trigger Pro? +

If you use the Pro version, ear detection will work automatically. Test this feature in a quiet environment for the best experience.

Does Assistant Trigger show call notifications and app notifications? +

Yes, the app will announce the caller's name when a call comes in and show relevant app notifications when the headset is connected (for broadcasters).

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