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Asphalt Nitro APK all cars is an exciting mobile racing game, with beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, providing a high-speed racing experience on mobile phones.


Name Asphalt Nitro
Version 1.7.9a
Size 50.00 Mb
Category Racing
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Developer Gameloft SE

Introduce to Asphalt Nitro APK

Asphalt Nitro APK vip level 6 is a mobile racing game developed by Gameloft. Introduced as a stripped-down version of Asphalt 8: Airborne, this game offers a high-speed racing experience on mobile phones.

Asphalt Nitro game offers players a wide range of attractive features. The game includes a variety of vehicles, including supercars, sports cars and heavy vehicles. Players can customize and upgrade their vehicles to increase performance and appearance.

In Asphalt Nitro APK indir, players will have the opportunity to participate in action-packed races on diverse tracks around the world. The game offers multiple game modes, including Career mode, Multiplayer mode and Time-Limited Events mode. Players can participate in races against AI opponents or challenge friends over a network connection.

More Overview of Asphalt Nitro Mobile Game

Asphalt Nitro has beautiful 3D graphics and unique effects, providing a realistic racing experience on mobile phones. The game also provides jumps, drift brakes and nitro to increase speed, helping players experience adventurous and dramatic racing.

Asphalt Nitro APK for pc is an engaging mobile racing game, with beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay. If you are a racing lover and want to experience the feeling of speed on your mobile phone, you can try this game by downloading the APK file and installing it on your Android device.

All features in Asphalt Nitro Latest Version

  • Diverse racing: Asphalt Nitro APK new version offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including supercars, sports cars, heavy vehicles and many more. Each car has its own characteristics, including speed, handling and nitro.
  • Diverse Game Modes: The game has a Career mode where you can participate in races in different cities and regions around the world. In addition, Asphalt Nitro java APK also has a Multiplayer mode, allowing you to challenge other players online.
  • Vehicle Upgrade and Customization: You can upgrade and customize your vehicle to enhance its performance. Upgrade the engine, nitro system, tires and steering for better speed and control. You can also change the paint color and add accessories to create your own style.
  • Tracks and Vibrant Environments: Asphalt Nitro offers a diverse and engaging range of race tracks, from urban cities to suburban areas and natural environments. You will experience beautiful and varied landscapes during racing.
  • Nitro and Jump: The game allows you to use nitro to speed up your vehicle for a short period of time, helping you outrun your opponents and reach the top. You can also perform jumps and drift brakes to earn points and increase the feeling of excitement.
  • Limited Time Events: Asphalt Nitro offers limited time events for you to participate in. This is your chance to test your skills and earn special rewards.

Interface, graphics on Asphalt Nitro For Android

Quality 3D Graphics: Asphalt Nitro uses 3D graphics technology to realistically reproduce details, from the racing car, the track environment to the surrounding elements. The tracks, cities and periphery are designed with great detail and beautiful effects.

Captivating Effects: The game uses special effects such as lights, shadows, flames and smoke to enhance the feeling of realism and excitement during racing. These effects combine with the realistic physics engine to create unique and action-packed racing experiences.

Wide range of vehicle models: Asphalt Nitro offers a wide range of meticulously designed and varied vehicle models. Details on the car such as headlights, wheels and exterior design are faithfully reproduced, creating clarity and attractiveness for players.

Sophisticated User Interface (UI) Screen: Asphalt Nitro's user interface is designed to be simple, easy to use and user-friendly. The control buttons and display chart are placed logically so that players can easily interact and control the car during the race.

Touchscreen compatible: Asphalt Nitro is optimized for touch screens, allowing players to easily manipulate touch points to drive, perform maneuvers, and interact with the user interface.  

How to play, gameplay for Asphalt Nitro iOS

Download and install Asphalt Nitro APK: Download the game's APK file from a trusted source and install it on your Android device. Make sure you have allowed installing apps from unknown sources in your phone's security settings.

Launch the game: After successful installation, open the Asphalt Nitro application on the main screen of your phone.

Login or create an account: You can log in with your account or create a new account to store your progress and transactions.

Choose a game mode: Asphalt Nitro offers a variety of game modes. You can choose Career mode to participate in the race through levels and missions, or Multiplayer mode to compete with other players online.

Choose a car: Before starting the race, you will have the opportunity to choose your car from a list of available cars. Browse through the specifications and characteristics of each vehicle to choose one that suits your driving style.

Vehicle customization and upgrades: After choosing a vehicle, you can customize its appearance and upgrade your vehicle to improve performance. Use money and skill points to upgrade engines, nitro systems, tires and other elements.

Join the race: Now, you are ready to enter the race. Control the car using the on-screen controls or through the accelerometer on your mobile phone. Use nitro and perform jumps and drifts to outrun your opponents and reach the top.

Complete missions and achieve high achievements: During the game, you will be assigned specific tasks and goals. Try to complete them and get high scores to earn coins and special rewards.

Upgrade and open new content: As you progress through the levels and earn coins, you can use it to upgrade existing cars or open new cars and tracks.

Join Events and Challenges: Asphalt Nitro often hosts limited-time events and special street races. Participate in these events to challenge your skills and earn special rewards.

Pros and Cons of Asphalt Nitro APK


  • Variety of Vehicles and Game Modes: The game offers a variety of vehicles and game modes, including Career mode and Multiplayer mode, creating variety and fun for players.
  • Vehicle customization and upgrades: You can customize and upgrade your vehicle to increase its performance and appearance, create personalization and improve the playing experience.
  • Action-packed racing experience: Asphalt Nitro offers jumps, drifts, and nitro usage to increase speed, providing a thrilling and exhilarating racing experience.
  • Street Match Mode: The special street match mode in the game allows you to participate in short quick races with other players, creating competition and challenges.


  • Device compatibility: Asphalt Nitro has relatively high hardware requirements to run smoothly on mobile phones.
  • Collaborative and advertising partners: The game may contain advertising and requires an internet connection to display ads or participate in promotional events.
  • In-game business model: Asphalt Nitro adopts a Freemium business model, meaning the game is free but has in-app purchases to open additional content or add-ons.


Asphalt Nitro Game APK is an attractive and exciting mobile racing game. With high-quality graphics, varied gameplay and vehicle customization, the game offers a high-speed racing experience on mobile phones.

You can participate in action-packed races, customize and upgrade your vehicles, and challenge other players in Multiplayer mode. Asphalt Nitro APK is a great choice for those who love racing and want to experience the feeling of speed on mobile phones.


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FAQs? Asphalt Nitro APK

Is an internet connection required to play Asphalt Nitro APK? +

No, Asphalt Nitro APK does not require an internet connection to play. However, if you want to participate in multiplayer or download the latest data, you will need an internet connection.

Does Asphalt Nitro APK offer multiplayer features? +

Yes, this game offers a multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your friends or other players around the world over an internet connection.

Is there a fee to download and play Asphalt Nitro APK? +

Asphalt Nitro APK is a free game to download and play. However, like many other mobile games, it may have some in-game items that you can purchase with real money if you want.

Does Asphalt Nitro APK support external controls? +

Yes, this game supports external control such as keyboard or gaming controller to create better gaming experience.

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