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Anime Sama APK is an application that provides anime content but also creates a vibrant community where users can connect, discuss and express their creativity.


Name Anime Sama
Pagekage name io.animesama.clarity
Version 1.66
Size 30.67 Mb
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer clq

About of Anime Sama APK

Anime Sama fr APK is a unique application for the community of anime fans on your mobile device. With a combination of providing engaging anime content and creating an interesting social interaction environment, Anime-Sama APK is a great place to satisfy your passion for anime as well as connect and exchange with people with similar interests.

Anime Sama bug APK is not only a platform to watch cartoons, but also a space to connect and interact with the community of anime fans everywhere. You can make friends with people with similar interests and discuss your favorite topics.

Please share your impressions, reviews, and opinions about animated movies. Télécharger Anime Sama APK provides a space to exchange views, create diversity and cohesion in the community.

Overview of Anime Sama APK Mobile App

Anime Sama APK en français promotes discussion and exchange of ideas. Discuss different aspects of movies, get reviews from the community, and open up different perspectives on your favorite works.

With Anime APK, you can not only satisfy your passion for watching anime but also create a vibrant social interaction environment. The perfect combination of quality anime content and passionate community makes for an experience better than ever before.

With Anime Sama APK vf, you don't just watch anime, you feel and touch the exciting world of anime. Make connections, share opinions, and show your love for anime in a dedicated space for fans.

Anime Sama APK not only meets the needs of watching movies, but also opens a door for you to have a comprehensive experience with anime culture. Here, you don't just watch the anime, you live in it.

Features of Anime Sama APK Latest Version

Here are the details of all the main features of Anime Sama APK:

Make Friends And Exchange:

  • Connect with people who share a passion for anime.
  • Create a list of friends and share interests, comments on movies.

Share And Discuss:

  • Share images, works and reviews about anime.
  • Discuss anime related topics with the fan community.

Upload and Share Drawings:

  • Upload your drawings of anime characters and share them with the community.
  • Comments and feedback from others about your creative talents.

Update From Friends:

  • Get the latest on hot movies and anime trends from your friends.
  • Join the discussion about new and old movies.

Diverse Anime Library:

  • Experience an extensive library of thousands of different animated movies.
  • Search and find your favorite movies easily.

Avatar Features:

  • Customize your avatar for a personalized representation in the community.
  • Show off your personal taste and style through your avatar.

Earn Points and Achievements:

  • Gain achievements based on your activity in the community.
  • Track progress and engage with the community to achieve milestones.

Leaderboard Features:

  • View user rankings based on their activity and contributions.
  • Join the competition for best work and contribute to a vibrant community.

Day/Night Mode:

  • Choose day or night display mode based on personal preference.
  • Optimized anime viewing experience in different lighting environments.

Instructions, how to use Anime Sama APK iOS

  • Download And Install Apps: Visit APKRabi website on your mobile device. Search for "Anime Sama" and download the app. Once the download is complete, open the app to get started.
  • Register Account Or Sign In: If you do not have an account, you need to register a new account by providing the necessary information.
    If you already have an account, log in by entering your credentials.
  • Explore Content: The main screen of the app will show the latest or featured cartoons. You can scroll down to explore more.
  • Search Movies Or Genres: Use the search feature to search for the movie or genre you're interested in.
  • Watch Cartoons: When you select a movie, you can tap to see details and start watching. Choose the viewing quality that's right for you (1080p, 720p, etc.).
  • Connect with the Community: Through the "Make Friends" and "Share" sections, you can find friends and share interests with them.
  • Share and Discuss: In sections related to the movie or topic, you can share photos, write reviews, and discuss with others.
  • Upload Drawings: Use the upload feature to share your drawings of anime characters with the community.
  • Updates From Friends: Follow news and updates from your friends about new movies, trends and reviews.
  • Join Leaderboards and Earn Points: Participate in community activities to earn points and participate in leaderboards.
  • Custom Settings: In the settings, you can customize options like day/night mode and avatar.
  • Log Out And Sign Out: When you finish using the app, don't forget to sign out to keep your account safe.

Tips and advice when using Anime Sama APK

  • Positive Interaction: Participate in discussions, share ideas and reviews to create positive interaction with the community. Not only will this help you connect with others, but it will also show your passion and love for anime.
  • Respect Different Opinions: During discussions, always respect the differing opinions and points of view of others. This creates a friendly environment and is open to constructive exchange.
  • Check Content Reliability: Before sharing any information or reviews, be sure to check the reliability of the source. This helps to avoid the spread of misinformation.
  • Privacy Preferences: Manage your privacy settings with caution. Please check and set the privacy options you feel comfortable with to protect your personal information.
  • Make a Diverse Interactive Experience: Don't just focus on watching movies, engage in various interactive features like photo sharing, rating and commenting to promote diversity of your experience. Friend.
  • Keep Apps Up-to-date: Make sure you always use the latest version of your apps for the best experience and avoid security or performance issues.
  • No Violation of App Rules: Follow the rules and policies of the app. Avoid breaking any rules about inappropriate content or violations.
  • Connect with a Safe Community: If you want to connect more with the community, connect with people with similar interests. However, keep sharing personal information safe.
  • Actively Participate in Leaderboards: If you care about competitiveness, participate in activities to earn points and participate in leaderboards. This helps create excitement and engagement in the app.
  • Limit Usage Time: Make sure you don't spend too much time using the app, to maintain balance with other activities in your life.

Pros and cons Anime Sama APK Android


  • Anime Fan Community: Anime Sama APK creates a diverse community of anime fans, allowing you to connect, interact and discuss with people with similar interests.
  • Share Opinions and Interact: Sharing photos, ratings, and comments helps you express your opinions and interact with others, creating a diverse and vibrant environment.
  • Upload Drawings: The ability to upload and share your drawings of your favorite anime characters is a creative and interactive feature within the community.
  • Movie Viewing Environment: In addition to the interactive feature, Anime Sama APK also provides a high-quality anime viewing experience, including a 1080p quality option.


  • External Content Sources: Anime Sama APK does not have its own database, but obtains content from other sites on the Internet. This can lead to uncontrolled content quality and consistency.
  • Likelihood of Inappropriate Content: Due to the variety of content from external sources, there may be a chance that you will encounter content that is not appropriate or age appropriate.
  • Depends on Internet Connection: To watch movies and interact in the app, you need a stable internet connection.


Anime Sama APK is a diverse and interactive application that provides anime fans with an experience to enjoy animated content and connect with a community of enthusiasts. With the ability to watch high-quality anime and diverse interactive features, this application has created an interesting environment for anime lovers.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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