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The fascinating game Animash AI APK, you will be able to transform and create a new animal from two random animals, allowing players to express creativity and exploration in a virtual environment.


Name Animash
Version 138
Size 42.27 Mb
Category Casual
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.1+

About Animash APK

Animash Game APK is an Android game developed by Abstract Software Inc. It allows users to create new creatures by merging two animals and using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Each animal in the game has its own unique appearance, characteristics, and powers.

Players can choose any two animals to form a completely new creature that has never appeared before. The animals can be lions, dolphins, leopards, chameleons, fish and many others. Once your choice has been made, the advanced AI will automatically combine their traits and powers to create a new creature.

Download Animash APK has an easy-to-use interface that helps users create new creatures in a fun and easy way. Regardless of whether you aspire to be an artist, have an interest in biology, or simply love creativity, this game app is open to everyone.

Game Animash APK allows you to download directly from the Google Play Store or from other storage sources that Abstract Software Inc. provide. The current version is 10.0 and optimized for various devices. You can download it for free without registration or login.

Animash Apk play store has achieved more than 4 thousand installs and has positive reviews from users. This latest version offers much better features and supports a wide range of devices.

If you have country or device restrictions on Google App Store, Animasi apk game provides an option to download from different sources, helping you to access the game easily.

Features of Animash Game APK

Here are some details about the features of the Animash Game APK:

  • Animal Merge: The game lets you choose two different animals and uses an advanced AI algorithm to merge them together, creating a whole new creature. Each animal has its own appearance, characteristics and strength, so the fusion will produce unique and different results.
  • New merged animals: In the game, every 3 hours, a new merged animal will appear. This encourages you to explore and experiment with different types of merges and create a variety of unique creatures.
  • Easy to use interface: Animash APK has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that helps you create new creatures with ease and fun. You do not need special skills or knowledge to use this game.
  • Create Unique Creatures: With the combination of two animals and advanced AI, you can create unique creatures with various traits and abilities. The new creature will inherit traits from its parents, such as the wings of an eagle, the speed of a leopard, or the swimming ability of a fish.
  • Explore the world of fused dynamic objects: In the game, you will discover a diverse and exciting world of fused animals. There's a lot you can do and explore, from creating new creatures to discovering the unique abilities and features of each fusion.
  • Cross-device compatibility: Animash ModAPK is developed to be compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This allows you to experience the game on the device you own.
  • Free version: Animash play store Mobile APK is free to download and use. You do not need to register or log in to experience the basic features of the game.

How to play, gameplay of Animash Mobile APK

In the game Animash Mobile Android, gameplay and gameplay are mainly focused on merging animals and exploring the world of merging dynamic objects. Here is a basic description of the gameplay and gameplay of the game:

Animal merge

  • Step 1: You will be able to choose two different animals from the list of available animals.
  • Step 2: Using advanced AI algorithm, you will merge two animals together to create a new creature.
  • Step 3: The new creature will inherit traits and abilities from its parent. You can explore the creature's unique features and abilities through playing and interacting with it in the dynamic object fusion world.

Explore the world of dynamic object fusion

  • After creating a new creature, you'll explore a world of dynamic object fusion. This is a unique virtual environment where you can do activities and explore.
  • In this world, you can participate in quests and challenges to earn rewards.
  • You can also interact with other creatures and communicate with a community of other players.

Customize and upgrade

  • In the game, you can customize your creature by changing its appearance, color and style.
  • You can also upgrade and improve your creature's abilities and characteristics through participating in activities, completing quests, and earning rewards.

Note: that this is just a basic description of the gameplay and gameplay of the Animash android game. There may be additional features and activities in the game. For a detailed and complete experience, you should refer to the game guide and in-game support documentation.

Graphics of the Animash APK For Android

The graphics of a game can change over time and depend on the gaming platform you use (PC, console, mobile). To have an accurate view of the graphics of the game Animash download, you should consult information from the developer or learn through documents and images related to the game. However, it is common for modern games to use high-quality 3D graphics to create an immersive and immersive experience. Graphical elements in the game may include:

  • Creature Modeling: In-game graphics may include detailed 3D models of various creatures. Creatures can have their own unique appearance and characteristics.
  • Environments: The game's dynamic fusion worlds can be made up of diverse 3D environments such as forests, deserts, oceans, or cities. Each environment can be highly detailed and beautifully landscaped.
  • Special Effects: The game can use special effects to increase interactivity and realism. This can include lighting effects, water effects, particle effects and other effects to create a lively and engaging feel.

Pros and Cons of Animash APK Latest version


  • Creativity: Animash APK allows you to combine different animals to create completely new and unique creatures. This creates a creative space and allows you to explore and create many interesting combinations.
  • Graphics and Sound: If the Animash mode game has nice graphics and sound, it can create an immersive and immersive experience. Special effects and high-quality creature modeling can enhance the appeal of the game.
  • Easy-to-use interface: If the game's interface is designed to be easy to use and user-friendly, this makes it easier for players to create and interact with new creatures.
  • No special skills required: With the use of advanced AI, the APK Animasi game does not require the player to have any special skills or knowledge. This makes the game accessible to everyone.


  • Repeatability: If the game doesn't have enough variety and creativity in creating new creatures, players may experience repetition and lose interest after a while playing.
  • Limited interactivity: If the game doesn't offer enough options and interactivity, the player may feel limited in creating and interacting with the fusion creature.
  • Technical issues: If the game encounters technical issues such as lag, poor device compatibility, or errors, this can degrade the gaming experience.


In a nutshell, the Animash APK game has the potential to bring an innovative and exciting experience to the players. Combining and creating new creatures brings uniqueness and discovery. Beautiful graphics and sounds can enhance the game's appeal, and the easy-to-use interface makes it convenient for players to create and interact with creatures. Using advanced AI also makes the game accessible to everyone.

To be successful, Animash Game Mobile needs to avoid repetition and ensure variety and creativity in creating new creatures. Provide enough options and interactivity so that players do not feel limited. Technical issues also need to be addressed to ensure a smooth gaming experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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