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The latest version of Alight Motion APK comes with a number of wonderful features. Download Alight Motion APK no watermark today to edit your video with ease!


Name Alight Motion
Size 158.37 Mb
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+

Introduction to Alight Motion APK

Alight Motion shake effect APK is considered one of the first motion graphic mobile applications that will help you in making an amazing video.

With Alight Motion tutorial APK you can easily make professional animation by adding visual effects, and video composition and can enjoy other editing features.

Features of Alight Motion APP APK

The animation and motion graphics are included in Alight Motion Pro APK download without watermark. As a result, let us go through each of these characteristics in more depth.

  • Distinctive graphic style; crystal-clear video; audible

Users of this program will be in for a lot of surprises, from the graphic design to the sound system, which is well-made and precisely crafted. You will be given several very crisp and expert photographs by way of this clever program. The visual variation for this application is made up of several distinct graphic layer combinations.

  • Have extra picture frames

You can choose from a large selection of picture frames here that are available in a broad variety of styles and colors, providing consumers with plenty of options to choose the frame that is best for their images. That will enhance the beauty and bring the picture closer to perfection.

  • For video editing, use Explorer Multiple Layers

All the media files need to be adjusted right now. Layers play a key role in this situation and greatly facilitate task completion. On the app, in addition to several levels, group layers are also available. As with the Kinemaster app, the most modern video editing software now provides multilayer choices. Additionally, Alight Motion APK all versions offer layers for hassle-free video and graphic editing.

  • A Million Stunning Effects

We require some pre-made spectacular effects whenever we edit any movies or create animation. We can improve the elegance of our project by using such impacts. So don't worry about the impacts if you utilize Alight Motion.

  • Flexible Blending and Color Adjustment Techniques

The quality of the video project may be simply improved if the color correction is carried out precisely. You may adjust the colors from a photo or video and match the scenario across the project with this feature on Alight Motion preset ff APK.

  • Make videos and a lot more

You may make mp4 videos with integrated pictures by using this clever program. The fact that this is so innovative has drawn a lot of users. A number of graphic designs have also benefited from the addition of richness through the use of gif pictures. The gif images transmit the information you want to send; only a humorous gif image can help people grasp all the information and emotions you have ever expressed.

Comprehensive Review of video editing, use Explorer Multiple Layers

What to expect from the Alight Motion is shown below. Let us look into it:

  1. You may use more than a hundred components in the Alight Motion app to make fantastic movies. You may import or download items to customize. The procedure of splitting, cropping, and editing the films is straightforward.
  2. Both audio enhancer and extractor tools are at your disposal. Users may change any point in a layer by including the blend mode option in your video. With the vast color palette of this program, you may add lovely colors to your films or pictures.
  3. A professional color booster tool is also available. To create spectacular, one-of-a-kind videos and pictures, you may employ a variety of amazing effects that are readily available.
  4. Slow-motion and fast-motion effects may also be added to your movies. Recently, this amazing effect has caught the attention of video editors and social media content creators.
  5. When working on multiple layers, you can choose to hide some of them so that you only ever see the one you're currently working on.


  • There is always room for improvement with every new version or upgrade. This demonstrates how Alight Motion APK will significantly advance the video editing sector in the near future.
  • You have more options when editing your films using Alight Motion APK for pc than 100 effect-building pieces.
  • You may learn some fundamental navigational skills via the Alight Motion video editing platform. I think it's fantastic that this feature exists.
  • The ability to share your films, music, and images into numerous layers for more effective editing goes a long way for novices using this program.
  • Both iOS and Android smartphones support this software.


  • When using the free version of the Alight Motion app, advertisements may appear.
  • Your edited video will have a watermark logo if you are using the free version of the alight software.

A thorough evaluation of the tool for comprehensive keyframe animation

The Alight Motion's APK expected results are displayed below. Let's investigate:

  1. Every setting has access to this amazing feature known as Key Frame Animation.
  2. Since there are fluid motions that make animation easier, timing curves may now be built in a customizable method. You may also purchase presets to help you learn how to animate your video, audio, or image.
  3. Occasionally, you could want to animate and alter motions, speed, and a variety of other motions thanks to this fantastic capability.
  4. To ensure that the animation you developed appears even better than before, gradient fill effects and solid colors will also be offered.
  5. A border for your animation is necessary to complete the look of the edited or new video. The animation now appears a little more realistic than previously thanks to the shadow effects. Even adding a border to an image completes the work. Therefore, this function is much more useful than you might realize.


  1. Platform Crossover
  2. Easy-to-use a video producer
  3. Both sophisticated and fundamental toolkits
  4. Combines several forms of media


  1. The free edition has a watermark.
  2. Unorganized home screen

Useful Tips For Alight Motion Link APK

Following are the tips that can help be more efficient in using this editor:

  1. This is a free Android movie editor that produces stunning motion graphics on your smartphone and is very dependable, high-quality, and handy.
  2. Even though Alight Motion shake pack APK is marketed as an Android video editor, it also works with iOS gadgets like iPads and iPhones. Additionally, this supports VFX and other cutting-edge capabilities.
  3. Once more, Alight Motion transitions APK is ready to compete fiercely with the majority of professional-grade video editing rivals including Premier Pro, Alter Effects, and Davinci Resolve.
  4. This extremely sophisticated animation tool will assist you in importing the media file, editing it, and storing it on your device. Using a little smartphone app, which is superior to any other popular video editor, one may perform this intricate yet simple operation. Because of Alight Motion template APK, you now have the option to edit your films, photos, and audio without requiring expensive and professional PC software.
  5. Since the user-friendly interface will direct you to complete the task at hand, you don't need to worry about your editing abilities and expertise. All you need to do is download the software, install it, and begin editing your videos with this incredible next-generation video editor.


The Alight Motion coloring APK editing software has lived up to the anticipation of becoming the first motion design tool for smartphones with its fantastic and common capabilities. If you believe it will satisfy your video editing demands, you may give it a try, then you may believe.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Alight Motion APK

What is Alight Motion? +

Alight Motion is a professional video editing and effects application for mobile devices. It allows users to create and edit videos, add effects, motion, text, and music directly on their mobile phone or tablet.

How to download and install Alight Motion APK on Android? +

To download and install Alight Motion APK on your Android device, you need to visit the official Alight Motion website or trusted APK download sources. Then, download the APK file and follow the instructions to install the app.

Are specialized skills required to use Alight Motion? +

No, Alight Motion is designed to be easy to use for both beginners and those with experience in video editing. The user interface is friendly and there are many online tutorials so you can learn how to use the application.

What video formats does Alight Motion support? +

Alight Motion supports many popular video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and many other image and audio formats. You can import and export videos in a variety of formats depending on your needs.

How to add effects and motion to videos? +

To add effects and motion to videos, you can use the tools available in Alight Motion. Learn about keyframes, tweening, and other editing features to create beautiful animations.

Is Alight Motion available for iOS? +

Currently, Alight Motion does not have an official version for iOS. The app is only available on Android and tablets.

How do I share videos after editing with Alight Motion? +

Once you're done editing a video in Alight Motion, you can export it in different formats and share it via other social platforms or video sharing apps through your phone's built-in sharing feature your.

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