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YouTube Premium APK Unlocked Pro Latest Version is a paid subscription that offers a convenient, ad-free experience. Click here to get in-depth knowledge of Youtube Premium APK.


Name Youtube Premium
Version 19.13.35
Size 131.23 MB
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Developer Google LLC

The YouTube Premium subscription for free by downloading YouTube Premium APK for free which contains all the YouTube Premium family features that you are looking for without paying any money.

If you'd like to listen to music videos without having to deal with annoying ads, you should get YouTube Premium APK.

YouTube may be the most well-known video-sharing platform, but it functions differently than rivals like TikTok BigoBigo. Any video can be uploaded and shared on YouTube. In addition, YouTube videos can be as long as you like. Since this is the case, it's safe to assume that this programme will be widely adopted around the globe.

Ambient tunes

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and even relatively obscure services like Tidal often rank highly in online searches for "best music service." Subscriptions are required for all of these offerings (except Amazon Music, which is bundled in with Amazon Prime). There are some free stages, but the demo only has a few basic features.

If you have YouTube Premium, you can play the video in the background while doing other things or even hide the screen entirely. The potential for entertainment is practically boundless when coupled with the ability to download videos.

In the midst of this pandemic, podcasting has emerged as the preferred method of content distribution. It seems like every famous person and comedian today either has a podcast or has started one in the past few months. Download podcasts, music playlists, or random movies to play in the background.

Instead of shelling out money for apps like Calm that play white noise or other noises for you while you snooze, you can simply choose from an infinite number of videos available on YouTube. Similarly, if you look for things like "instrumental music" or "sleep music," you might find a lot of videos that you like.

Important Traits

Several different mobile devices can now download the official YouTube app. Explore the most-watched videos across categories like music, gaming, beauty, and the media. Users can subscribe to channels they like, create their own videos, and share them, all without leaving the platform. The information is accessible from any system and can be viewed on any gadget.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

  • Customized Advice for Buying a House
  • To follow your preferred channels, subscribe to them.
  • Check the Library for previously viewed videos to save for later viewing.

Research a wide range of topics to find out what's trending now (available in select countries)

  • Keep up with the latest trends in the entertainment industry, the digital world, the beauty industry, the news, and the academic world.

Look at the most recent tendencies all over the world and on YouTube.

  • Top developers, players, artists, and others will all be there for you to meet and mingle with (only in some regions).

Be a part of the YouTube Community.

  • You can tune in to your favourite creators' live broadcasts and Stories. Launches, updates, and information
  • You are welcome to take part in the discussion by providing input and engaging in dialogue with the other attendees.
  • It's possible that you could make media with your smartphone.
  • Within the app, you'll find a video editor and an option to record your own clips.
  • Live streaming enables instantaneous app-based interaction with an audience.

It's up to you and your loved ones to decide what's best for everyone. Few nations have access to it.

  • Each household has its own habits when it comes to watching videos online. Strategies for Keeping an Eye on Your Children While They Watch YouTube Those interested can access YouTube at

Depending on where you live, paying for a channel subscription is one way to show your appreciation for your favourite creators.

  • By purchasing monthly subscriptions, you can aid these channels.

Join the community of the channel and gain access to exclusive perks by doing so.

  • If you want to stand out in conversations or get more positive feedback, a loyalty badge might help.

YouTube Red Membership (available in select countries)

  • Videos can be played while using other apps and the screen is locked without interruption.
  • Save video recordings for later viewing, such as on a flight or while commuting. Premium YouTube Music access is one of them.

Tips That Can Make A Difference

You can use the URL to convert any YouTube video into a GIF.

Although GIFs are popular among people of all ages, only a few people are truly capable of creating them. It should be as simple as a YouTube URL.

Here's how to convert a YouTube video into a GIF: To acquire the address of a specific video on YouTube, simply select one and enter the address in the browser's address bar. Replace "[your-video-tag]" with "[your-video-tag]".

If you click here, your movie will load in so you can start personalizing it. A chronology will display at the bottom of your movie, along with a menu of settings on the left. The length of the GIF can be changed, the frame can be trimmed, and text can be added.

Your animated GIF is now ready to be shared. To save this GIF to your PC, sign up for a free account at

You can make a link that starts a YouTube video at a specific time.

Have you ever wanted to email someone a YouTube video but only send them to a specific section? Pretend you're trying to persuade your friends to learn the moves from Justin Bieber's "Sorry" music video.

Instead of sending your pals a conventional YouTube link and telling them to fast-forward to 0:50, send them a personalized YouTube time link that starts the movie at the time you specify.

You may quickly view textual transcripts of people's videos.

Did you know that YouTube generates a written transcript for every video uploaded to their site? True, and unless the user has taken special precautions to prevent access, anyone can view the transcript.

Video transcripts can be beneficial in a variety of situations. For example, you may wish to scribble down a movie quote but find the effort of stopping the movie and typing it down to be inconvenient. There are times when you need to revisit a video to find a specific portion, but you'd prefer not. This type of information can be retrieved by manually looking through a transcript.

To get the transcript, play the video on YouTube and click the "More" button from the arrow next to the video title. Using the pull-down menu, select "Transcript."

YouTube Premium Ratings

Jimmy Conway: It's simple to use whether you're listening to music or watching a movie. It also has some fantastic free movies. Some videos contain an excessive number of ad breaks. That is to be expected. The only problem is that every time an update is required, the cause is always the same. While I can now view movies and TV shows on another app, I will continue to use YouTube.

Nitin Anwar: There are two issues. When I watch a video in window mode and can see the comments, the screen does not go full-screen. 2. When you click the notification button to view recent uploads by subscribed channels, the titles only appear partially. This is due to the little video thumbnail to the right of the title. Include the whole title as well as the video thumbnail below. The thumbnail, on the other hand, is superfluous and should be removed.

James Tyrrell: Add after add...there used to be an ad before and after a video or in the middle of it if it was more than 10 minutes. However, now that I'm 5 minutes into the video, it appears that I'll have 2 to 3 ads...or commercials addressing LGBT concerns... I'm not gay, so it's fine if they are, but I'm not going to let them force me to...and put an end to the lies from politicians on both sides of the aisle.

  • Stop all in-video advertising
  • Run with the screen turned off
  • Be aware of YouTube UI challenges:
  • You see banner advertising;
  • You cannot download videos
  • It does not work as well as premium YouTube.

Is YouTube Premium a smart investment?

A quick reaction. In certain ways. Long response. It all depends on your search criteria. If, like us, you dislike advertising and want to be able to download videos but don't have Spotify or another music subscription service, this is the app for you. Yes, it is the solution. It is undeniably advantageous. If downloading is not an option and you are only interested in ad blocking, Vanced App is the way to go.


In terms of value for money, YouTube Premium is a fantastic choice for those who frequently watch videos online. As someone who has been using YouTube Premium for over a year, you were immediately disappointed for delaying scheduling it. It is simply more soothing when advertising are absent.

Ad-free content and offline mode are only two of the many useful features of membership. It will surely be interesting, especially if you also use YouTube Music. Everyone must eventually decide whether or not they want to pay the full amount for YouTube Premium.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Youtube Premium APK

What is YouTube Premium APK and why is it different from the regular YouTube app? +

YouTube Premium APK is a customized version of the YouTube app, allowing you to experience premium features without subscribing to the paid YouTube Premium service. It offers ad free, downloads videos and plays background music when exiting the app.

How to download and install YouTube Premium APK? +

To download and install YouTube Premium APK, you need to search for the APK version from trustworthy sources on the internet and then go through the normal installation process

Is there a way to ensure that I get the latest updates and features with the YouTube Premium APK version? +

YouTube Premium APK version may not receive automatic updates from Google Play Store like the official version. Therefore, you need to follow trustworthy sources to update the new version and download the update manually.

Do I need to root or jailbreak my phone to use YouTube Premium APK? +

No, you do not need to root (for Android) or jailbreak (for iOS) your phone to use YouTube Premium APK.

Can I sign in to my Google account on YouTube Premium APK? +

Yes, you can still sign in to your Google account on YouTube Premium APK to access your watch history and sync personal data.

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