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Truck Simulator World APK is a challenging and exhilarating exploration of the world of truck transport where you will face the real challenges of driving and managing the transport business.

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Name Truck Simulator World
Version 1.0.3
Size 2 GB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Developer Sir Studios

About of Truck Simulator World APK

Truck Simulator World APK is a challenging and engaging truck transport simulator game, developed by Sir Studios - a famous developer with many hit simulator games like Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. This game offers players a realistic and immersive truck driving experience, combined with the largest open world map ever created.

Truck Simulator World gives players the ability to explore a huge simulation world. You'll have the chance to drive across continents, enjoy stunning landscapes, and even participate in events along the way. The world map is created with sophisticated and detailed graphics, providing an enjoyable experience for players.

Overview of Truck Simulator World APK Mobile

Truck Simulator World doesn't just stop at providing a huge world, but also focuses on providing a realistic driving experience. The advanced physics engine ensures that you will feel every state of the road, from bright sunny days to snow-covered nights. The extremely realistic penalty system along with the fatigue, hunger, and insomnia conditions will challenge your skills on the road.


More than just a driving game, Truck Simulator World also allows you to experience managing your own transport company. You will have to push the limits of your driving skills and at the same time develop your company to demonstrate your ability to manage. Hire employees, grow your product line, and dominate the shipping market.

Truck Simulator World APK gives players an authentic truck driving experience, opening the door to the possibility of exploring the vast world and challenging company management skills. Supported by sophisticated graphics, the game promises to bring you hours of entertainment and challenges.

Features of Truck Simulator World APK Latest Version

Here is a detailed list of the game's key features:

  • Largest Open World Map: Explore a simulated world with extensive and detailed maps. Navigate through diverse continents, cities, and roads.
  • Realistic Driving Experience: Advanced physics engine system for an authentic driving experience. Diverse weather conditions including sunny days, dark nights, snowfall, and more.
  • Shipping Company Management: Build and manage your own shipping company. Hire employees, develop product lines, and enter competitive markets.
  • Customize Truck: Customize your truck with a variety of options. Appearance updates, performance upgrades, and cabin layout changes.
  • Realistic Penalty System: Experience a realistic penalty system for traffic violations and illegal behavior.
  • Unique Talent System: Develop unique talents to improve driving and company management.
  • Superior Graphics and Sound: High-end graphics, breathtaking views, and optimized for the best experience. The sound is interesting and suitable for each situation.
  • More than 30 American and European Trucks: Choose from over 30 different trucks from the US and Europe.
  • Hard Reality Experience: Experiencing tough challenges such as fatigue, hunger, and insomnia.
  • Alliance System: Join the alliance system to dominate cities and markets.
  • Customize Company And Vehicle: Customize your corporate headquarters, avatar, license plate, and company logo.
  • Diverse Simulation Experience: Transport diverse cargoes such as giant machines, rockets, damaged tanks, food, and more.
  • Day and Night Modes and Weather Conditions: Go through a day-night cycle and experience changing weather conditions.

Graphics of Truck Simulator World APK For Android

Truck Simulator World APK is created with high quality graphics to bring a vivid and engaging experience to players. The largest open world map created with an emphasis on detail and realism. Cities, landscapes, and roads are carefully designed to recreate realistic environments.

Images vary from a beautiful day to a dark night. Weather effects such as rain, snowfall and sunshine make the environment even more vivid. The truck cabin is designed with attention to detail, allowing players to feel the real driving experience. The ability to customize mirrors, seats, and other parts of the cabin.


Light, shadow, and color effects create a lively and engaging environment. Especially in situations of changing weather and lighting. Truck Simulator World APK gives players a high-quality graphical experience, reproducing the truck driving environment in a vivid and realistic way.

How to play, gameplay of Truck Simulator World APK

Real Truck Driver:

  • You will start the game with a basic truck.
  • Drive along the routes and reach the destination according to the instructions.
  • Experiencing different weather conditions such as sunshine, rain, snow.
  • Obey traffic rules, avoid collisions, and maintain a safe speed.

Explore the world:

  • Use the map to explore the open world.
  • Make cargo trips to different cities and countries.
  • See diverse landscapes during your journey.

Company Management:

  • Build and grow your own shipping company.
  • Hire employees, upgrade product lines, expand infrastructure.
  • Enter the market, compete with other companies and dominate the shipping industry.

Real Challenge:

  • Experience realistic challenges like fatigue, hunger, and insomnia as you drive in extreme conditions.

Alliance Building:

  • Join the alliance system to compete and dominate cities and markets.

Diverse Challenges:

  • Transport diverse cargo such as giant machinery, food, and many more.

Pros and cons Truck Simulator World APK iOS


  • Realistic Driving Experience: The advanced physics engine system provides a realistic driving experience, with factors such as weather conditions and penalties playing a role in the game.
  • Company Management: The ability to manage the shipping company, from hiring staff to product line development and market entry, creates depth in gameplay.
  • Open World Exploration: The wide and varied world map allows you to explore different landscapes and locations while driving a truck.
  • Truck Customization: Ability to customize truck appearance and performance, creating unique trucks to your liking.


  • Learning Takes Time: The game can take some time to get the hang of, especially for newbies to simulation games.
  • Realistic Simulator Difficulty: For some players, experiencing realistic challenges such as fatigue, hunger, and insomnia can make the gameplay difficult and challenging.
  • Business Model To Understand: Managing a company requires players to have a clear understanding of the business structure, without that understanding, players may find it difficult to grow their company.


Truck Simulator World APK is a fun and engaging truck transport simulator game that gives players the most realistic driving and exploration experience in the largest open world ever created. With high quality and detailed graphics, the game reproduces the truck driving environment vividly and realistically. Not only stopping at driving, players also have the opportunity to test their transportation management skills and build a successful transportation company.


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