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Subliminal Game APK is a horror puzzle game for Android. Show off your puzzle prowess with tons of procedurally generated levels, bright lights, hostile entities, confined spaces.


Name Subliminal Game
Version 1.0
Size 151 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Sven

About of Subliminal Game APK

This is an exciting puzzle game developed by Japanese indie game developer, Natsuko. In the game, players will be transported into a strange world where they must solve puzzles and challenges to progress to the next levels.

One of the hallmarks of Subliminal Game is its unique approach to psychology and potential impact. The game uses the technique of latent impact to create complex influences and situations, forcing the player to focus and think creatively to overcome challenges.

Overview Subliminal Game APK

The graphics of Subliminal Game are designed in a unique art style, combining modern visual elements and classic graphic design. The game's sounds and music are also created to create an interactive space between the player and the game.

The levels in Subliminal Game are designed with complexity and variety in mind, requiring players to learn and solve difficult puzzles to progress to the next level. The game is also highly replayable, as each playthrough, the challenges and puzzles are distributed differently, creating a new experience each time.

Subliminal Game is a unique and fun puzzle game, designed to challenge the player's ability to concentrate and think creatively, and to explore the hidden implications of the human mind.

Features Of Subliminal Game APK

Difficulty Levels: Subliminal Game has many difficulty levels of varying complexity and variety, requiring players to learn and solve difficult puzzles to progress to the next level.

Focus and think creatively: Subliminal Game requires players to focus and think creatively to solve challenges and puzzles.

Implicit Impact: Subliminal Game has a unique approach to psychology and potential impact, keeping players focused and making short-term decisions.

Unique graphics and sounds: The game is designed with unique graphics and sounds, creating an interactive space between the player and the game.

High replayability: Subliminal Game is highly replayable, as each playthrough, challenges and puzzles are distributed differently, creating a new experience each time.

Develop logical thinking: Subliminal Game can help players develop logical thinking and reasoning, improve concentration and problem solving.

Thinking Challenges: Subliminal Game presents diverse and complex thinking challenges, requiring players to find connections between different elements to solve problems.

Interaction and communication: The game also offers interactive and communication challenges, helping players develop communication and social interaction skills.

Improved observation: Subliminal Game requires players to observe and detect important details to solve puzzles, thereby helping to improve the player's ability to observe.

Development of orientation: The game offers many different directions, requiring players to make the right decisions to get the best results, thereby helping to develop the player's ability to navigate.

Entertainment and stress relief: Subliminal Game brings an interesting entertainment experience, helping to reduce stress and fatigue after a stressful working day.

The features of Subliminal Game are diverse and attractive, from the ability to develop logical thinking, concentration and creative thinking to communication and social interaction skills, improving observation, orientation and entertainment.

Graphics of the game Subliminal Mobile

In terms of graphics, Subliminal Game is designed with a simple but sophisticated style. The objects, colors and images used in the game are all very simple, but still ensure high aesthetics.

The colors in the game are selected subtly and harmoniously, creating a pleasant gaming space and not causing eye strain for players. The visuals and sound effects in Subliminal Game are also very simple but enough to highlight the challenges and missions in the game.

The interface parts of the game are designed to be very user-friendly, making it easy for players to control and interact with the game smoothly and flexibly. All features, tasks and challenges in the game are presented clearly and easily through clear images and captions.

Although the graphics of Subliminal Game are not too complicated and outstanding, with a simple but sophisticated design style, the game is still enough to attract attention and help players have a great experience.

How to play Subliminal Game Android

Start the game: To start playing, the player just needs to press the "play" button on the screen.

Completing Missions: Each level in the Subliminal Game has a specific task that the player must complete. This task will be displayed on the screen. Players need to perform corresponding operations to complete that task. These actions can be moving, jumping, shooting, interacting with objects on the screen or solving puzzles.

Get high scores: Subliminal Game has a cumulative score scale, the more tasks the player completes, challenges and achieves a high score, the higher the scale increases. Players can conquer themselves by trying to get a higher score each time they play.

Winning: After completing the levels and achieving the highest score, the player will win the game and can save his achievements.

Subliminal Game is a simple but extremely fun and challenging game. Players can enjoy an entertaining experience and challenge themselves in different missions of the game.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Subliminal Game


  • Simple and easy to play: Subliminal Game has a simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, suitable for all ages and ages. Players who do not need to have gaming experience can easily join.
  • High Challenging: The game has many different challenges and tasks for players to complete, helping players challenge and develop thinking ability and problem solving ability.
  • Stunning Graphics: Subliminal Game has stunning graphics, a user-friendly interface that provides an intuitive and enjoyable experience.
  • Suitable for entertainment and stress relief: Subliminal Game can help players entertain and relieve stress after a working day.


  • Lack of difficulty: Some players may feel that the game is too easy and lacks challenge for them.
  • Lack of length: Subliminal Game has a relatively small number of levels, players may feel frustrated after completing all levels.
  • Lack of variety: Although there are many different challenges and missions, the missions can become monotonous and lack variety after a long time of playing.

Subliminal Game is a simple game but extremely interesting and helps players entertain and relieve stress. Despite some disadvantages, this game is still a great choice to relax after a day of work.


Subliminal Game is a simple game, easy to play but extremely fun. With stunning graphics, friendly interface, various challenges and missions, this game offers an intuitive and enjoyable experience for players. Subliminal Game is also a great choice for entertainment and stress relief after a working day.

With the number of levels and the variety of missions not diverse enough, and the lack of difficulty for some players, this game can be further improved to provide a better experience for players. Overall, Subliminal Game is a game worth trying and experiencing.

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FAQs? Subliminal Game APK

I'm having trouble playing Subliminal Game APK. How do I learn about this issue and send feedback to the developer? +

If you have problems playing Subliminal Game APK, you can do the following:

  • First, check if you have the latest version of the game. Occasionally, issues may be fixed through updates.
  • Check the developer's official website or the game's support page to see if there are instructions or workarounds for the problem you're having.
  • If you don't find a solution to your problem, you can contact the developer through the in-game support feature or via email, if contact information is available.
How does Subliminal Game APK affect the mind and psychology of players? +

The influence of Subliminal Game APK on the player's mind and psychology may vary based on the specific content of the game and how the player is exposed to it. Some people may have positive experiences using this game to improve thinking, create motivation, or solve psychological problems. However, this also depends on how the player uses the application and the reasonable level of use. If you have any concerns about the impact of this game on your mind and psychology, you should discuss it with a psychologist or mental health counselor.

Can I create my own subliminal games using Subliminal Game APK? +

Nowadays, some Subliminal Game APK apps allow users to create their own custom subliminal games. To do this, you need to get specific about the specific app you're using, as game creation can vary from app to app. Typically, the app will provide tools and instructions so you can create hidden content for your game.

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