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Phasmophobia Game on Mobile APK is a game that offers a unique horror experience with cooperative gameplay, vivid graphics, and supernatural mysteries waiting for players to explore.


Name Phasmophobia Game
Version 0.1
Size 88.2 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Developer Kinetic Games C.

Introduce to Phasmophobia Game APK

Phasmophobia game engine is not just an ordinary horror game, but also an adventure full of horrifying mysteries. Designed to provide a thrilling and challenging experience, the game takes you into a world full of magic and mystery.

With great graphics and vivid sound, Phasmophobia Game APK review takes you into mysterious rooms, ruined houses, and the gloomiest locations. Your mission is to learn about disturbing spirits and solve dark stories.

More Overview of Phasmophobia Game Latest Version

What's especially impressive about Phasmophobia Game APK download pc is the interactivity and variety in how each mission is approached. You can use tools to detect psychic powers, probe dark areas, and even communicate directly with spirits. All your decisions affect your adventure.

In addition, multiplayer is a strong point of Phasmophobia Game APK update, allowing you to challenge friends and face scary ghosts together. The combination of horror elements and team system makes each game very unique.

Finally, with a variety of missions, teammates, and mysteries, Phasmophobia Horror Game APK is not just a game but also a journey to discover the most surprising and dark things of the supernatural world. Prepare your mind and courage, because you will need them when entering this scary world.

All features in Phasmophobia Game For Android

  • Diverse Quests: Phasmophobia game crashing is more than just simple ghost hunting. It offers a series of complex and varied missions, from gathering evidence to solving mysterious puzzles, each presenting a new challenge.
  • Teamwork and Multiplayer: You can cooperate with your teammates or even challenge your friends in multiplayer modes. Interaction and collaboration are the keys to overcoming horror challenges.
  • Diverse Spirits and Demons: Phasmophobia game code investigates a wide variety of spirits and demons. Each type has a different approach and reaction, from peaceful spirits to terrifying demons.
  • Super Power Detection Tools: Fully utilize tools such as heat sensors, cameras, and infrared to detect souls and retrieve evidence. Creativity in using tools is key to survival.
  • Open World: You'll explore a variety of locations, from ruined houses to horror museums, all designed with vibrant and detailed graphics.

Interface, graphics on Phasmophobia Game For iOS

Realistic graphics: Phasmophobia is impressive with realistic and very sharp graphics. Every detail of the environment and character has been carefully designed, creating an immersive experience.

Light and shadow: The way the game handles light and shadow creates an atmosphere of horror and tension. Flashlights and flashlights will be your best friends on your journey.

Sound Effects: Unique and classic sound effects, from gentle footsteps to horrifying sounds of souls enhance the graphical experience.

How to play, gameplay for Phasmophobia Game Mobile

Quests and Collaboration: Phasmophobia puts players in the role of supernatural adventurers. The main task is to learn about souls and provide evidence of their existence. Gameplay focuses on collaboration, as each player has a special role and needs to coordinate to complete missions.

Tools and Approach: Players use tools such as heat sensors, cameras, and infrared to collect data and search for supernatural traces. Gameplay focuses on creativity and dexterity in using tools to survive.

Interaction with Spirits: A unique feature of Phasmophobia is the ability to interact directly with spirits. Players can use the microphone to ask questions and receive reactions from the supernatural world.

Open Environment Exploration: The game takes players to many different locations, from mysterious houses to diverse locations, each offering unique challenges.

Pros and Cons of Phasmophobia Game APK


  • Feeling of Horror and Suspense: Phasmophobia succeeds in creating an atmosphere of horror and tension, making players always feel nervous and worried about what might happen next.
  • Crisp Graphics and Sound: Vibrant graphics and magical sound effects create a beautiful and terrifying experience, adding to the mystery of the game.
  • Multiplayer and Interaction: The ability to play with friends and interact directly with souls adds entertainment value and depth to the game.


  • Requires Lots of Cooperation and Communication: The game requires close cooperation and good communication between players, which can be a challenge if you play with strangers.
  • Not Suitable for Solo Players: If you prefer a single-player experience, Phasmophobia may get boring quickly, as it is designed with collaboration in mind.
  • High System Configuration Requirements: To experience the best graphics and performance, your computer needs to have a fairly high system configuration.


Phasmophobia Game APK is not just an ordinary horror game, but also a challenging and mysterious journey. With cooperative gameplay and multiplayer, it offers a unique and engaging experience for groups of players. Vivid graphics, magical sounds and diversity in mission approaches are strengths that help the game stand out in the world of horror games.

In total, Phasmophobia Game APK is not only a horror game, but also an exquisite work of art, taking players to terrifying experiences and exploring the supernatural world in a unique way. Prepare your nerves, because a world full of magic and horror is waiting for you to explore.


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FAQs? Phasmophobia Game APK

How to interact with spirits in the game? +

During the game, you can use the microphone to ask questions directly and receive feedback from the spirit. This forms an important part of the work of gathering information and evidence.

Does single player mode support Phasmophobia? +

Phasmophobia is designed primarily for multiplayer, but you can still play alone. However, the multiplayer experience is what the game is aiming for.

How many types of spirits and demons are there in the game? +

The game features a series of spirits and demons that have diverse properties and reactions. This variety creates new challenges and different discoveries in each mission.

How to survive against scary spirits? +

Smartly use the superpower detection tool, maintain close communication with teammates, and move quickly to avoid dangerous problems.

Is it necessary to play with friends for the best experience? +

While you can play alone, collaborating and communicating with teammates is key to overcoming the horror formulas and fully enjoying the Phasmophobia experience.

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