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Paragon: Infinity Wave APK is an action and time strategy game where players will participate in a war between two opposing factions in a futuristic sci-fi world.

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Name Paragon Infinity Wave
Pagekage name com.nuker.paragonwave
Version 2.06
Size 220.2 MB
Category Action
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Nuker

About of Paragon: Infinity Wave APK

Paragon: Infinity Wave APK is a real-time strategy and action video game developed by Epic Games. This is the next version of Paragon, a popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game also developed by Epic Games. Paragon: Infinity Wave APK is designed to bring a fresh and innovative experience to players.

In Paragon: Infinity Wave, players will participate in a war between two opposing factions in a futuristic sci-fi world. The game focuses on 5v5 squad battles, where each player controls a character with unique skills and roles.

Overview of Paragon: Infinity Wave Mobile APK

With a mix of action and real-time strategy, Paragon: Infinity Wave offers a unique experience. Players will have to coordinate well with teammates, find the right tactics and exploit the opponent's weaknesses to win the match. The matches will take place on diverse maps, from rural environments to ho futurist cities with diverse character lineups for players to choose from.

A special feature of Paragon: Infinity Wave APK is the flexible character upgrade and customization system. Players can enhance their skills, equip new weapons and armor, and change their character's appearance at will. This helps players create characters that are unique and match their individual playstyle.

In addition, Paragon: Infinity Wave also promises a stunning graphics experience and vivid action effects. From environmental details to epic skills, the game creates a vivid and beautiful world.


Paragon: Infinity Wave APK is a new step of the Paragon series of games with innovative and varied gameplay. It promises to bring players dramatic matches and unique experiences in a beautiful sci-fi world.

Features of Paragon: Infinity Wave for Android

  • 5v5 game mode: The game focuses on a 5-player squad match against 5 other players. This is a tactical challenge that requires coordination and strategic thinking to win.
  • Diverse Characters: Paragon: Infinity Wave offers a wide range of characters with special skills and roles. Each character has its own set of skills, fighting style, and role in the squad. Players can choose the character that suits their playing style and strategy.
  • Upgrade system: Players can upgrade their character's skills during the match, increasing their strength and fighting ability. This allows the player to customize the character in his own way and adapt to the match situation.
  • Character customization: Paragon: Infinity Wave allows players to customize their character's appearance, from costumes to equipment and accessories. Players can create unique characters and show personalization in the match.
  • Diverse maps: The game offers a variety of maps, from natural environments to modern cities. Each map has its own characteristics, strategic points, and different attack/defense opportunities, requiring players to adapt and use the environment to their advantage.
  • Impressive graphics and sounds: Paragon: InfinityWave is designed with beautiful graphics and vivid action effects. Environmental details, skill effects, and immersive sound deliver an immersive and intuitive experience for players.
  • Community and online mode: The game supports online mode, allowing players to participate in multiplayer matches and socialize with the community. Social features such as a friend system, ranking and team competition are also provided.
  • Paragon: Infinity Wave creates a mix of real-time action and strategy, and offers variety in gameplay, characters, and maps. The game promises to give players dramatic matches and interactive experiences in a unique post-apocalyptic world.

Game mode, graphics of Paragon: Infinity Wave APK

The graphics in the game Paragon: Infinity Wave are designed to create an amazing and vivid visual experience for players. The graphic elements of the game include:

Character model: Characters in Paragon: InfinityWave are designed with detailed models, with unique characteristics and features. From looks to small details like facial expressions, the characters in the game are beautiful and sharp.

Skill effects: Character's skills are shown through special effects. From sparks, burning flames, to explosions and whirlwinds, skill effects in the game create beautiful and eye-catching matches.

Environments and maps: Paragon: Infinity Wave APK offers rich and detailed maps. Environments from natural landscapes, jungles to ho futurist cities are designed with rich and realistic details.

Lights and Shadows: In-game lighting is used to create space and a sense of detail. The shadows are also handled naturally, creating a sense of depth and realism in the game environment.

Highlights and First-person view: Sometimes games provide special highlights during matches or key elements of the environment. First-person perspective can also be used to show realism and create a more interactive gaming experience.


How to play game Paragon: Infinity Wave Latest version

Paragon: Infinity Wave APK game has interesting and varied gameplay. Here are the basic instructions on how to play in this game:

Choose a character: The first step is to choose a character to participate in the match. Each character has a unique role and skill, so choose the one that suits your playing style and strategy.

Squad and Tactics: In a 5v5 match, work together with your teammates to build a well-balanced squad. Consider the roles and skills of each character to create good coordination and effective tactics.

Character Upgrade: During the match, you can upgrade skills and buy items to increase the character's strength. Depending on your role and playing style, determine the right upgrade elements to enhance combat ability.

Fights and skirmishes: Engage in dramatic battles with your opponents. Use your skills and tactics to attack, defend and win skirmishes. Coordinate with teammates, attack important targets and defend your base.

Take advantage of the environment: Use the environment in a match to your team's advantage. Take advantage of terrains, walls, bushes, or other interactive elements to cover, evade, or surprise opponents.

Squad coordination: Communication and coordination with teammates is crucial to victory in Paragon: Infinity Wave APK. Use the in-game chat system or voice communication to coordinate moves and tactical plans with teammates.

Develop and adapt: Keep an eye on the game situation and adapt to it. Re-evaluate tactics, upgrade characters, and change gameplay if necessary to get the most out of the game.

Paragon: InfinityWave requires coordination, combat skills and strategic thinking to win. Capture and master the elements of the game to become the winner of the action-packed and dramatic matches.

Pros and cons of Paragon: Infinity Wave APK iOS


  • Impressive graphics and sound: The game has beautiful graphics and vivid sound effects, creating a surprising visual and audio experience.
  • Diverse characters and tactics: Offer a wide range of characters with diverse skills and roles, allowing players to customize and adapt to different tactics.
  • Online play mode: Support online game mode with other players, creating a competitive and social environment.
  • Diverse Maps and Environments: Offers a variety of maps and environments, giving players variety and challenges.
  • Gaming community: Paragon: Infinity Wave creates a passionate gaming community, creating opportunities to exchange, share and showcase skills.


  • Need Coordination: The game requires good coordination among team members to achieve success. Lack of coordination can reduce the effectiveness of the game and the experience.
  • High Learning Threshold: The game has a complex learning curve, requiring the player to learn and become familiar with the characters, skills, and tactics in order to play well.
  • Balance: As with any multiplayer game, Paragon: Infinity Wave needs to maintain a balance between the characters and elements in the game to ensure fairness and the best gaming experience.
  • Internet connection required: To play Paragon: Infinity Wave, players need a stable internet connection to participate in online matches.

This is just an overview of the pros and cons of Paragon: InfinityWave and individual player experience may vary.


Paragon: Infinity Wave APK obb is an exciting action and strategy game, with impressive graphics, a variety of characters and maps, and an engaging online game mode. However, the game also requires coordination, a high learning threshold, and maintaining balance.

Despite its disadvantages, Paragon: Infinity Wave APK still gives players dramatic matches and interactive experiences in a unique post-apocalyptic world. If you are a lover of action, strategy and like to challenge yourself in a multiplayer environment, Paragon: Infinity Wave could be the right game to explore and join the adventure.



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