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Mansions of Madness APK is a mixed exploration and cooperative board game that offers a dramatic adventure experience in the world of horror writer H.P. love.

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Name Mansions of Madness
Version 1.9.3
Size 111.9 MB
Category Board
Price Free
Compatible with Android 4.4+

About of Mansions of Madness APK

Mansions of Madness APK is a mixed exploration and cooperative board game developed by Fantasy Flight Games. The game offers a dramatic adventure experience in the world of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Players will play the role of adventurers and together explore ruined mansions, uncover mysteries and fight against dark supernatural forces.

In Mansions of Madness, each session is controlled by an app on your phone or tablet, allowing for custom stories to be created and adjustments for random elements like maps, events, and monsters. The main characters will gather information, solve puzzles and learn the truth behind the haunting mysteries. The game successfully combines traditional board game elements with modern technology, creating a unique and interactive experience.

Overview of Mansions of Madness Mobile APK

In Mansions of Madness APK, players will take on the role of adventurers and explore mysterious mansions, haunted locations and other dangerous areas. Each session is controlled by a mobile or tablet app, which creates unique stories and adjusts for random elements like maps, events, and monsters.

The game is cooperative, in which players need to work together to solve puzzles, uncover the truth behind mysteries, and fight against dark supernatural forces. Each character has unique skills and strengths, and players need to coordinate tactics and use resources intelligently to overcome challenges.


Mansions of Madness creates an atmosphere of horror, tension and surprise through the use of random elements and dramatic story. The game uses a card-based combat system and uses ingredients such as spells, weapons, and each character's special abilities to deal with the monsters and dangers in the game.

Mansions of Madness APK offers multiple versions and expansions, providing more quests, characters, and new elements to expand the game. This provides a high level of variety and replayability, while keeping the game fresh and interesting after multiple plays.

The Mansions of Madness review game is suitable for lovers of adventure, exploration and horror experiences, as well as those who are interested in the work of H.P. Lovecraft and the world of spooky mysteries.

Features of Mansions of Madness for Android

  • Digital App: The game uses a mobile or tablet app to control elements of the game. The app offers interactive maps, shows events and monsters, adjusts the random element, and provides detailed gameplay instructions.
  • Cooperative mode: Mansions of Madness APK is a cooperative game in which players need to work together to solve puzzles and fight against supernatural forces. Cooperation and tactical coordination are critical to success.
  • Story and Random Factor: The game creates varied and dramatic stories through the use of randomness. Maps, events, objects, and monsters are randomly generated, providing great variety and replayability.
  • Diverse characters: Mansions of Madness offers a variety of characters for players to choose from. Each character has their own skills and strengths, creating a variety of play styles and tactics.
  • Combat and Magic: The game has a battle system that uses each character's cards and skills. Players can use weapons, spells, and special abilities to deal with monsters and dangers in the game.
  • Expansions and additions: Mansions of Madness has multiple versions and expansions, bringing in more stories, characters, and new elements. This keeps the game fresh and interesting after many plays.
  • Explore and Learn: The game encourages players to explore, learn, and solve mysteries and puzzles to progress further in the game. Players will need to collect information, find objects, and decipher spooky elements to advance in the story.

Mansions of Madness APK combines traditional board game elements, digital technology and the world of Lovecraftian horror to create a unique and intense adventure experience.

Game mode, graphics of Mansions of Madness APK

Graphics in the game Mansions of Madness are designed very quality and beautiful, creating a horror and haunting space. The elements in the game such as maps, characters, monsters and items are designed and illustrated in great detail.

The map in Mansions of Madness APK is carefully drawn, showing rooms, corridors and environmental details clearly. It brings realism and sharpness, creating a real feeling when players explore different locations in the game.

Characters and monsters are also designed with high illustration. The characters have good detail, from costumes to facial expressions and personal characteristics. Monsters in the game are created with variety and fear, with bizarre shapes and supernatural powers.

In addition, the items, objects and other elements in the game are also designed in detail and unique. All these factors combine to create a world of beautiful graphics, scary and attractive to players.

With the attention to detail and the importance of creating a horror atmosphere, the graphics in Mansions of Madness play an important role in creating a deep and thrilling game experience for players.


How to play the game Mansions of Madness APK Latest version

Game preparation:

Place the map on the board, following the story or app instructions.

Place event cards, objects, and monsters in their respective drawers.

Choose a character for each player and place the corresponding character plates in front of the player.

Place the required items and action cards in the respective drawer.

Start round:

Players take turns making their actions clockwise.

Each player has a number of actions to be performed, like moving, searching, researching, attacking, casting spells, etc. Actions can be performed by playing cards from the player's hand or through the app.

Explore and learn:

The player moves his character in the mansion, explores the rooms, searches for objects, and collects information.

Random events and elements will appear through the app, creating stories and challenges for players.

Combat and event handling:

When the player encounters a monster or event, they must take action to fight or interact with the app to handle the situation.

Combat can use the character's weapons, spells, or special skills to defeat monsters or overcome challenges.

Accomplish goals:

The objective of each story will be predetermined and the player must complete in order to win.

Objectives can involve solving mysteries, gathering information, facing monsters, or escaping the mansion.

Game over:

The game ends when the objective is completed or when the player cannot continue to overcome the challenges and monsters.

Players can achieve different outcomes based on the decision and success in completing the goal.

The Mansions of Madness APK game offers a thrilling adventure and cooperative experience in the Lovecraftian horror world. Through exploration, combat and interaction with the element of randomness, players will immerse themselves in the story and strive to complete objectives to win the game.

Pros and cons of Mansions of Madness APK iOS


  • Bizarre Environments: Mansions of Madness creates a horror and spooky environment, making the player feel engaging and tense throughout the gameplay.
  • Rich Storyline: The game has a deep and varied storyline, creating dramatic and mysterious stories for players to explore and learn.
  • Digital Apps: The integration of mobile or tablet apps benefits the game, helping to generate random elements, detailed gameplay instructions, and create a unique sense of interactivity.
  • Cooperation system: The game requires players to work together, promoting cooperation and tactical coordination. This creates cohesion and positive interaction between players.


  • Initial Complexity: The game has some complicated rules and mechanics that take time for players to master and understand. This can make new players find it difficult and confusing at first.
  • Game Length: Some of the stories in Mansions of Madness can last quite a while, with playtime ranging from 2-3 hours. This can be a challenge for those who don't have much time or want to play a brief game.
  • Application Dependency: Games rely heavily on mobile or tablet apps for control and information display. This can be frustrating if players don't have compatible apps or have connectivity issues.


Mansions of Madness offers a unique and tense horror adventure experience. With the bizarre environment, rich storyline and the integration of digital application, the game creates a deep and engaging horror space.

Despite its drawbacks, Mansions of Madness APK is still an attractive game for those who love the horror genre and want to experience a memorable adventure. If you enjoy exploring the bizarre story and challenging your tactical thinking with your friends, Mansions of Madness APK online is a game worth exploring.



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