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Jock Studio APK is a fun and vibrant sports game in which the player takes the role of the protagonist Ace Anderson, a freshman looking for his place at the Men's Olympic University.


Name Jock Studio
Version 1.0
Size 621 MB
Category Sports
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Blits Games

About of Jock Studio APK

Jock Studio blitz APK is a fun and exciting sports mobile game. In this game, players will take on the role of protagonist Ace Anderson, a freshman looking for his place at the Men's Olympic University. Ace is an indecisive and somewhat lazy person, but when he returns to work at Jock Studio APK free download, everything will change for him.

Players will follow Ace's story and meet many other interesting characters in the game. Characters include Leo Mendez, the best player on the team; Avon Geigerford, student council president and member of the swim team; Bryce Callahan, a wrestling club member who loves to party; Yuto Nakajima, a member of the energetic volleyball club; Zane Alexander, star of the basketball club, and Derek Kingsfield, member of the Kingsfield football club.

Overview of Jock Studio Mobile APK 

In the game, players will participate in exhilarating beach volleyball matches and intelligently cooperate with teammates to win. They can also customize their characters and express their own personality through the choice of costumes.

Jock Studio Apk 2023 brings an immersive game experience with exquisite two-dimensional graphics. Game features include dating simulation, team creation, and exploration of the world of Olympus with its award-winning team and sports programs.

Under the guidance of the player, Ace Anderson and other characters will go on memorable adventures, discover the meaning of life and find direction in the exciting world of college. Jock Studio Game Apk is an attractive and colorful game, suitable for those who love beach volleyball and want to experience this special college life.

Features of Jock Studio APK for Android

Jock Studio demo APK is a multi-player sports mobile game with many attractive features. Here are details about the main features of Jock Studio:

  • Join Beach Volleyball Match: Players will participate in exciting and dramatic beach volleyball matches. They will control their characters and together with teammates compete against opponents. Matches are designed to challenge players and require teamwork and smart tactics to win.
  • Team Creation: Players are free to create their own team in Jock Studio APK. They can choose members from the characters in the game and build a strong volleyball team. Each character has special skills and abilities, making the team diverse and balanced.
  • Character customization: Jock Studio allows players to customize their characters. They can choose outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to personalize their characters. Character customization helps players express their ego and create uniqueness in the game.
  • Dating Simulation: Jock Studio offers an element of dating simulation, allowing the player to interact with other characters in the game. They can build relationships and find love in the exciting world of college. Player interactions and decisions will affect the story and relationships in the game.
  • Explore the world of University of Olympus: Jock Studio brings players to the University of Olympus with its award-winning team and sports programs. Players can explore different areas of the school, meet other characters, and participate in special activities and events. The university world is brought to life and gives players a unique experience.
  • Exquisite graphics and sounds: Jock Studio APK is designed with two-dimensional graphics and detailed characters, creating an attractive and eye-catching game environment. The sound in the game is also taken care of to create a lively feeling and increase the excitement of the game.

Those are some of the main features of the game Jock Studio APK. This game offers a fun and unique experience for those who love beach volleyball and want to explore sports college life.

Graphics of Jock Studio APK Latest Version

Jock Studio uses two-dimensional graphics and delicately drawn game characters. This creates an intuitive and engaging game environment. Jock Studio recreates a college environment in full detail. School areas such as the beach volleyball court, halls, dormitories and training ground were designed with care. Environmental graphics create a lively and exciting feeling, giving players a unique experience in exploring the university world.

The graphics in Jock Studio APK also focus on the actions and movements of the characters. When participating in a beach volleyball match, the characters will show agile movements, jump and hit the ball with high precision. Flexible and smooth movements help create a sense of realism and drama in the game.

How to play, gameplay of Jock Studio Game APK

Create Characters and Teams: Players begin by creating a main character and choosing attributes and styles for the character. Players can then create their own team by selecting other members of the university. Each character on the team has their own skills and characteristics, and proper and balanced team building is an important part of the gameplay.

Take part in the match: Players can participate in beach volleyball matches with their team. The game offers multiple game modes such as single player, double player or team play. The goal is to hit the ball over the net and score points by making it impossible for the opponent to catch the ball back. Team coordination, skill and tactics are decisive factors in winning.

Improve skills: Players can improve their character's skills by completing quests and participating in university activities. By training and upgrading skills, the character will become stronger and can participate in higher level matches.

Interact with other characters: Jock Studio also allows players to interact with other characters in the university. Players can build relationships, make friends, and participate in social activities in the game. This creates a vibrant virtual space and supports the communicative and social nature of the game.

Story progression: The game also comes with a main story in which the player will experience events and changes in the protagonist's life. Participating in story quests and decisions will affect a character's perspective and development.

Pros and cons Jock Studio APK iOS


  • Wide range of features: Jock Studio APK offers a wide range of engaging features such as beach volleyball, social interactions, story progression, and skill upgrades. This creates a rich and multi-dimensional gaming experience for players.
  • Freedom to customize characters: Players can create and customize characters to their liking, from appearance to playing style. This allows players to create a unique character and personalize their gaming experience.
  • Social Interaction: Jock Studio allows players to interact with other characters in the game, build relationships and participate in social activities. This creates a vibrant and exciting gaming community.
  • Compelling Story: The game has a developed main story that allows the player to take part in the events and decisions in the protagonist's life. This creates an interesting element and increases the appeal of the game.


  • Requires an investment of time: Jock Studio APK is a feature-rich and content-rich game, which means players need to invest time and dedication to explore and progress in the game. This may not be suitable for players who are short on time or want a quick experience.
  • May require in-game purchases: The game may contain in-game purchases, such as costumes or custom items. This can create injustice and pressure for players who don't want to spend extra money in the game.
  • Can become single-zone: Despite having many features, Jock Studio can still become single-zone after playing for a while. Repetition of activities and quests can detract from the novelty and challenge of the game.


Jock Studio APK is a varied and fun beach volleyball game, with many engaging features such as gameplay, social interactions, and story progression. The special thing about the game is the ability to customize and personalize the character, allowing players to create a unique and separate gaming experience.

With beautiful graphics and sounds, Jock Studio creates a lively and intuitive environment. From character design to volleyball match simulation, every detail is carefully taken care of, giving players a great experience.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

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