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Instander APK latest version is a mobile app that works as a mod version of Instagram. This free app promises functions that are not available on the popular social platform such as uploading photos and videos.


Name Instander
Version 17.2
Size 54 MB
Category Social
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9.0+
Developer thedise Dev

Download Instander App APK for Android

You can use this program to download publications, stories, and others. Even better, you can watch ad-free content.

Since this is a modified version of the program, Instander APK clone works very much like Instagram. To access its features, users need to choose one of the two versions and install it on their devices. It also forces them to log in with their information. Once done, the Instagram feed will load, where you can see the photos and videos that people have posted. Of course, you can also share your own.

However, the biggest difference is the extra features it offers. It allows you to download photos and videos shared by other users without the need for a separate Instagram download. You can even download stories and watch them without others knowing. Instander APK update also allows users to upload high quality photos and videos to the social media platform.

There are two versions of the app. Origin supports integration with other applications. However, this requires removing the official Instagram app. There is also a clone version that you can install along with the official app. However, it comes with a different app icon and name. However, users should be aware that using the modified version violates Instagram's terms of service and may result in a permanent ban.

Instand is an app that allows you to download high-quality photos, videos, and scripts. You will also experience special features like no ads, copy profile, copy comment, copy description etc.

Overview Instander APK

This is the latest version of Instagram that helps you to use great features. This application provides many utilities and services to users. Instagram is one of the biggest platforms in the world. Billions of people use it for a wide variety of interests and daily posts.

Users can save video clips, stories, gifts and shares of the sharer. We bring more exclusive gadgets and features to make your life more enjoyable.

Insider APK Features

Standard features provide convenient functionality and an intuitive interface. Mainly below we provide a lot of great and easy to use plugins. We hope you will be completely satisfied after reading about its useful features.

Save your favorite photos and videos

Insiderer Offline APK allows you to download and store photos and videos on your device, but you can save space by removing the original app and using it as the default platform to access your account My IG. . When you browse the internet and find something you like. You can download it to your smartphone at any time by clicking on the download icon below the desired file.

Reply the message

Don't worry about messages you don't want to reply to or seeing the ones above. Then get to know the Insider. Because you have to allow or accept that someone has the right to message you or block you altogether.

Save the story to the archive

If you don't have enough space on your device to download and store other photos and videos, you don't need to view them on your device as they are automatically saved to your storage once you open them . Your phone and accounts can only be accessed with your password and your privacy is guaranteed because information thief can't access your photos on the device.

Documents you want to hide can be archived without deleting them. Here are a few simple steps you can take to save images to the web.

Wide search content

With Instander you can find the hottest and most popular videos online and the fun doesn't stop there. Follow your favorite celebrities in the app and watch their amazing videos here. In addition to videos in the search area, users can access a variety of content from TV & Movies, such as DIY videos, travel content, food, art, style, photos and videos. Anyone can discover and learn things they never thought possible.

Quality improvement

This quality enhancer allows you to improve the quality of various Instagram files, such as image quality and scroll quality.

Story quality

Since Instagram is known to compress images according to the screen width, the image quality will be lower. However, by enabling the "Highest quality images" option, this limitation is usually removed and allows you to view images in high quality format or in original quality. Upload your stories and photos with high-quality images from Insider.

Smart Gestures

They may not seem as important as they look, but little things like gestures are often the key combination that sets other platforms apart. With the Insights app, you can swipe left or right to navigate between pages, tap to zoom in, and if you like a video or photo, double-tap to capture.


Features like full screen stories allow you to view Instagram stories in full screen, which is important for many users. These videos or pictures with great sound music. It's like choosing the right song to share a user's moment with. All the above settings can be turned on and off according to the needs of the user.

No ads

Sometimes, as you scroll through your Instagram feed, you come across sponsored ads that you can't close. These can be video or image ads and when they are played and viewed, they will pull your data just like regular videos. When you install the Instander app on your Android device, you get an ad-free platform that lets you see only what's important in your feed. You can turn off ads in your privacy settings.

Sometimes I want to share my articles or stories with everyone, but I choose a few, maybe because there is a joke in it, that no one can solve and laugh at. Here's my reasoning, some of you may have more than others. However, with APK Insider, you can create a friends list from your follower list and choose to share your story with them individually.

Followers and friends

You can customize your friends list by adding or removing people or unfollowing them at any time and they will not receive any notifications. Photos and videos shared with friends in this list are often specially tagged to distinguish them from other shared files. More specifically, you can find out which accounts are new or have been followed for a long time.

Easy to download

When any media is loaded, the selected videos and photos will be saved in the phone gallery. It doesn't change the path, it just saves to a specific location in the folder, but now with the Insider Apk you can change the data saving settings from the folder to the desired file.


All in all, Stander is a great app with enough features to impress anyone. Is an application that helps people connect, chat, exchange, make friends with each other in a modern and convenient way.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Instander APK

How to update Instander APK? +

Updating Instander APK is usually done by downloading the new version from the download source and installing it on your device the same way you did when initially installing it. Always use the latest version to ensure stability and security.

What are the outstanding features of Instander APK? +

Instander APK has many attractive features such as downloading images and videos from Instagram, viewing other people's images without viewing notifications, hiding online status, customizing the interface and many security options.

Is it necessary to root the device to use Instander APK? +

No, Instander APK does not require you to root your Android device to use it. You can install and use it on non-rooted devices.

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