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Take on the role of a storm, navigate and develop it, then cause devastation and destruction in cities and sea areas. Customize your storm and challenge yourself in this uniquely entertaining game.


Name Hurricane Outbreak
Version 2.1.5
Size 60.0 MB
Category Simulation
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Nostrovia LLC

About of Hurricane Outbreak APK

Hurricane Outbreak APK points game is a storm development simulation game on Android mobile devices. This game lets you take on the role of a storm and navigate it through warm waters, developing and enhancing your storm's skills and abilities to cause destruction and death in cities located along the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and areas of the United States South China Sea Commission.

The game offers more than 1000 simulated cities in stormy sea areas, with 20 unique upgrades for your storm. With each playthrough, you'll go through a different experience, so you can try multiple strategies for maximum destruction and death.

The game belongs to the simulation and strategy genre, where you will try to optimize the power of the storm to cause devastation and destruction in cities and sea areas. Your mission is to develop the storm and create as much damage as possible.

Overview of Hurricane Outbreak APK Mobile Game

You will navigate the storm through warm seas to enhance its power. You can make upgrades to improve the storm's abilities and skills, which will help you cause more powerful destruction. Storm behavior will change over time, and you need to adapt to take advantage of opportunities.

The Hurricane Outbreak APK game is a fun way to experience the power and destruction of a hurricane from a perspective like no other, and it may appeal to those who want to challenge themselves in managing an event's unusual nature.

Feature of Hurricane Outbreak APK for Android

  • Evolve and Navigate the Storm: You'll role-play a storm and navigate it through warm waters to grow and increase its power.
  • Sea Cities and Regions: The game includes more than 1000 simulated cities and marine areas, including the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and US East Sea Commission areas.
  • Unique Upgrades: There are a total of 20 different upgrades for your storm. You can improve your storm's abilities and skills using these upgrades.
  • Realistic Storm Behavior: Storms in the game will exhibit behavior similar to the actual storm, including changing course, increasing strength, and generating hazardous weather elements.
  • Diversify the Experience: Each playthrough brings a different experience, so you can try out multiple strategies to cause destruction and challenge yourself.
  • Fun and Entertaining: Despite an unusual storyline, the game offers a unique entertainment experience for players, allowing them to "mess" with the storm and try out different strategies to see how the destruction of a sea area can become.
  • Free to Download and Play: The game is available for free on the Google Play Store, with the ability to purchase in-app products.

Game mode, graphics of Hurricane Outbreak APK

2D Graphics: The game may use 2D graphics, which means that the images and animations are represented in two dimensions.

Weather Effects: Graphics may include weather effects such as rain, wind, and storm variability. These effects can make the game more vivid and realistic.

Cities and Sea Models: Cities and sea areas can be designed in detail to create a unique simulation environment.

Specifications: The graphics of the game may depend on the technical capabilities of the Android device you are using. On more powerful devices, you can expect to see higher quality graphics and smoother performance.

Art Style: The art style of the game can vary, from modern to humorous or unique. This style can be expressed through the basic design and the way the objects in the game are visualized.

How to play of Hurricane Outbreak APK Latest version

Storm Initiation and Development: When you start the game, you will be in the role of a storm lying on the sea. Your mission is to evolve the storm to make it stronger. To develop a hurricane, you need to navigate it through warm waters, where the heat and energy will help the storm strengthen.

Storm Upgrade: During the game, you can use the accumulated points to buy and make upgrades for the storm. There are a total of 20 unique upgrade types that you can choose from. These upgrades can include improving the storm's movement speed, increasing its destructive power, or changing the storm's behavior.

Cause Destruction: Once the storm has been developed and upgraded, you can start causing destruction. This requires you to direct the storm to cities and coastal areas. The storm will create hazardous weather elements such as heavy rain, strong winds, and high waves to strike these areas.

View Affected Cities: The game offers more than 1000 simulated cities, and you can watch these cities be affected by the powerful storm you have created. Each playthrough will bring a different experience, so you can try a variety of strategies and approaches to see how to create maximum destruction.

The gameplay of Hurricane Outbreak APK focuses on testing and fine-tuning your storm to maximize its power and create destruction in an exciting simulation environment. This game offers an entertaining and challenging experience for players who want to try their hand at managing a storm.

Pros and cons of Hurricane Outbreak APK iOS


  • Unique Experience: Hurricane Outbreak APK offers a unique experience that allows you to immerse yourself in a storm and perform devastating operations and evolve the storm.
  • Upgrades and Customizations: There are a variety of unique upgrades for your storm, allowing you to customize your storm in your own way and try out a variety of strategies.
  • Diversify the experience: Each playthrough offers a different experience, so you can experiment with multiple approaches to causing destruction.
  • Free to download and play: The game is available for free on Google Play Store, allowing everyone to easily experience it.


  • Unusual plot: The game has an unusual plot and does not completely reflect reality, which may not be suitable for some players who want to experience the real world.
  • Maximum Entertainment: Despite the devastation and destruction, this game is for maximum entertainment and should not be used to measure the true impact of a real-world storm.
  • Ability to make in-app purchases: The game integrates the ability to purchase in-app products with real money, which may result in spending in-game currency.
  • Realistic time element may not be suitable for everyone: The game may require you to wait a realistic time for the storm to develop, which may not be suitable for players who want a quick experience.


Hurricane Outbreak APK game is a unique and exciting simulation game where you take on the role of a storm and develop it to cause devastation and destruction in cities and sea areas. This game offers a unique and challenging type of entertainment experience to the players, allowing them to customize and improve their storm in their own way.

Although the game is impractical in nature and does not fully reflect the reality of the storm, it provides an exciting opportunity to test and refine object nature event management skills.


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FAQs? Hurricane Outbreak APK

How to backup data in Hurricane Outbreak APK app? +

To back up data in the Hurricane Outbreak APK game and ensure safety, you can do the following:

  • Go to the Hurricane Outbreak game and go to settings or options related to data backup and recovery.
  • Follow the instructions to make a data backup. You can often choose to store backup data on your device or in a cloud service.
  • Make sure you perform regular backups so you have the latest version of your data stored safely.
  • If you need to recover data after reinstalling the game or switching to a new device, you can use the data recovery option in the game.
How to update storm information in the app? +

The Hurricane Outbreak game automatically updates storm and storm information. However, you can also perform the update manually by tapping the "Update" button in the game.

Does the app provide early warnings about storms? +

Yes, the app will provide early warnings about storms and expected storms based on information from official weather agencies. This helps you prepare and make timely safe decisions.

What platforms is the app available for? +

Currently, the game Kits Ai APK application is available for major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. You can find the corresponding version for your phone on the respective app store.

How do I set up storm alerts in the app? +

To set up storm alerts, you'll need to go to the game's settings and look for the option "Storm Alerts." You can choose to be notified via text message, email, or other means.

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