How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Chat

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Accidentally deleted important Facebook Messenger chats? Do not worry! Learn how to recover deleted messages on various devices - PC, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Guide to Restoring Deleted Facebook Messenger Chats: Step-by-Step Instructions


In the digital age, messaging apps have become an integral part of our lives, and Facebook Messenger is no exception. However, it's not uncommon to accidentally delete important chat messages while tidying up your inbox or simply making a wrong click. The good news is that there are ways to recover these precious conversations, as Facebook stores messages for up to 90 days. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to recover deleted Facebook Messenger chats on various devices.

Why were Facebook Messenger chats deleted?

Here are some specific causes:

Recover deleted Facebook Messenger chat
  • Accidental deletion: Users may accidentally select and delete conversations while using the Messenger app. This usually happens when they want to delete some specific messages or when they are not paying attention to the important part of the conversation.
  • Clean up your inbox: When users decide to clean up their inbox, they likely choose to delete some conversations to reduce clutter or to keep their inbox tidy.
  • Unarchive chats: While using the app, users can unarchive chats, especially when they want to keep the app from storing messages in an archived state.
  • Technical errors: Some cases, although rare, may occur due to technical errors on the application side or due to problems during data synchronization. This may result in data loss, including deletion of chats.
  • Updating apps or operating systems: When users update the Facebook Messenger app or device's operating system, errors or incompatibilities may occur, leading to data loss or deletion of specific information. .

Recovering Deleted Chats on PC:

If you're looking to retrieve deleted chats on a PC, using a browser is your best bet. Browsers often provide access to more data and information compared to their app counterparts. Here's how you can retrieve deleted messages from Messenger through your browser:

How To Recover Deleted Messages in Facebook Messenger
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On the homepage, click the downward arrow in the top right corner and select "Settings & Privacy."
  • Choose "Settings" from the next menu.
  • Click on "Your Facebook Information."
  • Next, select "Download Your Information" by clicking "View" on the right.
  • Here, choose "Messages" and set the date range, quality, and file format.
  • Click "Create File."
  • You'll receive a notification that says "A copy of your information is being created." Your information will be available soon.

Recovering Deleted Chats on Android

There are two methods to recover deleted chats on Android devices: using the Messenger app and using the File Explorer. Let's explore both methods:

How to recover deleted Facebook messages

Using the Messenger App:

  • Open the Messenger app on your device.
  • Select "Archived Chats."
  • Find the chat with the person you want to recover. Hold down the chat until "Unarchive" appears.
  • Select "Unarchive," and your old messages will reappear.

Using File Explorer:

  • Open "File Explorer" on your device.
  • In the section labeled "Memory," select the "SD Card" folder.
  • Choose the "Android" folder where all your app data is stored.
  • Locate the "Data" folder and search for "Cache Memory." Inside the cache memory, look for "fb_tempfile." Your saved messages are here.

Recovering Deleted Chats on iPhone and iPad

For Apple users, the process of recovering deleted Facebook Messenger chats is similar. Let's explore how to do it:

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger

Using the Messenger App:

  • Open the Messenger app on your device.
  • Select "Archived Chats."
  • Find the chat with the person you want to recover. Hold down the chat until "Unarchive" appears.
  • Select "Unarchive," and your old messages will reappear.

Using the Facebook App:

  • In the Facebook app, go to "Settings."
  • Under "Settings," select "Account Settings."
  • Choose "General."
  • Look for the "Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data" option.
  • Click the button, and you'll be prompted to log in again.
  • After entering your details, select "Start My Archive."
  • Your archived data will be downloaded as a .zip file.
  • Extract the folder and open the file named "Index." Your messages will be within this file.

Why is it necessary to restore deleted Facebook Messenger conversations?

Preserving Memories and Important Information: Conversation recovery helps users preserve and preserve important memories, memorable conversations, and meaningful information in their personal lives. This may include conversations with family, friends or lovers.

Maintain Archives of Work and Projects: In a work environment, conversation retrieval can be important to retain information related to work, projects, and professional discussions. This helps users track work progress and retain important information for future purposes.

How to recover deleted Facebook Messenger

Recover Important Messages: In case users accidentally delete or lose important messages, restore helps them retrieve information and avoid losing important data. This can help resolve urgent situations or avoid unwanted misunderstandings.

Maintaining Contact and Communication: Restoring conversations between users and family, friends, or business partners helps maintain communication and communication networks. Especially for important conversations or important information about schedules and plans.


Losing Facebook Messenger messages can feel like losing a part of yourself, but thankfully, Facebook offers ways to access and recover deleted chats. By following these steps carefully and patiently, you can restore those cherished conversations. Remember that manual methods outlined here are the safest options for data recovery. Avoid using third-party data recovery programs, as they might compromise your data security. Whether on PC, Android, iPhone, or iPad, these methods should help you retrieve your deleted Facebook Messenger chats and reconnect with valuable memories.

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