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Download GPU Refresh Rate APK is the best refresh rate tool for today's top smartphone apps and devices that improves the video quality and performance of NVIDIA Shield.


Name GPU Refresh Rate
Version 3.3.0
Size 2.11 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Compatible with Android 9.0+

About of GPU Refresh Rate APK

The application GPU Refresh Rate APK is a software that helps to adjust the screen refresh rate on the computer's graphics card (GPU). The refresh rate is the number of times the screen displays a new image per second and is measured in Hz (hertz). Typically, computer monitors have a refresh rate of 60 Hz or 144 Hz, however, some high-end monitors can reach a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz.

With the GPU Refresh Rate APK application, users can customize the refresh rate of the monitor to match their usage needs, helping users enhance the viewing and gaming experience on the computer by increasing the refresh rate. new screen. It offers flexibility and customization allowing users to get the most out of the display's performance and aesthetics.

Overview of GPU Refresh Rate Mobile APK 

GPU Refresh Rate APK is a concept related to the way in which a monitor displays new images. It refers to the frequency with which the GPU sends new frames to the screen per second. The refresh rate is measured in units of Hz (hertz).

When the refresh rate is higher, the screen displays new frames faster, making the picture smoother and less jittery. This is especially important in gaming, where smoothness and responsiveness are crucial. A higher refresh rate reduces visual lag between frames, giving players more responsiveness and smoother gameplay.

In addition, the high refresh rate can also help reduce eye fatigue. A monitor with a high refresh rate displays smoother images, does not strain the eyes, and reduces painful vision and eyestrain when using the computer for a long time.

Features of GPU Refresh Rate for Android

Here are some key features related to GPU Refresh Rate APK latest version:

  • Higher refresh rate: GPU Refresh Rate allows you to increase the refresh rate of the monitor above the normal refresh rate (60 Hz). With a higher refresh rate like 144 Hz, 240 Hz or higher, the monitor renders new frames faster, creating a smoother experience and reducing blur and stutter.
  • Smooth gaming experience: With high refresh rate, GPU Refresh Rate makes the game smoother. It reduces visual lag between frames, provides faster responses, and gives players a smoother, more consistent gaming experience.
  • Fast response and smooth motion graphics: With a high refresh rate, GPU Refresh Rate APK improves responsiveness in applications that require fast motion graphics such as working with 3D graphics programs, watching videos or watch movies. The image will not be stretched and the movement becomes smoother and more precise.
  • Reduce eye fatigue: A higher refresh rate can help reduce eye fatigue when using the computer for long periods of time. Smoother images help avoid painful, blurred, or eye-strain vision.
  • Flexible customization: With GPU Refresh Rate APK, users can customize the refresh rate according to their requirements. They can change between different refresh rates to enjoy the best experience for specific applications and activities.

Instructions, how to use GPU Refresh Rate APK

Check monitor compatibility: First, check your monitor's specifications to determine its ability to support higher refresh rates. Typically, newer high-end or gaming monitors will be able to support high refresh rates.

Check GPU configuration: Make sure your GPU is capable of throttling the refresh rate. This can be checked through the GPU's configuration or management software, or through the GPU manufacturer's support website.

Update GPU driver: Make sure you have the latest GPU driver version installed. This helps ensure that you have the latest refresh rate tuning options and are compatible with your system.

Access GPU settings: Use your GPU management software or custom GPU tuning tool to access refresh rate settings. Usually, you can find this option in your GPU's performance or display settings.

Adjust refresh rate: In the GPU settings you will find the option to adjust the refresh rate. Normally, you can choose from a list of available refresh rates supported by your monitor and GPU. Select the desired refresh frequency and save the settings.

Check and confirm: After adjusting the refresh rate, you need to check that the display shows the correct refresh rate that has been set. You can use online refresh rate testing tools or check the display options in GPU settings to confirm.

Tips and advice when using GPU Refresh Rate APK

Compatibility check: Before adjusting the refresh rate, check that your monitor and GPU are capable of supporting the higher refresh rate. This ensures that you can get the most out of the GPU Refresh Rate feature.

Install updated drivers and software: Make sure you have the latest GPU driver version installed and updated GPU management software. These updates can provide bug fixes, optimizations, and new features for the GPU and better compatibility with high refresh rates.

Tested and tuned: Not all monitors and GPUs perform well at all refresh frequencies. Experiment with different frequencies and see how the display responds. Adjust the refresh rate to give you the best experience.

Compatibility arrangement: If you use one primary monitor and one secondary monitor, make sure that both monitors are capable of supporting the same refresh rate. The refresh rate mismatch between the two monitors can cause discomfort and display asynchrony.

Observe the effect: When increasing the refresh rate, observe if there is a noticeable improvement in the display experience. If you don't notice a big difference, it may not be necessary to use a higher refresh rate and it may be possible to reduce it to a regular refresh rate.

Consider system resources: Increasing the refresh rate higher requires more GPU and CPU work to handle new frames. Make sure your system is powerful enough to meet this requirement, and make sure that the temperature and performance of the GPU are not unduly affected.

Adjust games and content: If you play games, make sure the game is configured to operate at a higher refresh rate. Also, consider whether the movie or video content you watch supports higher refresh rates to get the most out of a smooth experience.

Pros and Cons of GPU Refresh Rate APK iOS


  • Smooth gaming experience: Boosting the refresh rate reduces blur and stutter in games, providing smoother gameplay and enhanced responsiveness.
  • Reduce eye fatigue: Higher refresh rate can reduce eye strain and fatigue, especially when working or playing games for a long time.
  • Higher graphics performance: Increasing the refresh rate reduces visual lag and provides higher graphics performance in applications that require fast-moving graphics.
  • Flexibility: GPU Refresh Rate allows users to customize the refresh rate according to their personal needs and preferences, enjoying the best experience for their screen usage activities.


  • Higher system resource requirements: Increasing refresh rate requires strong performance from GPU and CPU to handle new frames. This may require a more robust system configuration and may produce higher temperatures.
  • Compatibility: Refresh rate mismatches between monitors or with specific content can cause discomfort and display asynchrony.
  • Power Consumption: Increasing the refresh rate can lead to higher power consumption, especially when using extremely high refresh rates.


GPU Refresh Rate APK is an important feature that enhances the experience of using the computer screen. By adjusting the refresh rate, users can enjoy a smoother gaming experience, reduced eye fatigue, and faster response on their screens. Adjusting the refresh rate needs to be done with care and consideration to ensure the best benefit for the user's computer screen experience.


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FAQs? GPU Refresh Rate APK

Why should I adjust refresh rate on my Android device? +

Adjusting refresh rate can help you:

  • Save battery by reducing refresh rate when not needed.
  • Improve gaming and video viewing experience by increasing refresh rate.
  • Optimized performance and stability for graphics-intensive applications.
How to use the GPU Refresh Rate APK application effectively? +

To use the GPU Refresh Rate app effectively, you can:

  • Customize refresh rate based on your specific needs.
  • Monitor which specific titles or applications are working at the screen refresh rate.
  • Make sure you turn off apps when not needed to save battery and increase the life of your device.
How to optimize GPU Refresh Rate to save battery? +

To save battery, you should choose a lower refresh rate, for example 60Hz. This helps reduce the display's energy use. Consider using custom mode to automatically switch between refresh rates depending on the app you're using.

How to see the current refresh rate of the screen on my device? +

To see the current refresh rate of your display, you can use the refresh rate test app or check in your Android device settings. You can usually find this option under "Screen" or "Display".

Can I change GPU Refresh Rate on all Android devices? +

No, not all Android devices support changing GPU Refresh Rate. This functionality depends on the device's hardware and must be supported by the manufacturer. Some new flagship devices often support this option, but cheap or older devices may not have this feature.

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