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Download the Getting Over It Game APK for Android latest version today and enjoy this stunning game in the voice of popular commentator Bennett Foddy.


Name Getting Over It
Version 1.9.8
Size 153.95 Mb
Category Simulation
Price 4,99 US$
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Noodlecake

Things to Know About Getting Over It Low Gravity APK

Getting Over It scratch APK with Bennett Foddy, also known as Rage Game. The Getting Over It Gameplay is a popular psychological yet hardcore climbing game developed by Bennett Foddy.

Here players get aggravated because of the rumors that Getting Over It snake APK  is hard, and they are right about it. The game came out in October 2017, and it is played by 2.7 million players across the globe while also being loved and enjoyed by both streamers and audiences.

Also, it was released as a platform game, so it is available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Classic Mac OS.

Features of Getting Over It Online APK

Bennett Foddy is a New York-based Australian professional game designer who was drawn to difficult games from his childhood. Rightly the name is associated with some popular games like Little Master Cricket, QWIP, and GIRP. His parents were scholars and teachers.

According to commenters, the touchpoints of Foddy’s childhood are reflected in the games he creates - and hence the difficulties of the games including Getting Over It.

By adding his name to the game title, he emphasizes the creator factor of the game and wants people to remember designers and developers who have actually built the game, similar to different pieces of art that help appreciate artists like painters, cartoonists, and novel writers.

Here are some of the features of Getting Over It APK:

1. Voice-over by Bennett Foddy

The game constantly runs a commentary by the game designer himself - Bennett Foddy who talks about philosophical topics, especially disappointment, frustration, and anger. Throughout the background commentary, he also added quotes about these adverse human emotions and negative feelings.

2. Difficulty levels

There are many different difficulty levels in the Getting Over It markiplier APK latest version. After passing the Getting It Over speedrun APK you can easily make Getting It Over World records.

3. No checkpoints

Yes, there are no checkpoints and players have to continuously struggle forward to proceed in the game. This adds to the already existing difficulty of the game. The players constantly worry about losing all of their progress in the game while balancing the gameplay.

4. Stunning graphics

Enjoy the user-friendly graphics of this amazing gameplay. The game is highly user-friendly and easy to control.

In-depth Review of No Check Points

It is about a guy stuck in a cauldron with basic and easy directions who must jump, swing, and climb to reach the end of the game.

This is a type of game that allows users to experience difficulty ascending to the top of the map, which also has some physical features to it to make it harder for one to complete.

The one and only map are based on a pile of garbage, structures, and things that look like they are truly a disaster, with all kinds of other stuff smashed and put together to form a huge mountain for you to climb. While you're climbing, there will be places and areas where you have to remember and practice the tricks over and over again in order to complete the game.

However, there are no checkpoints, and only one small mistake would be enough to bring you back to the start, which is why it is said to have been created originally for the gamers to have something to rant about, the "Getting Over It Rage." As there would be only a single-player mode in the game, you would have to struggle and strive all by yourself to go above the mountain full of chaos.

In-depth Review Getting Over It Gameplay

Mastering this game is challenging but not impossible - though you may get frustrated because of the game design that’s intentionally built to haunt the players.

You have to pay attention to the details, like when to move or swing the hammer and where the spots where you need to place the hammer.

You should remember these spots to get over the level quickly and reach the next level, but for you to complete this, it takes a lot of work, a little bit of physics, and a reminder that gravity exists in that world as much as it does in the real world.

Slow and steady is the key. This is not like those where luck wins, so you don't have to rapidly move the mouse or just spam, as the sensitivity might be high, and if you keep doing this, at some point you will eventually fail. That's why one of the friendly pieces of advice for completing this game would be to "stay cool" and "don't let the anger take control of your actions."

Useful Tips about Getting Over It APK OBB

Here are some of the useful tips about Getting Over It good ending APK:

  1. Don’t panic and take your time while climbing up.
  2. Rushing in the game can send you back because there are absolutely no checkpoints.
  3. Utilize the hammer tool carefully to get yourself through the tricky areas.
  4. Keep calm and progress in the game. Move strategically because the game levels are intentionally created to test your endurance and emotional stability.


While you will have freedom of movement in the simulator game Getting Over It APK  iphone, where your main objective will be to simply climb to the mountain's summit, it will be very challenging to do so because half of your hero's body is in a cast-iron tub.


Let's build community together and explore the coolest world of APK Games/Apps.

FAQs? Getting Over It APK

How to download and install Getting Over It APK? +

To download and install Getting Over It APK, you can visit the game's official website or download it from trustworthy sources on the internet. Then just install and open the app on your mobile device.

Is Getting Over It APK free? +

Getting Over It APK is available as a paid app on app stores, but there may be free versions or unofficial versions available on the internet. However, note that downloading unofficial versions may pose a security risk.

How to play Getting Over It APK? +

To play this game, you will use your finger to drag and push the character in the boiler to overcome obstacles. Your mission is to overcome all challenges and climb to the top of the mountain.

Is Getting Over It APK difficult? +

Getting Over It APK is an extremely difficult and challenging game. Many players will have difficulty overcoming the difficult passages, and this is part of the game's appeal.

Is there any way to help me play better in Getting Over It APK? +

To play better, you need to be patient and practice a lot. Learn from failures and experiment with different methods to overcome difficult passages. Watching instructional videos and learning from good players is also a way to improve your skills.

Does Getting Over It APK have a multiplayer version? +

Currently, Getting Over It APK does not support multiplayer mode. The game focuses on solo experience to overcome challenges.

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