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Geoshred Pro APK is an Android mobile music application that allows users to play Geoshred virtual instruments using a unique and advanced interface.


Name Geoshred Pro
Version 5.954.1.1.1
Size 112 MB
Category Music & Audio
Price Free
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer GeoShred

About of Geoshred Pro APK

Geoshred Pro APK is an Android mobile music application that allows users to play Geoshred virtual instruments using a unique and advanced interface. Geoshred is a virtual instrument, developed by MoForte company, and used in many professional music applications.

Geoshred Pro APK provides users with many features and functions such as: playing Geoshred virtual instruments with high sound quality, combined with sound effects, changing sound parameters such as frequency, loudness, filters and more. In addition, the application also allows users to create self-composed music or play along with available music.

Geoshred Pro APK is appreciated for its stability, sound quality and innovative features. This makes it possible for musicians, music lovers and people who want to discover new music to enjoy a great experience with this application on their Android phones.

Features of Geoshred Pro APP APK

Geoshred Pro APK provides users with many special features and functions to play and create music on Android mobile phones. Here are the details of Geoshred Pro APK's features:

  • Simple interface: Geoshred Pro APK has a user-friendly interface, making it easy and convenient for users to play Geoshred virtual instruments.
  • Ways to play music: Geoshred Pro APK supports multiple ways of playing music, including playing by swiping your hand on the screen or connecting to an external MIDI keyboard.
  • Diverse Sound Sets: Geoshred Pro APK has a wide range of built-in sound sets to choose from, including sets of realistic instrument sounds like guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, and more.
  • Change audio parameters: Geoshred Pro APK allows users to change audio parameters such as frequency, loudness, filter, noise and other sound effects to create unique and rich sounds .
  • Recording and sharing features: Geoshred Pro APK supports recording and sharing your music with friends on social networks.
  • Customization of playing keys: Geoshred Pro APK supports customization of play keys, allowing users to customize the size and position of the playing keys on the screen to suit their needs.
  • MIDI Learn feature: Geoshred Pro APK allows users to assign playing keys or sound parameters to external buttons on MIDI keyboards or other control devices.
  • Auto-Tune feature: Geoshred Pro APK has an Auto-Tune feature, allowing users to tune their vocals or other sounds to achieve the best sound effect.
  • Scale Lock feature: Geoshred Pro APK has Scale Lock feature, which helps users to keep their music always within the range of a specific musical equation, making it easier for users to play music and Avoid mistakes when playing music.
  • Multitasking feature: Geoshred Pro APK has multitasking feature, allowing users to play music and use other features on Android mobile phones at the same time.
  • Simultaneous music playback: Geoshred Pro APK supports simultaneous music playback, allowing users to connect with other music players and create polyphonic music.
  • MIDI recording feature: Geoshred Pro APK has a MIDI recording feature, allowing users to record their tracks as MIDI files and use them for later editing or playback.
  • Music file sharing feature: Geoshred Pro APK allows users to share their music files with others through other applications such as email, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Multi-channel music player feature: Geoshred Pro APK supports multi-channel music playback, allowing users to play many different sounds at the same time.
  • Support for multi-language options: Geoshred Pro APK supports multi-language options, allowing users to choose the language they want to use when playing music.

Geoshred Pro APK provides a number of special and advanced features that make it possible for users to create unique and rich music on their Android mobile phones.

Instructions, how to use Geoshred Pro APK Latest version

To use Geoshred Pro APK, you can follow these steps:

  • Download and install Geoshred Pro APK from Google Play Store or other download sources.
  • Open the Geoshred Pro app and log in or sign up for an account if necessary.
  • Customize the app's audio settings and profiles to fit your music playing needs.
  • Start playing music by tapping the keys on the screen or use the motion sensors to control the sound.
  • Use Geoshred Pro's features to create unique and rich music, including phase control, multitasking, MIDI recording, music file sharing, and multi-channel playback.
  • Connect Geoshred Pro with other music devices to create polyphonic music.
  • Try out other Geoshred Pro features and functions to find creative new ways to play music and create unique music.

Note that using Geoshred Pro APK may require basic music knowledge and skills. If you are inexperienced in playing music or using music apps on your mobile phone, you should learn more about the basics and practice before using Geoshred Pro.

Pros and cons Geoshred Pro APK For Android


  1. Wide range of features: Geoshred Pro offers a variety of features, allowing users to create diverse and creative music tracks.
  2. Easy-to-use interface: Geoshred Pro has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it easy for users to learn and use the application's features.
  3. High-quality audio support: Geoshred Pro provides high-quality sound, helping users to create tracks with good sound quality.
  4. Used by many professional musicians: Geoshred Pro is used by many professional musicians, ensuring the reliability and quality of the application.


  • High cost: The price of Geoshred Pro is quite high compared to some other applications in the same field, requiring users to spend a large amount of money to use.
  • Relatively high hardware requirements: Geoshred Pro requires relatively high hardware to run smoothly, so this can be difficult for those who use less powerful devices.
  • Multiple languages yet: Geoshred Pro currently only supports English and is not yet available for other languages, which can be difficult for non-English users.


Geoshred Pro APK shows that it is a great application for musicians and music lovers. Geoshred Pro offers users a wide range of innovative features to create unique and high-quality music. However, it also has some limitations, including its high cost and relatively high hardware requirements. If you are a musician or want to be a musician, Geoshred Pro APK is a great app for you to experiment and explore.

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FAQs? Geoshred Pro APK

What devices does Geoshred Pro support? +

Geoshred Pro can support many different Android devices. However, to know more about the list of supported devices and system requirements, you should check the information on the application's official website or in the app store.

Do I need music knowledge to use Geoshred Pro APK? +

No in-depth knowledge of music is required to use Geoshred Pro APK. This app is designed for ease of use and provides creative tools that help you create sounds and instruments naturally. However, basic music knowledge can help you take advantage of the app's full potential.

Does this app support MIDI? +

Yes, Geoshred Pro APK supports MIDI. This allows you to connect to external MIDI devices for MIDI control and recording.

Does Geoshred Pro APK have a free version? +

Currently, Geoshred Pro APK does not have a free version. To use the full features of the app, you need to purchase the paid version from the Android app store.

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